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Just the other day at the city hall convention, my peers laughed out loud, when I zoomed in, on the shiny, hazel-eyed blonde by the bar. Their laughter was transformed into shocked gasps of awe; when a few minutes later, I strolled out with the breathtaking bimbo in my arms.


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Not surprisingly, the new, scientific breakthrough into evolutionary cues deeply hidden in the female psyche came from Austria, the birth place Sigmund Freud, the father of psycho-analysis.


Since the discovery, the shockingly effective techniques to hypnotize women have been zipping through the scientific community.

Our nanny state thinks such incredible power in the hands of the average Joe, will invariably lead to misuse. They are violating our freedom to share this invaluable piece of information.



I’m not the only doctor; they’ve victimized for revealing jealously guarded secrets that will practically get women begging for more. Dozens of alternative doctors have suffered a similar ordeal.

In the state of Washington, the so-called “health police” are investigating and harassing one, out of every three alternative M.D.’s in the state.

They’ve taken away one doctor’s license and totally put him out of business.

It is a miracle there are any alternative doctors, left free to practice.

Just listen to Dr. Wu’s story. He knows all about the brutal attacks and intimidation.

With guns drawn, FDA goons busted down the doors of his office and proceeded to haul away patient records, office equipment and scientific research data. It was two weeks before he could reopen his clinic and start seeing patients again.

And that is just the beginning of the nightmare that cost Dr. Wu and his family $350,000. He was hauled before two grand juries and, at one point; he had eleven attorneys defending his case.

Other alternative doctors advised him to do what they did; “give up and knuckle under the authorities.” Instead, Dr. Wu fought back _ and won. But he’s the exception.


His “crime”? Showing men how to gain phenomenal sex appeal.

No charges were brought against Dr. Wu. And what was this all about? Why, had the FDA confiscated hundreds of thousands of testimonials from perfectly satisfied clients? The FDA claimed Dr. Wu couldn’t have possibly satisfied so many clients in such a short period of time.


This claim is not the true fear of the authorities. Sexual fitness for the average Joe is their real fear. Given the iniquities of human nature, there is good reason to dread so much power in the hands of honest men; worst yet, evil misogynists.



This sexual fitness program is for those seeking true love. Please do not profit from your newly gained powers to subjugate women.



Let us be honest! I fully agree with the well-founded fears of the authorities. There is no way to guarantee that the average Joe will not misuse this startling power.

This is not sufficient grounds to prevent honest men seeking true love from acquiring these sexual fitness skills. Should our nanny state also censor the internet because hordes of shady characters use it to disseminate false information?


Does it not drive you nuts?

I know how that feels, the anger boiling inside your throat. But do not blame the FDA goons. They are merely the patsies of jealous pharmaceutical corporations, who are unable to compete with the monumental effectiveness of the new sexual fitness wave.


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Deal with it! For ages, the pharmaceutical giants have been pushing magic pills and worthless rip-offs, which do not work.

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