Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are present in every human being. Hemorrhoids are normal components of human anatomy. They are vascular structures in the anal canal that facilitate defecation.

Pathological hemorrhoids (piles) are often simply referred to as hemorrhoids. They arise when, the veins supplying the vascular structures deteriorate, swell or inflame.

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Causes of Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal haemorrhoids occur inside the anal canal, above the dentate (pectinate) line.

Deterioration of connective tissues, that support the vascular structures of the anal canal, can lead to distention and bulging of the supplying veins. This is a normal part of the aging process. It explains why the rate of hemorrhoid occurrence in older people is much higher.

The sliding canal theory postulates a different cause for internal haemorrhoid. Any factor that provokes sharp changes in intra-abdominal pressure is a potential cause of haemorrhoids.

Constipation and diarrhea are major contributors to changes in bowel pressure. Constipation is dry, hard and stony stool. Diarrhea is watery and frequent stool.

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Lean Tummy Exercises Prevent Haemorrhoid

Cirrhosis and ascites can provoke haemorrhoids for similar reasons. In both cases, fluids accumulate in the abdomen. The weight of the accumulated fluids exerts pressure on the lower bowels.

During pregnancy, the weight of the fetus puts pressure on the lower bowels. Haemorrhoids are especially common during the 3rd trimester when, the fetus is heaviest. The pushing during childbirth exerts enormous pressure on the bowels and may also lead to haemorrhoids on its own merit.

Anal intercourse is an activity, in which, several thrusts are made throw the anus. The thrusting exerts direct pressure on the vascular structure surrounding the anus.

Excessive straining during bowel movements puts enormous pressure on the rectum. Prolonged sitting on the toilet bowl and prolonged sitting in general can also lead to haemorrhoids.

High Fiber Foods Prevent Hemorrhoid
High Fiber Foods Prevent Hemorrhoid

Chronic coughing bouts, that provoke Valsalva, engage the entire respiratory and digestive track. These spasmodic pressure changes may lead to internal haemorrhoids.

Obesity and lack of exercise are frequently cited causes. Excess fat in your system constricts your veins. In addition, those tons of abdominal fat put a phenomenal amount of weight on the bowels.

Symptoms of Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal piles are classified into 4categories according to their degree of prolapse. A tissue or organ is said to have prolapsed, if it has dislodged from its normal anatomical position.

Each developmental stage has unique characteristics which permit an accurate diagnosis.

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Hemorrhoid Remedy

Grade 1:
Grade 1 internal piles are not prolapsed. The piles are inside the anal canal. They do not hurt, itch or irritate.

You will only realize that, you have piles when, you take a dump. Your stool will be smeared with bright red blood. You’ll also notice bright red blood on your toilet bowl and tissue paper.

Grade 2:
Grade 2 internal piles prolapse under certain conditions. They are not prolapsed, if you are standing upright. However, they will prolapse, if you stoop, lift weights or take a dump.

Each time the piles prolapse, they’ll immediately retract, when you cease the activity, which caused the piles to prolapse.

Grade 3:
Grade 3 internal piles are prolapsed. However, you can reach into your ass and manually push them back into your anus.

At this stage, internal piles start to hurt, itch and irritate because they rub against the external surface of the skin, surrounding your anus. The skin surrounding your anus is richly innervated.

Grade 4:
Grade 4 internal piles are permanently prolapsed. There is no possibility to push them back into the anal canal. If you attempt it, they will immediately re-prolapse.

Just like in grade 3, they hurt, itch, irritate and bleed.

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Flat Stomach Exercise Prevent Hemorrhoid

Remedy for Internal Hemorrhoids

Venapro is an all-natural remedy for both internal and external hemorrhoids. The venapro home care system has emerged from a battery of elaborate laboratory tests as a safe, reliable and effective hemorrhoid treatment.

The time-tested organic ingredients of venapro include: Horse chestnut, Arnica, Fluoride of lime, St. Mary’s Thistle, Stone root, Witch Hazel, Muriatic acid, Krameria’Mapato and purified water.

The anti-inflammatory effects of organic ingredients such as Arnica have been well known for ages. In Ancient Greece, Arnica was widely used by Olympic athletes to recover from swellings and inflammations.

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The 100% natural venapro advanced formula will provide you a guaranteed and soothing relief from hemorrhoids.