How to Get a Flat Stomach

You can’t handle the truth about how to get a flat stomach!

What is the truth and why you can’t handle it?

The truth is you know how to get a flat stomach. The immortal formula is an eternal constant. It hasn’t and will never change. Truth hurts. Half of my clients secretly hate my guts because I tell them the truth.

how to get a flat stomach
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They never really forgive my no-nonsense attitude. But they give me the biggest tips, well over my exorbitant fees. Imagine being signed fat checks for not letting people off the hook.

Other lifestyle coaches make pennies; yet, they pander to every whim of their clients in an elaborate effort to keep clients pleased and comfortable with themselves.

I repel comfort-seekers who go about with their feelings wrapped around them like catnip around a cat. Only one kind of clients stick around me: the result-oriented. Only those insanely desirous of a flat stomach can handle the fact that, they are fully aware of how to get a flat stomach.

Good nutrition and regular exercise is the age-old flat stomach formula.

Why you can’t handle the truth that, all it takes is good nutrition and regular exercise?

You can’t handle this truth because you are mentally lazy!

Yeah, I said it. Now, you want to pay me a visit, eh? Straighten me out? Give me a piece of mind?

That’s all well and nice. But, what are you going to do about the real problem?

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Lack of information is not the distance separating you from that flat, toned tummy, you crave. You already know that, you have to eat well. You already know that, you have to exercise regularly.

You are fully aware that, all knowledge is vain; unless applied.

Here comes the thermo-nuclear mind blast. When I call out my clients on this, you would think, I just sacrificed their first-born on an Aztec alter. Their eyes blaze with blinding hatred. Tempers erupt with the violence of roaring volcanoes. How I manage to walk away alive, from these encounters, remains an unsolved mystery.

how to get a flat stomach
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You are mentally lazy because you lack self-discipline.

Your dirty, little secret has nowhere to hide. Your game is up. Scream as loud as you want. No amount of shouting can conquer the most powerful weapon in the universe: the truth.

Your real problem is not ignorance of the right nutrition and exercises. Your real problem is the lack of consistent self-discipline to follow-through, on the right nutrition and exercises over a sustained period.

Stop the BS!

Bruce Lee – Want these Abs?

You know your problem is lack of self-discipline. Can you deny that you are a heavy weight in procrastination? Even Bruce Lee trembles in your presence. You are such a champion that, you never even get to start.

Bruce Lee – Want these Abs?
Have you started a journal?

You know that diary, in which, you are supposed to record your weight every day. That’s the one we are talking about.

Do you know that, you have to weigh yourself every day? Of course you do! That is how, you monitor yourself and keep track of the progress, you are making.

Have you written down your target weight?

Yes, you have to write your goals down. You have to formulate and write down a plan.

 how to get a flat stomach

Oh! I forgot. You are a world-class champion at procrastination.

You aren’t? Prove it! Stop reading! Get your journal out and write a plan! Write a diet and exercise plan! Make entries in your journal every day! Rate yourself! Self-monitoring is essential to consistent self-discipline.

Did you notice my unrestrained abuse of the exclamation mark?

Have I made is clear enough for you? I take prodigious pride in my bluntness, to a fault. It is not obnoxious. It is downright arrogant.

Jennifer Nicole Lee how to get a flat stomach
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Start by writing your ideal weight in your journal. Write your diet and exercise plan to attain your ideal weight. Weigh yourself every day and jot it, in your journal. Do those three things and your self-discipline muscle will start to tense.

Don’t celebrate yet! We are only just beginning.

You still have a long torturous journey ahead. You are looking at 30days to convert your daily exercises into a habitual routine. Another 30days to re-configure your nutrition into a habitual diet. An additional 30days to nip and tuck your way into a sexy flat stomach. That’s a total of 90days.

Is 90days too long for you?

Sorry mate! That how long it’s going to take and not a day sooner. My father use to tell me, “a smart person learns from the mistakes of others.” The average learns from her mistakes.

Flat Stomach Development is a slow process photo FlatStomachDevelopmentisaslowprocess_zps7921219a.gif
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I encourage you to go out and use those programs which promise you a flat tummy in 10days. Some programs are even more outrageous. They promise a flat tummy in 10hours. But here’s the real kicker. There are people out there, who believe them. So, make my day! Go spend your money on one of those fancy programs, which promises you a flat stomach in 10 or 20days. Just remember to bookmark this site. You will be returning to it after 20days because you will not have had the result, you crave.

90days is how long it will take!

The key is consistency over a sustained period.

Flat stomach -consistency over a sustained period photo Flatstomach-consistencyoverasustainedperiod_zpsc78b05e9.jpg
Drink Water – Remain Hydrated

How to get a Flat Stomach by Forming Practical Habits

Habits will make you or break you.

You will never hear a more profoundly, valuable insight in this life. That’s a bold statement. Let me back it up. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle.

Your whole life is determined by your habits. You are not getting that flat stomach; unless, you adopt the right habits. Nothing will change; unless, your habits change. You might score a couple of successes here and there. But, they won’t be permanent; unless, you adopt new habits.

Habits are everything.

Habits will make you or break you.

Form Habits photo FormHabits_zps493bd2fe.jpg

The first habit you need to form is daily exercise. This will take 30days. For 30days, you will do nothing else but stick to a specific exercise pattern.

Do not fret! Further down, I will show you, the 3 most effective abdominal exercises.

I might as well warn you! Abdominal exercise alone won’t give you a flat stomach.

Cardio will do 10times more for you than crunches ever will. Cardio is the gym lingo for aerobic exercises. These are exercises which predominately target the heart: running, cycling, swimming, etc.

Abdominal exercises specifically target your waistline. Abs exercises are utterly useless, if you are fat. Show me a fat girl with a flat stomach and I’ll show you a living dog in a Korean kitchen.

lose weight first to get a flat stomach FormHabits_zps493bd2fe.jpg
To Develop a Flat Stomach, You Must First Lose Weight Overall

If you are fat, you should lose weight first before developing a flat stomach. It is impossible to over-emphasize, the absolute necessity to become fit first, before working on your abs. A fat girl cannot develop a flat stomach.

How do you know, if you are fat?

Divide your height by your weight.

Height / Weight = Body Mass Index (BMI)

You are:

-Underweight if your BMI is less than 18.5

-Fit if your BMI is in the range from 18.5 to 24.9

-Overweight if your BMI is in the range from 25 to 29.9

-Obese if your BMI is greater than 30

Thanks to the internet, you can calculate your BMI online. Before you push that panic button and go “Oh my God!” remember to change the metric system to pounds or kilograms. You’ll also find a link to an iPhone App on the site. An App which can calculate your BMI will save you from logging online.

Measure Your BMI photo MeasureYourBMI_zps5c583897.jpg
Determine If You are Fat

Every body can develop a flat stomach. Not everyone can develop a set of 6 pack abs so ripped that, they can deflect inter-continental ballistic missiles.

I do not have the faintest idea why, a girl would desire a chiseled-out network of chocolate bars on her belly. It doesn’t look sexy. Leave the six pack abs to guys. But, if you are interested, beware that, you have a genetic disadvantage. Women have a genetic predilection to store body fat because of their unique reproductive role.

Your genetics play a huge role in your muscle structure. I train with guys who do everything right. They eat right and train like Olympians. We are talking insane training, in the order of 500crunches per session; yet, their abs never gets ripped. It’s just genetics. If you do not have the genes, there is nothing you can do about it.

Muhammad Ali how to get a flat stomach
Muhammad Ali aka the Greatest

Take a look at the tummy of Muhammad Ali aka the Greatest. This guy was not simply ultra fit. He was an extraordinary, once-in-a-century kind of athlete, who reigned supreme in an extremely competitive sport. Yet, at no time was his tummy ever sculpted.


Genetics! That’s why.

Helen Mirren Flat Stomach photo HelenMirrenFlatStomach_zps28654ba7.jpg
Is Age Your Excuse? or Is it Just Your Genes?

How to Get a Flat Stomach Plan

Here is a guideline to your how to get a flat stomach plan. Remember that plan, which is supposed to be in your journal. That’s the plan we are talking about.

Your plan is a detailed to-do list.

You must set aside a specific time to perform specific activities.

Your first 30days should be dedicated to forming a daily exercise routine. Train for 6days in a week. I suggest going for a 45minutes run and a 45minutes swim once a week. Do 30minutes of cycling during the other 4days! Reserve 1day for complete rest. During the 6days of training, conclude your sessions with abdominal exercises.

running on bridge photo runningonbridge_zps64996716.gif
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In the paragraph above, I suggested a 45minutes run.

Please forgive my ambiguity! I meant a 45minutes sprint. You should be sprinting not jogging. How can you tell, if you are doing it rightly? When your heart is pounding savagely against your chest and you can feel the taste of blood on the back of your throat, then you know that, you are sprinting.

If you don’t like this method, strap a heart rate monitor to your wrist. A heart rate monitor has the advantage of unfailing accuracy.

There are three training zones: easy, moderate and hard. The easy training zone is between 60 to 79%. The moderate training zone is between 80 to 89%. The hard training zone is above 90%.

train insane photo traininsane_how to get a flat stomach
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If your heart rate monitor is showing below 90%; you are not sprinting and you are not burning enough fat.

Do not panic! You won’t be sprinting for the full 45minutes. You should consume 5minutes warming up. Your warm up should be in the easy zone. The remaining 40minutes should be spent in interval training. You sprint for 5minutes then recover. Your recovery should be in the moderate training zone i.e. between 80 and 89%. Alternate between 5minutes sprints and 2minutes recovery!

I’ll have to ask you a favour!

Do your cardio in the hard zone or forever remain silent!

Flat stomach lean and toned photo Flatstomachleanandtoned_zpsa264ac2f.jpg
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Do not claim that cardio is ineffective; even though, you have not been training above 90%. If you do not burn enough fat to get that flat stomach, do not claim that you used my method. How dare you? Even though you are fully aware, that you have not been training above 90%.

The Law of Habit Formation

I am going to tell you the most fundamental law in habit formation. If you violate this law, you will fail. Some things are very simple and they do not need to be overstressed.

You will fail, if you violate this law.

“Thou shall form one habit at a time.”

You may form only one habit during a 30day period. You will fail, if you try to form more than one habit during the same 30day period. Read my book, if you are interested in a scientific explanation of this law.

Habits of black Chick flat tummy HabitsofblackChick_zps2822a7a2.jpg
Form 1 Keystone Habits at a Time!

Your first 30day period should be spent, forming a daily exercise habit. Your second 30day period should be spent, forming the right eating habits.

There is no secret when, it comes to good nutrition. Everything goes except high GI and high carbohydrate foods.

Permit me to irritate you with one of those startling facts which, you already know!

You will not develop a flat stomach, if you consume more calories than you spend. On the contrary, you will get fat.

Your nutrition should have a high protein and low carbohydrate content. Dietary supplements are great. Take dietary supplements but above all, do not diet. Do not confuse good nutrition with dieting.

fit melon photo fitmelon_zpsa21fe626.jpg
Yummy!!! Eat Well and Never Starve Yourself!
Give up high carbohydrates foods like white bread and white rice. Give up high GI foods like corn flakes, French fries, pretzels and parsnip. GI stands for Glycemic Index. High GI foods have high glucose content. This includes sodas, chocolate and confectionaries.

Have your meals at regular times but do not starve yourself. Your hunger cycle fluctuates between the anabolic and catabolic state.

You know those mid-morning snacks which, you love so much. You must totally give them up. Sometime during the mid-morning, when you are feeling tired, that is the catabolic state trying to kick-in.

You prevent catabolism each time you give in to the lure of the mid-morning snack.

Rosee Divine how to get a flat stomach
Structure Your Eating Pattern Like Rosee Divine

You are fighting a losing battle, if you imagine that, you can summon your willpower to resist the temptation. It might work for a while. But we both know that, the binge is around the corner.

Here is the exclusive solution you can’t afford to miss. You must trick your stomach to stop sending hunger signals to your brain. What is the surefire way to trick your brain?

You can trick your brain by drinking the weight loss “Kou tea.”

This is the equivalent of killing two birds with one stone. Kou tea will help you burn fat and maintain your eating schedule at the same time.

R.D.K holdings S.A

Drink Kou tea without sugar. Glucose will sabotage the natural catabolic state of your metabolism. During the catabolic state, your pancreas secretes the hormone glucagon. This is precisely what, you want.

Glucagon is your fiercest and most loyal ally in the war to destroy belly fat. The hormone glucagon does one thing only. It sizzles through your mid section, converting stored fat into glucose. Your pancreas naturally secretes the hormone, glucagon whenever, your blood sugar level is low.

Here is the ultimate secret to unleash your most powerful ally into your bloodstream. Keep your blood sugar level low by eating only low GI foods.


The Most Shocking Rule of How to Get a Flat Stomach is Do Not Diet

Do not go on a diet. Do not starve yourself. Maintain a structured eating pattern but do not go on a weight loss diet.

Homo sapiens evolved in an environment where, famine and starvation were commonplace. We are the descendents of Homo sapiens, who had a genetic advantage to store food in their bodies. The body stores food as fats.

The first time you go on a diet, you are going to succeed in losing weight. The second time you go on a diet, you might succeed, once more. But your chances of succeeding the third time are slim to none.

The reason you fail the third time is self-evident. When you went on a diet the first two times, your body assumed that, there was famine. By the third time, those fat-retaining genes of your ancestors have all switched on to maximum alert.

Never Go on a Diet how to get a flat tummy
Never Go On A Diet

You can rely on those genes to fight tooth and nail to retain every molecule of fat within reach. They are operating in survival mode. The genes think your life is under threat.

Never go on a starvation diet.

Marshalling through the Last 30days of Your How to Get a Flat Stomach Plan

Your first 30days were spent forming a daily exercise habit. Your next 30days were spent forming a structured eating habit. The last 30days set is to be spent on spot training.

Spot training is fitness lingo. It refers to training, which targets specific muscles.

You guessed right. The abdominal muscles are the target in your crosshairs.

Flat stomach girl by Palm Beach photo FlatstomachgirlbyPalmBeach_zps83e36e76.jpg
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By the time 90days are over, your sexy stomach will be lean and flat. Say goodbye to those days when, you couldn’t undress, in front of your partner without switching off the lights. Remember those days when, you use to hit the beach, clothed like a pious Afghani woman. Those days belong to the bygone pages of your journal. Come summer, you’ll be hitting the beach with bikinis straight out of Victoria Secret’s swimsuit collection.

The Top 3 Flat Stomach Exercises Guaranteed to Tone Your Abs

Calm down! Read and re-read the next lines carefully.

Abdominal exercises won’t do you any good, if you are overweight.

First, you must lose weight overall. Your BMI has to be above 18.5 and less than 24.9. Secondly, you must eat well. Good nutrition means anything goes except high GI and high carbohydrate foods. Do not starve yourself and do not binge. Thirdly, do your cardio first, before doing abdominal exercises.

Rectus Abdominus - Abs Exercises photo RectusAbdominus-AbsExercises_zps3bc6c5af.jpgObliques Muscles - Abs Exercises photo ObliquesMuscles-AbsExercises_zps50ad7dbd.jpg

#1 Bicycle Flat Stomach Exercises

Extensive scientific research conducted by Professor Peter Francis at the Biomechanics Lab in San Diego State University has established that, bicycles exercises are the most effective abs workout. This research was commissioned by the American Council on Exercises during the 1990s.

There are 3 abdominal muscles: the rectus abdominus, the oblique muscles and the transversus abdominus.

You have no business with the transversus abdominus. You might as well forget they exist. Your entire focus should be on the rectus abdominus and the oblique muscles. Tighten your grip on these two and the transversus abdominus will take care of itself.

The rectus abdominus are in front. They run vertically from your diaphragm to your hips. No other exercise rips the rectal muscles more than the bicycles abs workout.

How to perform the Bicycle exercises

  1. Lie on your mat, facing the ceiling. Interlock both hands behind your head.
  2. Use your abs to lift your torso as you bring your right elbow to touch your bent left knee. Straighten your right knee while doing this.
  3. Now alternate by bringing in your left elbow and contracting your right knee towards your chest.

How do you know, you are doing it rightly? If it doesn’t hurt, you are not doing it rightly.

4. Add 10reps every week till you hit 50reps. Then, add a second set, then a third.


The trick is not to get comfortable. When 3sets of 50reps stop hurting, learn another variant of bicycle exercise. Mix the exercises to stimulate every strand of your abs to tone up.


#2 Captain’s Chair (Power Tower) Flat Stomach Exercises

The second most effective exercise for the rectal muscles is captain’s chair (power tower or knee raise station) exercises. The Captain’s chair is the most effective exercise for the oblique muscles.

Power Station or Captain's chair photo PowerStationorCaptainschair_zpsdfdc46a8.jpg
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Your oblique muscles are located on both sides of your tummy.

The oblique muscles are surrounded by the last fortress of resisting fat. They are the hardest to get rid of. Have you ever seen gals with rock solid rectal muscles but floppy waistlines? These are the girls, who neglect their oblique muscles.

Neglect this last frontier of the battle and you might just discover that all your time and efforts have been wasted.

You need a Captain’s Chair to perform the captain’s chair exercises. There is no way around it. Get yourself a gym membership or buy a Captain’s chair from your local store.

How To Perform the Captain’s Chair Flat Stomach Exercises

  1. Place your back straight against the backrest and grip handholds firmly.
  2. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your knees towards your chest.

Use your abs muscles NOT the momentum of the swing to raise your legs up. The easiest thing in the world is to lift your legs with the momentum of the swing. If you do that, you would be cheating yourself. It would have been better for you, if you stayed on the couch.

Train hard or go home baby! Savour every pang of excruciating pain as you lift your knees towards your chest. That is why you are there.

3. Slowly lower your knees, enjoying that sweet pain. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger describes that pain as ecstatic.

4. Add 2reps every week, until you are doing 20reps. Do a maximum of 3sets. When it no longer hurts, adopt a new variant of the Captain’s chair exercise.

Swiss Ball Exercises photo SwissBallExercises_zps5797ede4.jpg
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#3 Swiss Ball Crunch Flat Stomach Exercises

Swiss ball (exercise ball) crunches are the third most effective rectal muscles exercise.

Ball crunches engage a vast network of muscles because you have to stabilize yourself.

How to Perform Ball Crunches

  1. Cross your hands behind your head and place your lower back on the ball.
  2. Contract your abs, pulling your rib cage towards your hips.
  3. Relax your abs and stretch back up. It’s the classic crunch, except that you have to stabilize yourself on the Swiss ball.
  4. Increase by 2 reps every week till you are doing 30 reps. Add 1set every week, till you are doing 3sets.

no excuses girl how to get a flat stomach
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When it no longer hurts, adopt a different variant of the Swiss ball crunch. By the time 90days are over, others will be asking you how to get a flat stomach.