Top 5 Fat-burners

Top 5 Fat-burners to Accelerate Your Weight Loss


  • #1
PhenQ Fat-burner

  • #2
Instant Knockout Fat-burner
  • #3
LeanBean Fat-burner

  • #4
HourglassFit Fat-burner

  • #5
JYM Shred Fat-burner

Fat Burners


You’ve been dieting, and exercising for months with no results to show for it.

That’s hard, right?


All your effort for nothing. Counting calories, going to health stores, and all that boring cardio for nothing.

What do you do? Do you give up or do you continue to try new ways to lose weight and belly fat fast?

This is where a fat burning supplement can come in handy. A top thermogenic fat burner can boost your metabolism and help you take your fat loss results to the next level.

Let’s get started! But first, I know what you’re thinking:

Do fat burners really work?

Weight loss supplements have gotten a bad rep over the years. The reason is simple. There are too many companies out there making ridiculous fat burning claims just to get your money. Then they go bust and you never hear about them again.

The best fat burners on the market on the other hand are reputable brands that are in it for the long run. These are companies that care about your weight loss results. They formulate their products based on science and they care about their customers.

They do not overpromise, but they do overdeliver! That’s what I like about them. The best thermogenic fat burners on the market help you lose body fat safely and naturally.

Leading Natural Ingredients

Konjac Fibre – Glucomannan helps you feel more full so you snack less on unhealthy foods
Turmeric – Thermogenic spice with antioxidant benefits
Choline – Increase fat metabolism
Acai Berry – Antioxidant benefits
Zinc – Optimizes your hormones
Chromium – Reduces food cravings
Vitamin B6 & B12 – Reduce tiredness
Chloride – Contributes towards normal digestion
Green Coffee – Burn through glucose more easily
Garcinia Cambogia – Helps you feel more full and satisfied
Piperine – Black pepper extract that helps your body absorb the ingredients properly


Acetyl-L-Carnitine – Boosts your metabolism
Glucomannan – Fat burner that helps you feel more full
Green Tea Leaf Extract – Increases metabolism and energy levels
Caffeine Anhydrous – Increases focus and energy levels
5-HTP – Appetite suppressant
Vitamin B6 & B12 – Helps you feel more energetic
Chromium – Helps you snack less
Green Coffee Bean Extract – Antioxidant that helps burn glucose
Cayenne Fruit Extract – Metabolism booster to help you burn fat
Black Pepper Fruit Extract – Helps you absorb all the other ingredients more effectively


Magnesium – Reduces tiredness and fatigue
Selenium – Influences metabolic rate, and hormones that affect appetite
Chromium – Appetite-suppressant to help you lose weight
Iron – Improves functions of your immune system
Konjac Root – Considered the best appetite suppressant
Choline – Boosts the break down of your fat
Natural Caffeine – Increases energy levels naturally

Can You Be Amino Acid Deficient?

A deficiency in amino acids is possible; however, this condition is very rare in the US since an amino acid deficiency typically happens when a person become malnourished. As a result, an amino acid deficiency is often marked by many of the same symptoms of malnutrition such as severe muscle loss, edema (swollen skin), thin and brittle hair, hair loss, and skin sores or lesions.

An amino acid deficiency can also occur in individuals who have an additional condition that impairs absorption.


Most people can get their daily intake of amino acids from food. This compound is easily found in both animal and plant products, although some types may contain only part of the amino acids you need. For example, some foods may contain only essential amino acids; others may contain all of them; others still may only have nonessential types.

Natural sources of amino acids include:

  • Dairy
  • Beef, pork, chicken, and turkey
  • Salmon and tuna
  • Eggs
  • Soy products (eg tofu, edamame, soy milk)
  • Quinoa
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Beans and other legumes
  • Potatoes


Eating a balanced diet that contains multiple ingredients from this list can help ensure that you are getting all of the essential amino acids that you need to feel your best.


Pros: You need to eat, don’t you? You can ensure that you’re nourished and getting your daily intake of amino acids all in one fell swoop.

Cons: Preparing balanced meals can take time, but it’s worthwhile!