Practical Tips to Speed-up Your Relief from Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids Best Practices

Hemorrhoids prevention is better than cure.

The time-tested adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” is the wisest piece of medical advice.

Unfortunately, an apple a day might not be enough to keep the piles away. Some things will forever remain beyond your control. Contracting haemorrhoids is one of those things. You can still fall sick; in spite of living the healthiest lifestyle possible.

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These best practices do not guarantee that, you’ll never contract hemorrhoids. They only mitigate the risk. If you contract hemorrhoids, make sure you take the proper medication before continuing these best practices.

These best practices do not replace treatment. They only assist treatment and speed up your recovery.

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As you already know by now, the advanced venapro formula is the most effective home remedy for hemorrhoids.

High Fiber Nutrition – Best Hemorrhoids Foods

Your meals should have a high constitution of fiber (starch or roughage).

A low fiber intake causes your stool to be dry, hard and infrequent. Dry stools increase the intra-abdominal pressures and cause harmful friction on the rectal walls. Dry stools are also the cause of anal tears and fissures.


Keep in mind that, hemorrhoids are caused by high pressures in the bowels.

If your bowel movements become as infrequent as 3 or less a week; then, you are probably constipated. Constipation is among the leading causes of haemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are not the only side-effects of low fiber intake. You are also risking a heart condition and cancer.

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The insoluble fiber in your meals retains water throughout the digestive process. Fiber facilitates digestion because it retains the fluids. The by-products of digestion move smoothly through the intestines because fiber retains the water content of the by-products. By retaining enough water, fiber makes your stool soft, gelatinous and bulky.

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber. They are also generally good for your health.

Hmm! That green spinach suddenly looks yummy.

Other high fiber food sources include: wheat bread, brown rice, oats, nuts, seeds, beans and meat.

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Increase your consumption of fresh oranges. Do not confuse fresh oranges with synthesized orange juice from food companies. Juice from the real physical fruit contains high concentrations of flavonoids.

Flavonoids are one of the most powerful phytochemicals. They boost the health of your veins by improving blood circulation.

Phytochemicals occur naturally in plants as organic chemicals.

A Healthy Colon is the Ultimate Armour against Hemorrhoids

Perform a colon cleanse at least once a year!

Your natural metabolic system is pretty efficient at eliminating wastes. However, it is not 100% efficient. Toxic wastes accumulate on the walls of the bowels and rectum, over time.

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It might sound tautological but toxic wastes are toxic. Your system can tolerate small amounts of toxins. But above a certain threshold, these toxins become hazardous to your health. They are responsible for a host of ailments ranging from hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer, headache, constipation and anal cancer.

People between the ages of 45 to 65 are more vulnerable to haemorrhoids because the efficiency of the metabolic system decreases with age.

A colon cleanse detoxifies and purifies your metabolic system. Unless recommended by your doctor, do not perform a colon cleanse more than twice yearly.

The bowels also contain probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that assist proper metabolic functions. You shouldn’t perform more than two colon cleanses per year because colon cleansing also eliminates these beneficial bacteria.


Drink plenty of water. Water is good for your health.

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The laxative power of water is the most underestimated health secret. The best cure for constipation is water and bananas. I have used banana and water for years.

Off course, different individuals have different genetics; hence, the banana and water formula might not be for everyone. But, before you jump to enemas and strong chemicals, why not try the natural formula first?

Water softens the stool and facilitates its passage through the bowels and anus.

Over Straining During Bowel Movements

Some health tips are pure common sense.

Take a dump only when, you feel like it. If you feel like it, do not restrain the wastes. Restraining the feces will only increase bowel pressures, thus augmenting your risk of contracting hemorrhoids.

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Think about it! How do you force out stool?

You tighten your muscles and push like crazy. Stop that! You are increasing the pressure in your bowels. High bowel pressure is precisely the cause of hemorrhoids. High pressure in the bowels is exactly what, you want to avoid. If you must force out your stool, exert gentle, intermittent pressure.

Adopt Proper Toilet Habits

The toilet is not the library. Stop reading during your toilet function!

Do not spend more than 5minutes sitting on the toilet. Too much time spent sitting on the toilet will increase your bowel pressure.

If you are certain that, you aren’t done yet, break up your sessions. Continue some other activity; until, you feel the urge to take a dump again.

Use wet towelettes or moist toilet paper to clean up!

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The quality toilet paper matters. The fabric of some dry toilet tissue is as abrasive as sand paper. Piles are the repercussions for skimping on toilet tissue.

When it comes to toilet tissue, moderation is the watch word. Neither skimping nor splurging is productive. Splurging on toilet paper could prove to be nefarious to your health.

Advertisements make perfumed toilet tissue seem like an obvious necessity. Well! They are not necessities.


Perfume, alcohol or bactericide on your tissue paper is an awfully dangerous deal. The only healthy moisture on your tissue paper should be water or pH-neutral fluids. Tissue paper that has been treated with none pH-neutral chemicals (perfumes, alcohols, bactericides) can cause both hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Never Wash Your Anal Canal with Soap

Use only pH-neutral substances like water to wash internal openings.

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If you slept through anatomy class, here is a reminder for you.

Your anus is not your anal canal. Picture a coca cola bottle! The neck of the bottle is your anal canal and the ring on the top of the bottle is your anus.

Don’t you just love that analogy? Oh! Did I ruin your drink?

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The point is the anus is just the ring at the end of the anal canal. The anal canal is about 1 to 3cm long and ends where the rectum starts.

It is perfectly healthy to wash the anus with soap but not the anal canal. You shouldn’t wash the vagina with soap either. The anal and vaginal walls are lined with mucosa. The mucosal film contains self-purifying probiotics.

The anal canal, vagina and even the urethral opening in the penis are not skin per definition. They do not have sebaceous glands; hence, they do not secret sebum.

Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the skin to protect itself against harmful microorganisms.

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To be scientifically exact, the labia minora (small lips) in the vagina does contain some sebaceous glands. However, these glands do not secrete nearly enough sebum to provide adequate protection from harmful micro-organisms.

After you bathe with soap, the skin quickly secrets sebum to protect itself. The anal, vaginal and penile canals do not have this capability. If you use soap on them, you will be exposing these sensitive regions to a host of infections ranging from chronic inflammation, lichen sclerosus, piles and anal fissures.

Using a Sitz Bath to Gain Momentary Relief from Itching Hemorrhoids

A sitz bath (hip bath) will not cure your hemorrhoids, but it will provide you effective relief.

By now, it should be obvious to you that, physical pain is not the real torture inflicted by haemorrhoids. Yes, piles hurt. But the real agony is mental. Scratching, itching and irritation are your real tormentors.

Worse yet, the anguish sporadically switches on and off, like a light bulb. The main problem is you don’t control the switch. The irritation subsides for a few moments; then, it returns in full force when, you least expect it.

A sitz bath (hip bath) can help you prolong the off switch. While a sitz bath is not a cure, it provides instant relief.

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A sitz bath is any device or system which permits you to soak your bum in water. In a good sitz bath, the water should reach up to your hips.

You can easily create a make-shift sitz bath at home by filling the bathtub with water. It is that easy. You do not have to come up with anything creative. Just fill the bathtub with the right amount of water.

If you love the ingenious stuff, then you can purchase a sitz bath (hip bath) from your local pharmacy. You can also order from Amazon. However, Amazon is not exactly famous for their overnight delivery service. This is obviously an issue, if you are seeking instant relief.

A manufactured sitz bath offers a few practical advantages over your bathtub. You can fit a manufactured sitz bath nicely over the toilet bowl. The advantage is that, you do not have to completely undress each time. In a manufactured sitz bath, fresh water would be constantly poured in while polluted water is steadily drained out. The obvious advantage is that, you do not have to sit in contaminated water.

Warm water is recommended for a standard sitz bath session. However, many people report getting more effective relief by alternating between cold and warm water baths. If you choose to alternate between warm and cold water, each session should last 3 to 5minutes. The recommended duration of the entire session is 20minutes.

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A sitz bath works by:

  1. Cleansing the affected area,
  2. Augmenting the circulation of blood.

Your sitz bath requires only one ingredient: clean water. Some people claim that, they get a more soothing relief by adding salt and vinegar. There is no scientific evidence backing this claim.

However, there is a scientific evidence for adding salt and vinger, when dealing with candidiasis. Candidiasis is a vaginal yeast infection. Adding salt and vinegar to the sitz bath will definitely create an effective soothing relief.

You can experiment with salt or vinegar in your hip bath, if you wish. Scientific evidence or not, there might just be a tinge of truth, in the claims of the advocates of salt and vinegar.

Sitz baths are not only handy for hemorrhoids relief. Sitz baths also provide relief for anal fissures, infections of the bladder, episiotomy, uterine cramps, prostate infections and wide range of infections of the vagina.

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Do not forget to use these hemorrhoids best practices alongside the true remedy: venapro.