All Natural Hemorrhoids Relief with Sitz Baths

Sitz baths (hip baths) are not a permanent cure for hemorrhoids. But they can provide you with instant relief.

Why use a sitz bath at all? Sometimes, the pain, itching and irritation from hemorrhoids can be unbearably torturous. The purpose of sitz baths is to provide you with relief at these precise moments.

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Sitz Bath in Bathtub

There is nothing simpler than manufacturing a make-shift sitz bath at home. Just fill your bathtub with the right quantity of water. What could be simpler?

A make-shift hip bath is simple and easy to make but it does present a few inconveniences.

You’ll have to completely take off your trousers or skirt in order to use your bathtub sitz bath. Moreover, the water is stagnant throughout the duration of the sitz bath. This means that the temperature of the water will steadily drop while your bum is in it.

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You can always avoid these disadvantages by purchasing a ready-made sitz bath from your local drugstore or pharmacy. You also have the choice to order from Amazon.

How to Perform a Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids Relief

Step 1: Read the user guidelines which come with your brand new hip bath.

Step 2: Install the sitz bath on toilet bowl.

Step 3: Connect the pipe to the sink faucet.

Step 4: Regulate the faucet till you have the right through put at the right temperature.

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Installing A Sitz Bath

Luke-warm is the recommended temperature. However, many people have reported getting a more soothing relief by alternating between warm water and cold water.

The high end quality sitz baths have a valve, which prevents overflow, by allowing rising water to sip into the toilet bowl. The water in the sitz bath will be rising because the open faucet is constantly filling in water. This system provides the advantage of keeping the water at a relatively constant temperature.

Step 5: Sit in your hip bath for 10 to 15minutes. Water should cover your entire bum, right up to your hips.

15minutes is quite a long time; hence, you might find some reading material or crossword puzzle to occupy your mind, very handy.

Step 6: After 15minutes, get up slowly and air dry yourself, if you can afford the time. If you can’t afford the time, use a fluffy towel to dry yourself.

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Step 7: Repeat this process twice or thrice daily.

How Does a Sitz Bath Provide Relief from Hemorrhoids?

You will get relief because the warm water causes the blood vessels in your rectal and anal region to dilate. Dilated blood vessels facilitate the easy, unobstructed flow of blood.

Circulation is blocked by clotting blood cells when, your hemorrhoids thrombose. The dilation of veins and arteries caused by warm water liberates blood circulation.

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Sitz Baths
Pure water is universally recommended for sitz baths. However, some people have found additives like Epsom salt, vinegar and baking soda to provide more effective relief. There is no scientific evidence that, these additives provide an additional benefit. You should give them a try anyway. Even if, the benefit is only psychosomatic, it is still a benefit.

Sitz baths do not only relieve discomfort from hemorrhoids. Hip baths also provide relief from anal fissures, some bowel diseases, uterine cramps, infections of the vagina, prostate and bladder.

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Just remember, relief is not a permanent cure. To get a permanent treatment of hemorrhoids, you need the advanced venapro formula.