Psoriasis Skin Inflammation

Psoriasis is a type of skin infection like eczema rash. Psoriatic infections could be localized or they could cover the entire body.

Mild psoriatic rashes are localized and cover less than 3% of the body surface. Severe psoriatic rashes cover more than 10% of the body surface. Psoriatic infections that cover more than 3% but less than 10% of the body surface are considered moderate.

Psoriatic rashes can occur on any body part. Some body parts are more vulnerable than others. The most vulnerable body parts include: the scalp, the face, palms of hand, soles of feet, elbows, knees, genitals, skin folds, armpits, eyelids and mouth.

Psoriasis Remedy

Just like eczema rashes, psoriatic plaques itch, irritate and hurt. Psoriatic plaques are slightly raised above the surrounding healthy skin.

You can easily diagnose psoriatic patches by simple visual observation. The hue of the patches is likely to range from white, red to silvery. In severe cases, the inflammation can be a source of stinging and debilitating irritation.

Causes of Psoriasis

When you are in good health, your skin cells are renewed, approximately once every four weeks. At this normal rate of renewal, your body is able to effectively eliminate the old, dead cells.

During a psoriatic flare, the skin produces several new cells per day. At this abnormally high rate of reproduction, the body is unable to eliminate the old, dead cells.

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Psoriasis Skin Infection

As a result, the old, dead cells accumulate on the skin surface, forming silvery-white, scaly plaques. The area reddens because blood vessels increase their supply of oxygenated blood to this patch of skin.

The rapid reproduction of cells can be traced back to the immune system.

The body is equipped with a natural mechanism to fight pathogens and any foreign intruders. Your immune system uses white blood cells to fight pathogens.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease because it originates from a failure of the immune system. The immune system erroneously identifies a healthy cell as a pathogen.

The immune system reacts by releasing B cells and T cells. B and T cells are types of white blood cells. B cells create antibodies that destroy normal, healthy skin cells. T cells overproduce the protein, cytokine. Cytokine switches off the mechanism that regulates the quantity of new skin cells produced.

Psoriatic Rash versus Eczema Rash photo pic2PsoriaticRashversusEczemaRash_zps4f94c3c4.jpg
Psoriatic Rash versus Eczema Rash

The combined effect of both actions is an immune system failure, in which, the immune system is destroying healthy cells in an attempt to fight a non-existent pathogen. Examples of other immune-mediated diseases are lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Types of Psoriasis

Scientists have identified 5 major types of psoriasis: plaque, guttate, pustular, erythrodermic and inverse.

Plaque psoriasis is overwhelmingly common. It comprises between 80 to 90% of all psoriatic cases. The plaques appear red, white and silvery. They are slightly raised above normal skin and habitually affect the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back.

Guttate psoriasis is more common in children, teenagers and young adults. Streptococcus or strep throat is the most prominent trigger of this psoriatic variant. The symptoms appear as red, rain-drop-like, scaly spots. It is not rare, for the symptoms to disappear without medication.

Psoriatic Inflammation versus Skin Rash photo pic3PsoriaticInflammationversusSkinRash_zpsf75ac510.jpg
Psoriatic Inflammation versus Skin Rash

Pustular psoriasis is more frequent in adults. They are pus-filled bumps that usually occur on the hands or feet. The pus is white and yellowish but the base of the bumps appear red because of blood.

Inverse or flexural psoriasis occurs in skin folds such as the armpits, genitals, under the breasts, etc. It is the only psoriatic infection that occurs on moist skin. The humidity makes the scaly spots appear bright red and smooth. They do not have the white-silvery taint of psoriatic plaques.

Overweight exacerbates the symptoms of flexural psoriasis.

Erythrodermic psoriasis or psoriatic erythroderma often evolves from mild psoriatic infections. It is also triggered by the abrupt interruption of medication such as corticosteroids.

Psoriatic erythroderma habitually covers a large surface of skin. It appears scaly and fiercely red.

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Skin Inflammation – Itching Sratching Rashes Psoriasis Eczema

Treatment of Psoriasis

There are five main remedies for psoriasis: systemic agents, topical agents, phototherapy, biologics and alternative therapy. The choice of treatment method depends upon the severity of the infection.

Severe psoriatic infections are treated with systemic agents. Mild and moderate infections are treated with topical agents.

Dermasis is an all-natural, over-the-counter, topical agent that treats both mild and moderate psoriatic infections.

Dermasis guarantees a soothing and long term recovery. Order the certified, FDA-registered formula now and gain rapid relief from the itching and irritation of psoriasis.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are present in every human being. Hemorrhoids are normal components of human anatomy. They are vascular structures in the anal canal that facilitate defecation.

Pathological hemorrhoids (piles) are often simply referred to as hemorrhoids. They arise when, the veins supplying the vascular structures deteriorate, swell or inflame.

 photo Hemorrhoidtreatment_zps43d4d53c.jpg

Causes of Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal haemorrhoids occur inside the anal canal, above the dentate (pectinate) line.

Deterioration of connective tissues, that support the vascular structures of the anal canal, can lead to distention and bulging of the supplying veins. This is a normal part of the aging process. It explains why the rate of hemorrhoid occurrence in older people is much higher.

The sliding canal theory postulates a different cause for internal haemorrhoid. Any factor that provokes sharp changes in intra-abdominal pressure is a potential cause of haemorrhoids.

Constipation and diarrhea are major contributors to changes in bowel pressure. Constipation is dry, hard and stony stool. Diarrhea is watery and frequent stool.

You Need Self-discipline to develop a flat stomach photo pic29YouNeedSelf-disciplinetodevelopaflatstomach_zps278ee53f.jpg
Lean Tummy Exercises Prevent Haemorrhoid

Cirrhosis and ascites can provoke haemorrhoids for similar reasons. In both cases, fluids accumulate in the abdomen. The weight of the accumulated fluids exerts pressure on the lower bowels.

During pregnancy, the weight of the fetus puts pressure on the lower bowels. Haemorrhoids are especially common during the 3rd trimester when, the fetus is heaviest. The pushing during childbirth exerts enormous pressure on the bowels and may also lead to haemorrhoids on its own merit.

Anal intercourse is an activity, in which, several thrusts are made throw the anus. The thrusting exerts direct pressure on the vascular structure surrounding the anus.

Excessive straining during bowel movements puts enormous pressure on the rectum. Prolonged sitting on the toilet bowl and prolonged sitting in general can also lead to haemorrhoids.

High Fiber Foods Prevent Hemorrhoid
High Fiber Foods Prevent Hemorrhoid

Chronic coughing bouts, that provoke Valsalva, engage the entire respiratory and digestive track. These spasmodic pressure changes may lead to internal haemorrhoids.

Obesity and lack of exercise are frequently cited causes. Excess fat in your system constricts your veins. In addition, those tons of abdominal fat put a phenomenal amount of weight on the bowels.

Symptoms of Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal piles are classified into 4categories according to their degree of prolapse. A tissue or organ is said to have prolapsed, if it has dislodged from its normal anatomical position.

Each developmental stage has unique characteristics which permit an accurate diagnosis.

Hemorrhoid Remedy photo pic2HemorrhoidRemedy_zps4e6c58f4.jpg
Hemorrhoid Remedy

Grade 1:
Grade 1 internal piles are not prolapsed. The piles are inside the anal canal. They do not hurt, itch or irritate.

You will only realize that, you have piles when, you take a dump. Your stool will be smeared with bright red blood. You’ll also notice bright red blood on your toilet bowl and tissue paper.

Grade 2:
Grade 2 internal piles prolapse under certain conditions. They are not prolapsed, if you are standing upright. However, they will prolapse, if you stoop, lift weights or take a dump.

Each time the piles prolapse, they’ll immediately retract, when you cease the activity, which caused the piles to prolapse.

Grade 3:
Grade 3 internal piles are prolapsed. However, you can reach into your ass and manually push them back into your anus.

At this stage, internal piles start to hurt, itch and irritate because they rub against the external surface of the skin, surrounding your anus. The skin surrounding your anus is richly innervated.

Grade 4:
Grade 4 internal piles are permanently prolapsed. There is no possibility to push them back into the anal canal. If you attempt it, they will immediately re-prolapse.

Just like in grade 3, they hurt, itch, irritate and bleed.

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Flat Stomach Exercise Prevent Hemorrhoid

Remedy for Internal Hemorrhoids

Venapro is an all-natural remedy for both internal and external hemorrhoids. The venapro home care system has emerged from a battery of elaborate laboratory tests as a safe, reliable and effective hemorrhoid treatment.

The time-tested organic ingredients of venapro include: Horse chestnut, Arnica, Fluoride of lime, St. Mary’s Thistle, Stone root, Witch Hazel, Muriatic acid, Krameria’Mapato and purified water.

The anti-inflammatory effects of organic ingredients such as Arnica have been well known for ages. In Ancient Greece, Arnica was widely used by Olympic athletes to recover from swellings and inflammations.

Hemorrhoids remedy venapro photo venapropileshemorrhoids_zps69bc4c3d.jpg

The 100% natural venapro advanced formula will provide you a guaranteed and soothing relief from hemorrhoids.

How to Get a Flat Stomach

Acquiring the information on how to get a flat stomach is the easy part of developing a lean flat tummy.
The difficult part is developing the self-discipline to follow-through on the information.

Self-discipline is indispensable to the attainment of your objective. In order to develop self-discipline, you need the motivation to get yourself into action. In order to motivate yourself, you need the desire to develop a flat stomach. In order to desire, you must first have a goal.
You desire because you have the goal of getting lean, sexy abs.

How to Get a Flat Tummy photo pic2HowtoGetaFlatTummy_zps1f03e5e4.jpg
How to Get a Flat Tummy


Self-discipline versus Motivation

I bump into over-zealous productivity junkies all the time. The stereotypical productivity junky is a guy, who knows all the self-improvement techniques, but never gets around to implementing those techniques.

They collect volumes of self-help books. They watch Oprah Winfrey and are subscribed to online Success Universities. I am never surprised when, productivity junkies quote me lines from Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki or Napoleon Hill’s epic “Think and Grow Rich.”
Yet, these productivity junkies are not rich. Their midsections do not resemble the chocolate bars which, they vociferously theorize about.

how to develop a flat stomach photo pic4howtodevelopaflatstomach_zpse2d9722b.jpg
How to develop a flat stomach


What is the point I’ve been trying to make in the last three paragraphs?


What’s my tussle with productivity junkies?
These rookies claim that, self-discipline is more important than the ability to motivate yourself.
Let’s put a full stop to this ludicrous contention.

how to develop a flat belly photo pic6howtodevelopaflatbelly_zps2fc5994c.jpg
How to develop a flat belly


“The ability to motivate yourself is more important than the ability to discipline yourself because you need self-motivation in order to get self-discipline.”

Re-read the above statement and take it literally. The issue here is not whether motivation is more important than self-discipline. Rather, the issue is whether, the ability to motivate yourself is more important than the ability to discipline yourself.
Since, we are delving into academic playground of theories. We might as well define these terms.

MOTIVATION – Motivation is that EMOTIONAL state of enthusiasm, which gets you performing an activity because you FEEL like doing it.

self-discipline photo pic9self-discipline_zpsba0246a6.jpg

SELF-DISCIPLINE – Self-discipline is that MENTAL state of commitment, which gets you performing an activity REGARDLESS of your feelings.
You are self-disciplined, if you can get yourself to do what, you planned to do whether, you feel like doing it or not. Whether you are enthusiastic or depressed, happy or sad. When you are disciplined, your feelings have ABSOLUTELY NO bearings on your actions.

We naturally operate in cycles of motivation and lackluster. Every now and then, you get all motivated and pumped up about something only to have the excitement evaporate soon after. The motivation is so often short-lived that, you find yourself perplexed and baffled _ you just can’t figure out where, all that enthusiasm went.

How to defeat Procrastination photo pic11HowtodefeatProcrastination_zps2153809f.jpg
How to defeat Procrastination


You also have cycles of self-discipline and procrastination.
Yes, you do have bouts of self-discipline.
Here is a simple example to help illustrate the fact that, you have periods of self-discipline.

The average gal can hold her breath for about 30seconds. Just about everybody can do this. However, it takes training and skills to hold your breath for more than 4minutes.
You know those days when, you drag yourself to work; even though, you do not feel like it. That’s you being self-disciplined. Do you remember your occasional burst of productivity on the verge of a deadline? You hurriedly completed your term paper or some other project. That was you being self-disciplined.

Mental Game photo pic13MentalGame_zps2e03cd8f.jpg
Mental Game

So, you see! You have self-discipline. Yes, even you!
Every Jane swings between periods of self-discipline to periods of procrastination.
You do not want to be every Jane. Jane Average does not achieve goals. Jane Average won’t be wearing a bikini come summer. But you will.

And to guarantee that, you need consistent self-discipline. NOT OCCASIONAL BOUTS OF DISCIPLINE. In fact, what you really need is a habit. But that is out of topic.
Right now, our focus is clarifying why, the ability to motivate yourself is more important than, the ability to discipline yourself.

Develop Keystone Habits photo pic15DevelopKeystoneHabits_zpsd7011359.jpg
Develop Keystone Habits

To clarify this point, let’s begin from the beginning.
Everything starts with the identification of a goal. Desire comes from the identification of a goal. Then you get excited (motivated) about achieving that goal. Now you have to develop self-discipline and acquire the required information to achieve the goal. Finally, you have to WORK i.e. you have to implement the information.

As you can see, each attribute builds on its predecessor.
You will not be motivated; unless, you desire to have a flat stomach. You cannot develop self-discipline; unless, you can generate motivation.

Eat Clean photo pic17EatClean_zps3d8afe16.jpg
Eat Clean


You do not need much discipline in order to acquire simple information on how to get flat stomach. But if you were pursuing a more complex goal like running a successful business; then, you would need a gigantic amount to self-discipline to acquire the know-how.
You cannot do the required work; unless, you have the self-discipline and the knowledge to do it.
Both motivation and discipline are relevant to develop a flat belly. However, motivation is more relevant because you need it, in order to develop self-discipline.



How exactly is self-discipline born out of motivation?
Motivation is the mother of self-discipline. And life is breath into self-discipline by pre-commitment.
Pre-commitment is an umbrella term encompassing a set of self-discipline techniques.

bench press photo pic20benchpress_zps7392fd56.gif
bench press

You might have heard the story of the 15th Century Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez. When Cortez landed on the shores of Mexico, he assembled his men and ordered the ships burnt, after unloading the supplies. As the ships went up in flames, he told his men that, they were either going to conquer the city or they were going to perish.
Burning all the bridges behind you is the ultimate zenith of pre-commitment.
Every pre-commitment technique is based on the same core principle used by Conquistador Hernando Cortez, 5 centuries ago.

Sweat from Training photo pic21sweatfromtraining_zpsf1fa09c2.jpg
Sweat from Training


What is the core principle?
Simplify your tactic into two options.
Either Follow Through on Your Plans
Face Dire Consequences

When it comes to developing lean, sexy abs, there are not bridges to be burnt. On the other hand, you can use another pre-commitment technique called self-talk.
Self-talk is just what it says. It is the art of talking out loud to yourself.

Suppose you want to develop the self-discipline of doing your cardio and crunches every day. You can use self-talk to psychologically tweak your mind into a heightened state of resolve _ the resolve to exercise on a specific hour the following day.
To perform self-talk, stand in front of a mirror. Speak out loud to yourself. Give yourself all the solid reasons why, you must absolutely do your crunches the next day.

Different exercises photo pic24Differentexercises_zps7ad77b8d.gif
Different exercises

If you have ever procrastinated, then you are a master of self-talk. For you, self-talk is nothing new. Before you procrastinate, you must first rationalize.
You know those brilliant excuses which, you make up in order to avoid action. Over time, procrastinators become so good at rationalizing that, they do not even realize that, they are doing it. They just do it automatically _ at an almost sub-conscious level.
Those fantastic excuses are nothing more than rationalizations. Now, guess what self-talk is?

Self-talk is reverse Rationalization photo pic25Self-talkisreverserationalization_zps0e24beb1.jpg
Self-talk is reverse Rationalization


Self-talk is rationalization.
The only difference is that you consciously use self-talk to get into action.
You rationalize to procrastinate. You use self-talk to get yourself into action.

Get your self-talk going every night before you go to bed. Self-talk is extremely powerful under two unbeatable conditions:
1. Tell the truth
2. Get emotionally worked up
Your self-discipline will tremendously skyrocket, if you use self-talk under these two conditions.

Denise Milani photo pic27DeniseMilani_zps514f3a72.jpg
Denise Milani


Remember, self-discipline is indispensable to developing a flat stomach. Motivation is indispensable to developing self-discipline.

Why Green Coffee Bean Extract is Your Secret Weapon to a Flat Tummy

Your cravings to develop a lean midsection can become an exciting reality with staggering ease; thanks to green coffee bean extract.

You may now kiss goodbye to the days of ceaseless crunches and starvation diets. So many people strive to get a flat belly to no avail. When they turn to the media for information, they are misled by the most ludicrous half-truths and oftentimes, outright lies.

The TV and magazines are constantly promoting useless gimmicks like abs belts and other electronic junk.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

These advertisers would have you believe that, you can plant your ass in the couch, munching cookies all day, while an ultra modern gadget is toning your abs with electronic impulses.

Total BS!

These gimmicks do not work. But do not take my word for it. Splurge profligately on as many of these gadgets as you please and find out for yourself.

What Works?

The age old formula to developing a flat stomach has never changed: good nutrition and regular exercise.

Green Coffee Bean Extract photo pic1GreenCoffeeBeanExtract_zps9c6b1aa4.jpg
Green Coffee Bean Extract


You can supplement your nutrition with effective nutraceuticals like green coffee bean extract; but do not kid yourself that a supplement dispenses you of exercise.

The pharmaceutical industry makes billions every year because we desperately want to believe in a magic weight loss pill; that will spare us the effort of exercises. While we delude ourselves, the obesity epidemic keeps exploding.

Some weight loss piles might help you lose weight but most of them come with well-documented side-effects.

If you are interested in your long-term health, the only variant of fat loss piles, you should consider are nutraceuticals.

Jennifer Lopez butt photo pic2JenniferLopezbutt_zps796e93f4.jpg
How to Get a Lean & Sexy Midsection

Nutraceuticals are foods or naturally occurring food supplements with beneficial effects on human health. Nutraceuticals have the distinct advantage of having no side-effects.


Green coffee bean extract is a nutraceutical. It is the perfect supplement for your nutrition.


Developing a Flat Tummy with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Technically, everybody has six-pack abs. However, it is invisible for most of us because it is covered beneath layers of fat.


Fat cells are stored between your skin and your muscles. Your muscles cannot be seen; until, you get rid of the extra fat. The rectus abdominus are the muscles which, you want to expose.

Get a Lean Tummy with Green Coffee Antioxidant photo pic3GetaLeanTummywithGreenCoffeeAntioxidant_zps9aa67e28.jpg
Get a Lean Tummy with Green Coffee Antioxidant


Your lean midsection will never be visible; unless, you get rid of your extra fat.

The only time, you ever loss weight is by burning more calories than you consume. It is easy for hardcore fitness fanatics to give silly advice like, “JUST EAT LESS.” But we all know has this is easier said than done.

You can use pure grit to survive a few weeks on a starvation diet; until, you lower your guard one unfortunate day. Carpe diem! And the binge is on. And all the progress which, you have made by dieting is lost.

The difficulty of following through on a diet is the central reason why, green coffee bean extract should be the pillar of your weight loss nutrition.

With green coffee bean extract, you do not have to go on a starvation diet.

Boost the Effect of Your Crunches with Green Coffee Antioxidant photo pic4BoosttheEffectofYourCruncheswithGreenCoffeeAntioxidant_zpsa01ee551.jpg
Boost the Effect of Your Crunches with Green Coffee Antioxidant


Studies conducted at the University of Scranton and published on the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal proved that, you can lose weight without a change in diet. In the study, the participants lost 17pounds in 22weeks without changing their diets or exercise routines.

If you are still baffled by these astounding results, call the medical unit of Dr Oz’s show.

Dr Oz conducted his own in-house study on the safety and effectiveness of commercial GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant). His 2weeks study involved 100women. Half of the women took 400mg of GCA thrice daily and the other half took a placebo.

After 2weeks, the women who had taken the GCA had lost 2pounds. This is breaking news; given that, they had neither changed their diets nor exercise routines.
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Lifestyle Upgrade with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is an unbeatable way to shed extra fat and get into normal weight.

There is still work to be done, once you are in normal weight. Your abs will not automatically get toned just because your weight is normal.

By the way, to find out if you are in normal weight, divide your height by your weight. The result of this division is called BMI (Body Mass Index). If the result is between 18.5 and 24.9, then your weight is normal. Anything below 18.5 is underweight and figures ranging from 25 to 29.9 means that you are overweight. You are obese, if the figure is above 30.

You only need to remember the figures for normal weight i.e. between 18.5 to 24.9.

Miracle Pill to Burn Fat - Green Coffee Bean Extract photo pic6MiraclePilltoBurnFat-GreenCoffeeBeanExtract_zpsb07af369.jpg
Miracle Pill to Burn Fat – Green Coffee Bean Extract



How to Get a Flat Stomach after Attaining Normal Weight

Once you are at normal weight, the job of green coffee bean extract is done. It is time for exercises to sculpt the defining lines of your tummy.

Crunches, crunches, crunches!

Not all crunches are born equal. Some are more effective than others. According to the ACE (American Council on Exercises), the bicycle maneuver is the most powerful abdominal exercise. Bicycles crunches target the rectus abdominus and the oblique muscles. However, they are most effective on the rectus abdominus.

The second and third most effective crunches are the captain’s chair exercises and the Swiss ball exercise, respectively.

Unless you are a fitness fanatic, these three abdominal exercises would be abundantly sufficient to sculpt your muffin top into a lean and toned midsection.

Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids (piles) can present an agonizing torment during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a weary period by its own right. An additional affliction such as hemorrhoid could transform the pregnancy experience into a torturous ordeal.


Pathological hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in the rectal and anal region. These veins could swell to the size of small peas or they could reach the size of grapes.


Pathological hemorrhoids are often simply referred to as hemorrhoids even by medical professionals. However, we all have hemorrhoids in our perfectly normal and healthy states.


In our normal healthy state, hemorrhoids are simply varicose veins in the anorectal region. These varicose veins only become pathological, when they are swollen or inflamed.

Heidi Klum pregnancy photo pic2HeidiKlumpregnancy_zpsda89a1a7.jpg

Remedy for Haemorrhoids

Pregnancy is just one of several factors, which could provoke the inflammation of varicose veins. Before, we examine the pregnancy-related causes of hemorrhoids, let’s scrutinize its symptoms.


Symptoms of Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Internal hemroids (frequent misspelling) are painless. The only visible symptom in grade 1 and 2 internal hemroids is bright red blood on your stool, tissue paper and toilet bowl.


It is vital that, you ascertain the shade of blood. Darkish blood could represent the symptom of a more serious problem like bowel or colonic cancer. If the colour of blood is bright red, consult a medical professional for more profound diagnosis.


Grade 4 internal hemroids are permanently prolapsed. Prolapse is a medical term, which describes tissues that have dislodged from their normal anatomical position.

Jennifer Garner pregnancy hemorrhoids photo pic4JenniferGarnerpregnancyhemorrhoids_zps4b1f9c28.jpg
Remedy for Piles


Grade 4 internal piles hurt, itch and irritate.

From the early stages of development, you can diagnose your external hemroids by maneuvering a mirror about your rear. You will notice tiny peanut-shaped outgrowths about your anal realm.


Pain, itching and irritation will draw your attention to the affliction in your anal realm.



With the help of a mirror, you can visually confirm that you are indeed dealing with external hemroids.

Sarah Michelle Gellar pregnant hemroid photo pic6SarahMichelleGellarpregnanthemroid_zpsd75a26a0.jpg
External Hemorrhoids


Causes of Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

The exact cause of hemroid has yet to be established. However, the occurrence of hemorrhoid is closely associated with sharp changes in intra-abdominal pressure.


Specific pregnancy conditions alter the bowel pressure.


As the weight of the fetus develops, increased pressure is exerted on the lower bowels. The pressure on the bowels is especially high in the third and final pregnancy trimester.



It is thus no coincidence that, the occurrence of hemorrhoid is highest during this trimester.

Kendra Wilkinson pregnancy hemroid photo pic8KendraWilkinsonpregnancyhemroid_zps526607a9.jpg
Pregnancy and Haemorrhoid

Estrogen (eastrogen) production is also highest during the third trimester. Estrogen causes the venal walls to dilate, thus weakening them. Weakened venal walls have a higher propensity to swell upon the slightest increase in blood pressure.


The pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) can be detected in the bloodstream 14days after conception.


Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) reduces the effectiveness of your body’s immune system. HCG weakens the immune system in order to prevent the body from rejecting the embryo.



Without hCG, the body will interpret the embryo as an intruder and the white blood cells of your immunes system are going to fight it.

Nicole Richie pregnant hemroid photo pic10NicoleRichiepregnanthemroid_zps925c1a2a.jpg
Hemorrhoid during Pregnancy

Poor nutrition can also lead to hemorrhoid. Low fiber intake causes your stool to be dry, stony and difficult to pass. This is the definition of constipation. Constipation is the leading cause of hemorrhoid.


Diarrhea is the exact opposite of constipation. During a diarrhea affliction, your stool is watery and frequent. Diarrhea also causes sharp changes in intra-abdominal pressure.


Excessive straining during bowel movements puts direct pressure on the bowels.


Standing or sitting upright for long periods exerts pressure on the lower abdomen. Sitting upright for long periods hampers circulation in the vena cava.


The vena cava is a large network of veins, which carry deoxygenated blood from the legs to the heart.

Lisa Marie Presley pregnancy hemroid photo pic12LisaMariePresleypregnancyhemroid_zps7e421c5d.jpgHemroid during Pregnancy


Other cited causes of hemroid include lack of regular exercise, obesity and ascitis.


Best Practices to Prevent Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Increase your consumption of soluble and insoluble fiber (roughage). Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber. Peas, lentils, beans and spaghetti are rich sources of fiber.


Fiber facilitates metabolism. Fiber absorbs and retains water as food moves through the digestive track. This ensures that your stool is soft, gelatinous and easy to pass.


Hydrate yourself throughout the day. Drink at least one liter of water. If you are constipating, eat bananas and drink plenty of water. Water and banana are an effective and natural remedy to constipation.

Nicole Kidman pregnant hemroid photo pic14NicoleKidmanpregnanthemroid_zpse69acf3a.jpg
Hemorrhoid Remedy for Pregnant Women

Do not strain during bowel movements. Take a dump only when you feel the urge to do so. This is pretty much common sense. Do not spend too much time sitting on the toilet bowl. It is not a library. It is not the place for you to do your reading.


Maintain a proper state of hygiene in your anal region. Clean up with wet wipes. You can moisturize your wipes with water or you can use wipes, which have been treated with Walgreens, Witch Hazel or Aleo Vera.


Above all, do not use perfumed tissue paper. Perfumes are alcohols and volatility is an infamous property of alcohols. Perfumes will rapidly evaporate from your anal region, leaving it dry and sore.


Use a sitz bath (hip bath) thrice or five times daily. A sitz bath is a device, which allows you to soak your bum in warm water. You can transform your bath tub into a makeshift sitz bath.

fit girl in gym photo fitgirlingym_zps7124c49a.jpg
Hemorrhoid Remedy for Pregnant Women

Even though plain water is recommended for sitz baths, some people report a more soothing relief by using additives like Epsom salt or vinegar. A sitz bath session should last 10 to 15minutes.


Perform your kegel exercises regularly. Kegel exercises can be performed anywhere. You can do it at work, at home or while waiting for an appointment with your doctor.


Contract your vaginal and anal muscles for 10 to 20seconds then relax. Repeat this in sessions of about 10minutes. Kegel exercises facilitate the circulation of blood by strengthening the vaginal and anal muscles.


Hemorrhoids Remedy

In some cases, hemorrhoids go away after pregnancy without the help of medication.

fit chich in stadium photo fitchichinstadium_zps927dfa5b.jpg
Hemorrhoid Remedy for Pregnant Women

After delivery, the weight of the fetus is finally gone and sharp hormonal fluctuations are over. Since the causes are gone, the hemorrhoids naturally go away as well. However, relief does not always come this way. Many women do not experience relief postpartum.


Sometimes, pregnant women only contract the hemorrhoid during delivery, due to all the pushing and pressures exerted on the bowels during labour.


Venapro is the only safe and guaranteed remedy for hemorrhoid. Venapro is a 100% organic home care remedy for haemorrhoids.



The advanced venapro formula is made up of homeopathic ingredients which undergo rigorous scientific scrutiny to ensure their safety for the mother and the baby.

fit flat tummy - Mental Toughness photo fitflattummy_zpsafa7db53.jpg
Hemorrhoid Remedy for Pregnant Women