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Defend your balls! They are under attack. They are the enemy in the war against testosterones.

You have probably never given a second thought to the gender wars. You think, you are not concerned, eh? You probably think of the gender war as just another useless sound bite that, occasionally bounces off your TV.

You naïve male!

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The gender war is real and it is taking its toll on your masculinity. Over the last few decades, the average testosterone (T) levels in the Western man has fallen by 15%. If you find this figure shocking, beyond belief, read the scientific study published online by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

While you were going about, minding your business, the feminists had their swords drawn. They have enlisted the vast, coercive resources of the government, the media and businesses in their holy war against masculinity.

The Destruction of Testosterones in Schools

In 2013, 67% of college graduates were women. This is not because boys hate learning. It is because the educational system has become a hostile environment for boys.

Before a boy reaches the age of 4, his favourite word is “why?” He is restless is his quest to figure things out. He wants to understand and conquer the world.

He doesn’t stand a chance. Our estrogen-laden centers of indoctrination won’t let him. Boys are no longer allowed to go “bang bang, you’re dead!” Their toy guns are a lethal threat. According to the feminists, it is toy guns today; it will be real guns tomorrow. All boys are potential amok school shooters. They must be stopped in their tracks before they become tomorrow’s killers.

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Boys must become girly. They must conform to the sedentary proclivity of girls. If the boys do not comply, the matrons call in the experts. The experts carry intimidating titles such as pediatrician, child psychiatrist, academic counselour, etc.

The experts diagnose the perfectly healthy boy with hyperactivity. They might call it ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in order to sound more scientific.

This unsuspecting little fellow has no clue, what is going on. He sees the smiling faces of adults that he trusts. He never suspects their diabolical intention to mess up with his body chemistry and remodel him to conform to their twisted fantasies of how a nice, obedient boy should be.

Starting sometimes as young as the age of 4, the little boy will go on for years, consuming Ritalin (Methylin) or some other psychoactive drug.

You really need to stop reading! Appreciate the scariness of the abomination. Shudder in plain horror!

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Then get angry! Get really angry that, legally-sanctioned child abuse is being perpetrated, in the one place where, children are supposed to be in the safe care of experts, who have their best interest in mind.

Boys thrive more in a competitive environment, in which, discipline is consistently enforced. In today’s educational environment, no teacher would dare contemplate discipline and expose himself to potentially ruinous litigation.

The few males, that survive the feminist educational system, are so thoroughly pussy-whipped that, they become metrosexuals.

The Destruction of Testosterones in Marriage

Did you think that, the feminist are done with you, just because you’ve graduated from one of their indoctrination centers? They are not done with you yet.

You must marry, so that, they can continue to emasculate you. But you think, you are smart, so you decide to co-habit with your sweetheart.

You won’t get off that easily. The feminists will have none of that. In many Western countries, your partner is fully recognized under the law as your wife after a certain period of co-habitation.

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In Sweden, it is as short as 5years. After that she can decide to divorce you. Yes, it is divorce. Remember, you are just as good as married. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t sign a marriage contract. And thanks to no-fault divorce laws, she can divorce on a whim.

Did you entertain the illusion that your marriage was the most emasculating period of your life? You are dead wrong. You are just about to discover the torturous new world of the egregious family court system.

Here, the emasculation is taken to imagination-defying levels. It is time for you to get stripped of half the assets, you spent years of your life accumulating. In addition, you still have to pay her monthly alimony (spousal support) payments.

For the heck of it, let’s annoy you with a little repetition.

“Monthly alimony (spousal support) payments are in addition to half your assets which, she has already received.”

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Did you belief that you had a 50% claim on your kids? Wake up! You have no claim. They are her kids. She can choose to permit you to exercise your visitation rights or not. And you can bet that in 92% of the divorce cases, the woman will get custody of the kids.

Getting Your Balls Back

Marriage is a testosterone killer. Do not marry! You will get your balls busted. Download and read the free EBook, “The Book of Zed” by the Zen Priest. You owe it to yourself to become aware of the war being waged against your manhood.

Next, you just have to stay fit. There is no substitute for fitness. Intramuscular injections, transdermal gels, transdermal patches, implantable pellets or testosterone supplements will not do you any good, if you are not fit.

The formula for fitness is regular exercise and good nutrition. Do resistance training and weight lifting. Straining your muscles stimulates your testicles to secrete more juice.

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