Six Pack Abs... In 3 Simple Steps: Take a leap of faith Into the Secret World of Hollywood Fitness. See How Movie Stars Move from a Muffin-top to

Six Pack Abs in 7 Days Flat...

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Last Updated on Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Hey man, I’m Schultz.

You don’t have time to waste and neither do I. So, let’s get straight to it. Here are the 3 simple, proven steps that my clients and I personally use to get rid of our belly fat and finally have six pack abs.

The best part is: So will you.

Before we relegate your abdominal obesity to the past, we must first face the facts.



A beer gut is as unattractive as a sink full of un-washed dishes.

No one wants to be near that sink. No one wants to be associated with it.

Unfortunately the sink is attached to your stomach.

So, whether you like it or not, you have to deal with it.

Yeah! The aesthetics are embarrassingly frightful, but that’s the least of your problems.

The health risks, especially for people in their 30s and 40s should be your main concern. The subcutaneous fat that engulfs your abdominal organs exposes you to risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and a host of other cardio-vascular problems.

IT GETS WORSE, if you are overweight; however, even people in normal weight often fall victim to the harmful effects of hidden visceral fat lining the abdominal walls.

It’s hard for most guys to accept the fact that their belly fat is getting worse and worse... along with the helpless feeling you get with each failed attempt you’ve made to get rid of it.

Staring in the mirror has become a source of embarrassment.

Going to the beach has become an act of daring. Are you reluctant to pull off your shirt on the beach?

Those moments will be history in a few short days. The days of holding your breath, lest your muffin top protrudes forward, will soon be over. It is just of matter of following these 3 simple steps.

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You’ve probably told yourself many times before that you would do something about your belly fat, but it’s hard to know what’s truly right for you.

And as you get older and busier with work and family... you realize that you don’t have time to just try things out. You need proven techniques that deliver results.

The visceral fat bulging around your waistline won’t go away; unless, you apply proven time-tested techniques.

The visceral fat on your waistline causes the secretion of the substance retinol-binding protein 4 or RBP4. This substance is responsible for the increased risk of coronary heart disease.

RBP4 eats away at insulin, thus paving the way for Type 2 diabetes. Of course, this risk only becomes accentuated in your 40s.


You can’t get rid of this substance by doing hundreds upon hundreds of abdominal exercises.



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It is no use looking to the late night TV infomercials for the solution. They are more interested in selling you their latest gadget than solving your problem.

Your health is not their priority. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

They operate on the exact same principle as the pharmaceutical giants.

Pharmaceutical giants have a vested interest in seeing you sick; so that, they can sell you medication. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE WITH THESE FAT CATS.

It’s a real shame that you have to stumble on some random fitness coach to finally provide you the solution to six pack abs.

For most of my students, my program is not the first they tried. Some students of mine have literally tried dozens of programs for over a decade.

First off, I just have to say that I am impressed by the persistence of some of the guys that eventually show up at my studio after years of working on their abs to no avail.

If you belong to that category of guys, who have tried several programs before with no results to show for it; then, take it easy on yourself. “It is probably not your fault.”

The fitness industry is awash with fake gurus, who are as clueless as a chimpanzee in a space suit.

I can brag about my advanced degree in Sports Education, but all the pomp and show is of no use to anyone else.

The fact is, I did not make my BRILLIANT DISCOVERY of the 3-steps technique in Sports College. These techniques are the result of real life testing and scientific proof.

With the help of my doctor, I discovered that there’s one specific thing in your body that is causing your struggle with belly fat.

It’s your Imbalanced Hormones... These hormonal imbalances affect everything from your posture to your emotional state.

Rectifying the situation requires precise understanding of the natural process that men suffer from. Most men in normal health have this hormonal imbalance.

It is entirely up to you to fix it. The cavalry isn’t coming. You are going to have to roll up your sleeves and do the work.


It took me 6 years of scrupulous testing to find out how to optimize a man’s fat burning hormones naturally.

I wish I could take all the credit for this acclaimed breakthrough but the fact is, I got tremendous help from a conglomerate of Sports Doctors and benefited immensely from 1990s MIT research.

I have nothing but the highest regards and utmost reverence for those rare geniuses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory.

I definitely wouldn’t have arrived at these cutting-edge techniques without their assistance. They command my deepest gratitude.

Time is a resource, which cannot be replenished.

As a result, I discarded every training avenue which couldn’t guarantee results in less than 3months. I’m proud to have found the technique.

It is my singular pleasure to hand over to you my exact blueprint that includes my unique hormone training workouts and customized meal plans. From every mental re-programming to every physical motion…

I’ll show you in full; “how everything works.”


In 21 DAYS FLAT, I’ll show you how to transform your abs into chunks of brick, so hard, they can withstand Muhammed Ali punches without flinching.


I’ve simplified the hormone boosting process into just 3 easy steps. Each step is designed to get you closer and closer to the six pack abs that you want.

Believe it or not, the first step is MENTAL

You may not have heard this before, but, rest assured, “FITNESS IS 80PERCENT MENTAL AND 20PERCENT PHYSICAL.”

The right mental disposition is everything.

It does not matter how strongly you wish to have six pack abs. Wishing without acting won’t product that flat stomach.

And acting haphazardly won’t get you anywhere near the desired results.

Mental Discipine

To get the results, you must act consistently. To act consistently, you must have the right mental attitude. Right action comes from right attitude.

That’s why our first task will be to go to work on your mental conditioning. Once you are fit in the mind, getting fit in the body is just a stone’s throw away.

I’ve customized each workout into unique sequences of exercises that have been shown to support the ideal hormone conditions needed to for you to get rid of belly fat and have six pack abs.

If you’re like me, then fast and efficient results matter… and those results will only begin once you start supporting your vital fat burning hormones.

Imagine a Hormone that steadily Burns Fat while You SLEEP!


Even though, this might sound cliché, it is a scientifically proven fact.

You sleep is of quintessential value in shaping up. You need at least 6hours of sleep everyday to rebuild the rectal and transversal abdominal muscles.

Any sleep shortage especially sleep apnea can result injuries due to the muscles being unable to recover. After your crunches, your abs muscles need sufficient rest; in order to recover.

See a doctor, if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. This disorder will interrupt your sleep at night; thus preventing you from getting sufficient rest.


The exercises are quite easy to learn and master. And to make things even easier for you... I put each workout from these 3 hormone boosting steps in a series of short entertaining videos.

This way you can watch anywhere with WIFI or a standard internet connection, and have all your questions answered as you try them out, today.

The truth is that you don’t need to spend your life at the gym to get the body you want... And you sure as hell don’t need to be a gifted athlete or born with great genetics.


The truth is, we’ve all let work and our busy lifestyle take over... and it’s really affecting the way we look.


The only difference between you and other out of shape guys is that you are ready to do something about it now... and it’s a lot easier than you think; if you know what to do.

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And that's exactly what you’ll learn in “3 Simple Steps” below...

You have come to the right place. Stay tight as I walk you through the most effective technique to build a lean and toned tummy.

3 Simple Steps to Six Pack Abs

  • The surprising reason that All “diets” fail (while the diet industry laughs all the way to the bank.
  • Why so many people actually look WORSE after the lose weight. They can fit in clothes of smaller sizes, alright; but they are weaker and sometimes mushier than before.
  • How the misleading tactics of the diet industry is contributing to the exploding obesity epidemic.
  • Why it is possible for some people to eat more and actually burn more fat.
  • The smooth lies of the diet industry and how to detect them.
  • Why so few people have ever heard to the 4 KEY ELEMENTS TO COMBINE, in order to lose weight, while gaining lean muscle mass.
  • The secret system of Hollywood stars and fitness models that transforms them into world-class athletic looks with minimal effort.
  • The missing 5th Element of Respiration that literally guarantees a set of 6-pack abs so strong, they could serve as a punching bag.

How to Vacuum Your Stomach

Do Not Panic! You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to perform this simple technique.


I’m going to show you a very simple technique to by-pass all this elaborate bodybuilding stomach-vacuuming.


Sit or stand upright and light your chin up slightly to clear the pathway of your throat. Now, blow out air through your mouth and notice how your abdominal muscles contract.

Oh yeah! Getting a ripped set of six-pack abs can be really that easy. You only need the DISCIPLINE to perform these exercises REGULARLY.

Before you go any further, I want you to do a simple test. It might make you feel a little uncomfortable -- I know it did when I struggled with belly fat!

But it’s critically important you complete this test now, because it will give you some important information about your hormones and what you need to do to optimize them.

  • I want you to open up both of your hands, reach down and slip your fingers just right under the belly fat that’s hanging over the waistline of your pants.

Go ahead...This is something I have all my personal clients do and is a very important part of how you’ll be able to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

  • Now with your thumb squeeze down gently... give it a firm squeeze.

You did it, right? Now, like most guys your age that I have helped, you're probably holding onto something that's been bothering you for a while.

You may even be a bit shocked to notice that there’s quite a bit more belly fat than you expected...But you’re not the only one... because just like you, the majority of all men are carrying around this same kind of belly fat that’s taking over their stomach area.

  • While holding on to that belly fat, slide your hands along the side of your waist.

You’re probably starting to feel how that excess fat is spilling along the side of your body and even onto your back.

This is the time to make an honest, objective evaluation of your life.

How old are you right now? And honestly, when did you think you would look your very best? Most guys expect to look their best at age 25. If you are under 50, we could have your abs rock solid in a matter of weeks.

I understand that you are skeptical. The fact is, if I were in your position, I would be skeptical too.

The revolutionary 3-step technique is a groundbreaking innovation that boggles the mind of experienced fitness coaches; so, I do not expect any lay guy to believe in its potential.

Only the results are going to convince you of its startling effectiveness.

Back to basics!

What’s Real Cause of That Belly Fat You’re Holding Onto... And Why Has Almost Every Diet or Workout You’ve Tried So Far Failed?

During the 6 Second Test, If you were able to grab even just an inch of belly fat, Chances are that your body is lacking the production of your key fat burning hormones.

Too many fitness coaches over-emphasize the need to create a calorific deficit. Calorific deficit is just the fitness lingo to express the need to expend more calories than one consumes.

This is a vital part of losing weight, but it is not vital, when developing a ripped set of six pack abs.

Instead, it actually has everything to do with the most overlooked (but most vital) part of your body... And that is your fat burning hormones.

Just like your DNA, your hormones play a crucial role in determining the structure of your body.

Your TESTOSTERONE levels literally determines, if you are going to be ripped or flabby.


Best we stay on the same page here! Don’t misconstrue what I just said about expending more calories than you consume.

If you are overweight, then you have to expend more calories than you consume because you need to get into normal weight.




Believe it or not, that’s the fundamental basis of developing six pack abs.

I would not even come close to over-emphasizing, if I repeat it a hundred times. You must be in normal weight for your six-pack abs to show.

  • If you are not in normal weight, your body will not produce the right mixture of hormones.
  • If you are not in normal weight, visceral fat is going to cover your abs muscles.
  • If you are not in normal weight, you will not be able to do the breathing exercises, necessary to maintain a toned midsection.


If your hormones aren't working properly for you, it’ll feel like your body is cancelling out your efforts.

It will simply be a matter of time, before you begin to doubt whether it is worth the while to continue to work out.

You will get the impression that your metabolism converts and stores everything it digests as visceral fat. The sad truth is that your gut feelings are right.

And it’s because your hormones are putting you at a huge disadvantage when it comes regulating your body’s fat burning metabolism.

On top of that, there are certain types of diets and workouts that are making your weight gain and belly fat even worse.

And you’re probably doing them mistakenly because you were told by “So-Called” fitness experts that it was good for you.

You won’t get to the bottom of the problem, unless you work on generating the right dosage of the hormone cortisol and testosterone.

3 Things You Need to Stop Doing If You Want To Optimize Your Fat Burning Hormones... In Fact, You Might Be Doing Them Right Now.

#1 Do not cut your calories down too rapidly.

Cutting calories might seem like a good idea for fat loss, however, doing it too rapidly will not result in weight loss. Instead, it will produce an inverse reaction that will cause belly fat to accumulate around your waistline.

Webmd reports that “when people diet, they eat less... which then decreases the amount of leptin produced.

Whenever your leptin levels drop below a certain threshold, panic signals get transmitted to your brain. There is no objective threshold. The threshold depends on your genetics.

When it does that, your brain senses starvation. This triggers a mechanism developed through ages of evolution. The sole purpose of the mechanism is to converse fat in the event of a famine.

The mechanism is pretty effective at nullifying and even reversing the effect of the diet.

And here is how fast this can happen: after just a few days of dieting... your leptin levels can drop by over 30%... This means you’ll immediately start adding fat straight to your belly.


#2 - Avoid Low Fat Diets.

Cutting fat away from your meals might seem like a good idea for fat loss, but that’s the absolute opposite.

In fact, the key is to actually eat more unsaturated fat.

Not all fats are good fats. Believe it or not unsaturated fats such as beef, lamb, dark chicken, lard and tropical oils will actually lower your cholesterol levels.

The fats responsible for clogging your arteries and provoking a wide range of cardio-vascular problems are polyunsaturated fats such as butter, margarine and pork fat.


It is also vital for circulation and the transportation of nutrients throughout the body.

Aiming for high T-levels is a crucial part of this program.

I’ll show you how to unlock the valves and get testosterone flowing through your bloodstream in unprecedented quantities.

You’ll learn about all the foods that stimulate the production of testosterone in your testicles and pituitary gland.

You should know by know that soy beans are major testosterone killers. Avoid soy beans at all costs.


Polyunsaturated fats are also known as trans fats. Avoid these fats at all costs.

Polyunsaturated fats will not only clog your arteries, they will lower your testosterone levels.

High testosterone levels are of paramount importance in building muscles mass.

Those lean and ripped chunks of muscles lining the walls of your abdomen will not fall from the sky. They are going to have to be built with tissues whose growth can only be stimulated by testosterones.

Testosterone keeps fat off your body by accelerating your metabolism.


#3 - Avoid Workouts that Cause Hormonal Disruptions.

The honest truth is that not all workouts are good for you... in fact, some of the most common ones we see in popular fitness magazines or blogs can actually harm your body’s hormone production.

On top of that, certain long or extremely intense workouts can over-train your body, triggering the production of stress hormones which causes you to store even more fat.

The bad news is that these are probably the most popular workouts.

Unfortunately, the majority of people perform exactly these workouts.

Maybe including yourself... but if you've tried them and you are still holding onto belly fat right now, then, it should be obvious to you that these exercises do not work.

Results are the only determining factor of the usefulness of any exercise.


#1 - Avoid Slow-paced Aerobic Exercise

Slow-paced Aerobic Exercises: Pay attention to all those fitness classes you see on TV and in late night infomercials. You never want to be a part of that nonsense.

I have very specifically said slow-paced aerobic exercises. These are bad.


What you need, are intermittent sessions of high intensity cardio. We are going to get to that later. Right now, you need to know what you have to avoid.

The US National Library of Medicine reports that, “leptin concentrations are reduced 48 hours after long-term aerobic exercise.”


Leptin is also in control of your hunger, and it’s one of the main reasons why you might notice greater cravings after a long aerobic workout. This means low leptin levels caused by this type of training will lead you to not only eat more, but to store those excess calories directly as fat in your stomach area.

Slow-paced aerobics are not the most effective exercises for fat loss because they’re designed to improve endurance not built muscles.


Next time you watch the Olympics, notice the difference between the physic of sprinters and marathon runners.

Sprinters have a muscular structure because they perform high intensity cardio. Marathon runners are skinny because they are focused more on endurance.

The lesson is very clear!

Different types of exercises will create vastly different body structure.


First determine what body structure you want to create; then, choose your exercises accordingly.

Since your goal is to develop a ripped set of abs, you absolutely have to avoid slow-paced aerobic exercises.


In order to boost these hormones, you need to do exercises that targets more than one muscle group at a time... And that’s exactly why you need to focus on a special type of training called “resistance training.”

Make no mistake! Resistance training cannot consist of any random set of weight-lifting exercises.  Not all weight-lifting exercises are equal.


Just like aerobic exercise, there are some that can hurt your hormone production, which I’ll show you below. And also, I’ll show you the specific type of resistance training you need to do instead.

Jason Thorne Abdominal Workout

#2 - Avoid Cardio such as the treadmill, or the elliptical machine

Now even though it seems like common sense that cardio is the best for fat loss, that’s actually wrong.

Not only does slow-paced cardio burn very small amounts of fat while you are working out... leaving you to burn nothing for the rest of the day, it’s also scientifically proven to cause damage to your key fat burning hormones.

The US National Library of Medicine research shows that, “a reduction in leptin concentrations reported from running or cycling has been attributed to a reduction in circulating leptin.

And may explain consistent reports of reductions in leptin concentrations following extreme bouts of exercise such as marathons or ultramarathons.”

And that’s just the beginning.

In a study done by the National Strength and Conditioning Association

Research showed that... Performing slow-paced aerobic exercises suppressed the production of the primary male hormone, testosterone for 48 hours.

Slow-paced aerobic workout is great for endurance, but will do very little for fat burn and to support your fat burning hormones.

#3 Avoid Bodybuilding Mania.

The truth about bodybuilding is that it’s great for building muscle. However the muscle you build will be hidden beneath the layer of fat you have.

And this layer of fat is something that bodybuilding really won't help you get rid of.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the unbelievable beer gut of Dave Titterton.

And as you build more and more muscle... your abs will become increasingly taut. But, what is the use, if those taut abs are going to remain hidden behind layers of fat.

That’s why most bodybuilders are only ripped for one single day of the year... and that’s either for a big competition or for the photo shoot after the show.

And the rest of the time they’re bloated and fat... They call it their “off season”.

In addition, bodybuilding is also very stressful to your body’s hormones and can trigger mild inflammation and regular bloating.

This brings about the accumulation of water weight. Loss of muscle definition is an inevitable by-product of water weight.

That's why most of these workouts have not worked for you... The key is to keep these hormones optimized and avoid things that can damage it.

The BOTTOM LINE is this. Given the right testosterone levels, burning body fat and building lean muscles is a GUARANTEED RESULT.

However, if your testosterone levels remain low, you can expect MASSIVE RETENTION OF BODY FAT and a slow construction of muscle tissue.

Low testosterone levels will diminish your capacity to lose belly fat. In fact, you’ll have a hard time getting into normal weight.

Pay attention to what I tell you. All your dieting and exercising will amount to naught, if you do not increase your testosterone levels.


If you didn’t know; then, take it from me. The human body is more powerful than any exercise or medication.

If your hormones are in place. Your body’s power source is your endocrine system, which produces all of your most vital hormones.


Our body’s hormone systems control everything we do… And not just your body’s primal functions such as heart rate or breathing; they control just about every aspect of your appearance, too.

Most people under-estimate the relevance of testosterone in their functional health. Testosterone is quintessential to a strong a vibrant heart.


On the opposite end, there are also certain hormones that tell your body to store more fat... causing you to struggle with the belly fat you have today.

Can you see why taking control of your hormones can completely change the way you look? And once you learn exactly how to boost your testosterone levels, you’ll be well on the road to develop six pack abs.


Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs gives you a practical, easy-to-follow program you can use today to start the rapid process of shredding belly fat and sculpting your abdominal muscles to produce a tight set of six pack abs.

Working with Doug, we've created a killer program with no parallel

 photo Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs by DH_zpszehkhiee.png

Testosterone will play the key role in getting rid of your belly fat and having a six pack will become that much easier.

But before you start doing time-consuming medical research on how to optimize your fat burning hormones... or go get a biology degree.


We've shot these 3 powerful exercises that target the 3 main abdominal muscles: transverse, rectal and oblique muscles.  The video content is split in two:

The first is a Coaching Instructional Video, in which Doug takes you in detail through each exercise, so you fully understand why you're doing that exercise, the best form to take and how it should feel.

The second video is a Follow-Along format designed so you can perform the flow alongside the video without breaking for explanation.

I’ve saved you a few years of studying and brought the research straight to you through the help of my Doctor, Men’s Health and Wellness specialist. Dr. Derrick Salyer.

 photo DVD Case  DVD Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs_zpsfgsyfdwm.png


You'll receive a highly targeted manual that goes into great depths to lay out the step-by-step no-bullshit instructions to sculpt your abs into rock hard bricks of lean muscle.

You’ll be swept away by the ease, with which, these instructions are illustrated.

I was able to discover a way that allows you to fully control your body’s fat burning hormones and simply have them automatically eliminate your belly fat by doing all the work for you.

It does this by turning off your enemy - the fat storing hormones... and switching on your new best friends and secret weight loss weapons.

I’ll reveal the key to unlock massive production of testosterone. And lastly, this method also shows you how to activate a hormone that blocks belly fat and removes it from your midsection at the exact same time.

 photo Book - Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs by DH_zpswtrd0tja.png

Literally, this hormone is so powerful that it simply will not allow you to store fat in the belly region.

The most powerful tactic to develop six pack abs must include increasing the activity of these hormones.


And I’ll show you the scientific way to naturally increase them within your own body. I realize that my claims are extra-ordinary, but that’s why you are here.

Why Don’t You Have Enough Of These Fat Burning Hormones Right Now... And Is Something Wrong With Your Body?


Explained By Dr. Derrick Salyer:

You see, testosterone is naturally produced in your testicles and adrenal glands. They are even more important the amino acids in building muscle tissue.

There are ten essential amino acids: arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine and threonine.


Amino acids are the most basic building material for tissues. You simply cannot build lean and taut abs without them.

Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body. You can only acquire them through nutrition.



BONUS 1 “Mental Mastery – Willpower: Ultimate Key to Sexual Prowess” in Audio Format

Hardly a year goes by, without some guru, inventing a brand new six-pack-abs secret.

Boom! Wake the fuck up bro!

There is NO super dupa whoopa MEGA Secret. The key to a flat stomach is good nutrition and regular exercise.

Of course, a flat stomach does not necessarily mean that your six pack abs are going to become visible. You’ll obviously need a few tricks to make your six pack abs visible.

However, these tricks aren’t any top-notch secret, known only to fitness gurus. No, there are no super tricks.

The indispensable super ingredient to six pack abs is consistent self discipline. CONSISTENT SELF-DISCIPLINE IS INDISPENSABLE.

Work is involved, ok! You will not get six pack abs by reciting some “Harry Potter” magic spells.

You’ll actually have to do high intensity cardio and targeted crunches. That’s why discipline is required to actually follow-through on the work.

You won’t have a coach, mentor or trainer around to discipline you. You’ll have to supply your own dosage of self-discipline. That’s where “Mental Mastery” comes in handy.

 photo Bonus cover Mental Mastery_zpsklhsfx78.png

As you use the “Mental Mastery” techniques to develop your self-discipline, you’ll learn one potent ingredient of success.

You must have a clear and singular overarching purpose.

You are NOT allowed to simultaneously pursue two goals at the same time. Your priorities must be clearly sorted-out and disentangled from any conflicts.

Once the destination, towards which--you are striving is crystal clear--allocating the time and resources to ‘walk the walk’ becomes rather easy.

Distractions no longer have power over your life.

Further benefits of clear, unshakable priorities include:

  • Phenomenal increase in focus
  • Decisiveness will become your every day attribute
  • Freedom from confusion and uncertainties
  • Steadfastness in the implementation of decisions
  • Inordinate increase in sex appeal
  • Radical improvement in life perspective

Self-discipline gives you the capacity to command yourself!

Do not underestimate the need for self-control. Without self-control, you’ll find yourself doing what you did not intend to do.

How often have you found yourself, eating potato chips, when you should have been eating salad? How often have you found yourself, watching TV, when you should have been exercising?

Procrastination is your biggest enemy. It must be destroyed. Self-discipline is the right weapon to do just that.

Armed with consistent self-discipline, you’ll be able to exercise regularly. The benefits that naturally ensue from consistent self-discipline, do not simply end with six pack abs.

In addition to rock solid abs;

  • Your actions will be determined by your goals, not momentary whims and mood swings.
  • You’ll have the ability to develop new and useful habits.
  • You’ll have the ability to replace old, bad habits with useful, keystone habits.
  • You’ll have total unmitigated control of your mind.
  • Thanks to your remarkable mental prowess, you’ll easily get rid of all addictions: cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs.

SECOND GIFT: “BUILD LEAN ABS MUCLES”  -Use Testo Fuel to Accelerate the Production of New Cells in Your Abdomen

Testosterone is not just indispensable. It is in whole different category of essential.

The same rules do not apply to testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone, which is actually produced in the body, mainly by the testicles.

You see, everyone is genetically designed to produce these fat burning hormones... but if you’ve got excess body fat, then chances are you don’t have enough of them.

Don’t blame yourself for low T-levels. The fact is most food products are laced with substances that negatively impact testosterone production.

Get this straight. Soy bean is a major testosterone killer. It gets worse. Soy bean will actually increase the quantity of estrogen in your bloodstream.

The result is going to slow muscle repair and slow recovery from tissue damage. In addition, low T levels will create a reduction in your brain activity.

You will gain body fat, whenever your testosterone levels fall below the required threshold. And this hormone issue is the reason why the average guy carries around 17 pounds of extra weight in their belly.

You should be scared. If you are not scared, then you truly do not yet appreciate the vital health consequences of low testosterone levels.

Like most men, you probably thought hormone-issues only happen to women or old people. Well that’s actually not true...

Click and drag the image to zoom in

A major shift in your body’s hormones happens when your teen years are over.

During puberty and adolescence, the body produces an excess of testosterone. After the age of 30, testosterone production begins to reduce by 1percent every year.

That’s why most guys start adding on extra pounds on their belly after high school... and so forth as you get older.

And by the time you’ve reached your mid 20 or 30’s.... You’ve probably already noticed a bit of belly fat on your stomach... and that’s just for those with MINOR hormonal imbalance.


  • Exactly, how to target those hard-to-reach abdominal muscles with detailed, step-by-step walk-through videos of every single Key Move.
  • The single most important element of human body posture and why your abs hold the key to peak performance.
  • The true impact of your abdominal muscles and how it is really affecting your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
  • For the unfortunate few with a significant amount of belly fat, you’ll be facing more severe hormonal issues down the road. And it’s natural for your hormones to decrease as you get busy with studies and work.

Back in school, sports were obligatory. He had to participate, whether you like it or not. These athletic activities kept your testosterone levels high.

Once you left school and stopped being regularly active, your T levels began to decline. Don’t break a sweat. This happens to everybody.

And honestly, men weren't meant to live that long... You see, men in the 1800s only lived up to an average age of 33.

And the reason men are living longer these days is due to modern technology in healthcare and medicine, such as vaccinations, and systems put in place to keep the water and food we eat sanitary.

However, internally, our bodies haven’t changed that much. This means that our hormonal production still functions, as if, we are only meant to live till 33.

When we get to our mid 30s, our hormone production no longer functions at its optimal levels... because it thinks it’s no longer needed.

It’s the reason why our hormones and our prime peaks at around our teen years... and begins to decrease thereafter. Each individual is unique. That is why, this hormonal change affects some men more than others.

However, if you’re seeing signs such as:

  • Gradual weight gain, especially in the stomach area.
  • Frequent signs of fatigue, such as finding it hard to wake up in the morning and feeling sleepy by mid day.
  • Emotional changes, such as feeling irritable more often, lack of confidence in the way you look, or self doubt.
  • Your (back, knee, joint) pain are definitely finding a focal point at your midsection

But What If You Could Naturally Increase These Hormones 24 Hours A Day... Wouldn’t It Be 100X Easier To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat?

You see, with the help of my doctor, I discovered that there's a natural type of hormone training that can support and optimize your hormone levels very quickly.

The thing is, if you know the right type of exercise to use, you not only can burn lots of calories during your workouts, but you can also take complete control of your body’s production of those 2 key fat burning hormones.

The key is to be consistent and you can have these ultra powerful hormones chugging through your bloodstream, as if, you were an Olympic athlete.

Can you picture your body burning fat all day and night... even while you sleep? Instead of just the short period of time you spend grinding it out in the gym?

The secret to Sparta prowess lies in their knowledge of the human body. You too, can benefit from this knowledge.

This ultimate technique is nothing new. The ancient Spartans were full aware of it. It consists of a set of rapid-paced compound exercises.

  • In compound exercises, you are using 2 to 3 major muscle groups at the same time, allowing you to activate a larger amount of total muscle at once.
  • This could double or even triple the amount of fat you’ll burn. The unparalleled ingredient is not momentum. It is consistency.
  • Remember, the more muscle you can stimulate, the more calories you can burn. The proven path to success must involve rapid fire training.

In addition to burning more calories during your workout, this increased muscular activation instantly triggers a significant boost to your hormones during - and even 24-48 hours after you workout.

The instant benefits of compound training include:

  • Increased strength of your heart
  • Increase in self-control due to a boost in your glucose storage capacity
  • Improved memory and greater oxygenation of your brain
  • Conversion of fat into shredded muscle mass
  • Increase in the haemoglobin-content of your blood

Most of the common resistance techniques, such as those in bodybuilding, use isolation exercises.

Isolation exercises focus simply on one small muscle at a time. This is also known as spot training in some fitness circles.

Spot training is good, if you are trying to build that one little muscle, but very ineffective, if you’re trying to lose fat and support your hormones.

Just look at the difference in the amount of total muscle activated in a compound movement compared to a regular exercise.

With this large area of muscle activation you can clearly see why this type of compound exercise will cause your body to secrete much more fat blocking hormones and burn more fat at the same time.

And what’s more, certain unique compound bodyweight exercises are also very effective in boosting your key male hormones.

If you’re a beginner, the most effective exercises will consist of intermittent sessions of high intensity cardio.

Explosive cardio is the most effective means to lose belly fat and build a six pack set of abs.

  • Crunches are going to come in handy, when the time comes to sculpt your midsection. Swiss ball exercises will greatly impact all angles of your midsection.
  • Remember, you can’t just pick any compound exercise that you find online... You’ll need to customize each exercise to support your specific goal.
  • Your goal is to develop a set of 6-pack abs, so taut they can withstand Mike Tyson’s punches.
  • Your lean abdominal muscles will not be built in the air. They have to be supported by a firm bone structure.
  • Believe it or not, you’ll once more have to fall back on testosterone. There’s a reason, it is called the prime male hormone.

Testosterone will preserve the density of the bones in your skeleton by retain essential minerals.

You cannot develop lean and toned abdominal muscles, if your bones are deteriorating under the effect of osteoporosis.

Your abdominal muscles are not going to develop in isolation from the rest of your body. You are going to have to shape up, lose body fat and shred some extra pounds.

Being in normal weight is fundamentally crucial, in order for your six pack abs to become visible, else, they will remain buried beneath a layer of fat.

Before you begin sculpting your stomach into neat chunks of chocolate bar; there’s one key issue, you first have to resolve.

You need to attain a BMI (Body Mass Index) within the range of 18.5 to 24.9. This is the range of normal weight.

You are underweight, if your BMI is less than 18.5. Best believe, an underweight person cannot develop taut abs.

As a matter of fact, the use of this program might prove detrimental to your health, if you are underweight.

You are morbidly obese, if your BMI is higher than 30. I shouldn’t have to remind you that this program is not for persons in a situation of overweight.

Some things are obvious. An overweight or obese person cannot develop a ripped set of six pack abs.

Sgt. Frank Dante, US Marines

Stronger & Faster Than Ever

I’ve been an athlete for most of my life. I played college football before joining the army. Believe it or not, it was my drill sergeant who pointed out that my slow lower body movements was due to weak abdominal muscles.

I consulted the sports doctor at the base and he even went the extra mile. Surprisingly, he had me undergo a full MRI of my rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis. It turns out that nothing at all was wrong with the muscles in my midsection.

Back in the day, I used to do 100crunches, easy. Putting in the work was no big deal. All those crunches just weren’t cutting it. My abs muscles only began to strengthen, when I accidentally stumbled on Doug Hamilton’s “Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs.” One of my buddies on the base had handed me the program.

Within three weeks of doing the exercises, I began to feel the tension in my transverse and rectal abdominis. It was my breakthrough. In just six weeks, the staggering changes become self-evident. My abs transformed into chunks of unbreakable steel.

I am as ripped as one can ever be. I couldn’t recommend this product enough!

Sgt. Frank Dante, US Marines Reconnaissance Division, White Plains, FL.
Alan Henrick

You Need a Strong Core for Daily Movements

I work in warehouse for automobile products. Most of the shelves are not accessible with a fork lift; so, I have to maneuver a great deal to fulfill orders. For years, I used to lag behind everyone else because I had a flabby tummy.

My colleagues adviced me to do crunches. They made it clear, that if I didn’t strengthen my core, it would only be a matter of time before I developed back and knee pain. I was a total nickel-head back then. I totally rejected their advice until I began suffering from back pain.

I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it; so, I decided to solve the problem myself. I cleaned up my nutrition and began doing cardio, twice a week. I did lose some weight but never developed lean abdominal muscles.

One day at the gym on 31 Dwight Eisenhower street, I just randomly decided to pick the “Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs” program off the shelves. Within 3weeks of following the program, my abs had hardened into solid chunks of buloke wood.

Alan Henrick DC DIBAK DABCN The Hague Area, Netherlands
Chris Wilson

"I Can Now Dead-lift 500 lbs

Most guys want the six pack abs for the ladies. I honestly believe that is pathetic. A man should develop his abs exclusively for his own benefit. For me, the benefit is to enhance my bench-press and dead-lift performance.

I’m a really muscle guy. I got into bodybuilding at the age of 17 and I’ve stock with it ever since. It’s the feeling of pain rushing through my muscles. When I push myself beyond a certain threshold, I get a rush of adrenaline flooding my brain. I am a true gym rat and I have got the muscles to prove it.

One thing had always been lacking though. I had a beer gut and no matter how many crunches I did, my abs never showed. I was like that until I bought the “Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs” program. It was then that I really become completely ripped.

My entire body is nothing but pure muscle and I love it that way. The developers of “Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs” have my full and boundless gratitude."

Chris Wilson, SNC, RKC, CPT Head Strength Coach, Altar Athletics



Most guys have flabby tummies. This means they can benefit from this program.


It’s not a case of whether this will benefit you, but how much…


That’s why I want to make this a no-brainer for you with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

For the next 60 days, try using the simple techniques demonstrated by Doug. You can incorporate the techniques in your daily workout routine or use them as stand-alone workout.

I'm confident you’ll be delighted with the results but, if you’re not, simply email us and ask for a prompt and hassle-free, no questions asked 100% refund.

In fact, if you're not happy for ANY reason, I insist you ask for a refund and we’ll be more than happy to give you all your money back.

After seeing the effect of the program on my students and even wife, I’m sure you'll be amazed at how quickly you feel the benefits of a ripped and lean tummy.

You are overweight, if your BMI is within the range of 25 to 29.9.

I’ve dedicated a large chunk of this program to show you the exact steps, you need to take to get into normal weight.

Once you attain normal weight with a BMI within the range of 18.5 to 24.9, you will be effectively able to sculpt your abs into formidable chunks of muscles so hard, they can withstand George Foreman punches.

Your ideal BMI is the same thing as your target BMI. Do not be confused, if you hear me use these terms interchangeably.

Keep your sights on your ideal BMI. It is your target. Later, you’ll see, why getting to your ideal BMI is both crucial and indispensable to develop those toned set of abs, you crave.

Once you have attained normal weight, you still have to work on your hormones. In developing a flat tummy, you’ll have to get used to testosterone.

It is an indispensable ingredient in maintaining lean muscle mass. In addition, you need it to build new tissue.

Studies show that having belly fat suppresses and destroys your fat burning hormones.


Men’s Health reports that Belly fat, “contains aromatase, an enzyme that converts Male Hormones into estrogens, the main sex hormones in women.

A high dose of estrogen flowing through your bloodstream triggers your body to slow its production of the quintessential hormone, testosterone.

And the less Male Hormones you make, the more belly fat you accumulate and the more estrogens you spew. It's a vicious, emasculating circle.

In fact, a study of 1,822 men by the New England Research Institutes (NERI) confirmed that a man's waist circumference is the single strongest predictor of low Male Hormone levels.

Like you, most guys are trapped in this vicious cycle. And having existing belly fat is impeding the production of testosterone.

The “shortcuts to six pack abs” program will solve both problems.

In 3short weeks, the hormones flowing through your veins will stimulate the creation of lean muscle tissue. Your abs will begin taking shape as you shed off weight.

If you take action right now and purchase Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs, you'll pay just $37 instead of the regular price of $50.

For your regular one week “starbucks” budget, you'll receive the manual, all Doug's detailed demonstrations and walk through videos plus the two powerful bonuses (valued at $48 alone).

And that's less than you’ll pay for over-hyped programs which do not deliver results.

Remember, if you wanted a consultation with Doug, it would cost you more than $300 an hour to learn from him the level of expertise he shares in Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs.

It's time to sculpt Your Abs ... ....

And build lean chunks of ... .... ...  Six Pack Abs.



 photo Shortcuts to Six Pack Abs by DH_zpszehkhiee.png


 photo Both Bonuses_zps2oonqnul.png






buy-now-animated photo buy-now-animated_zpszyvgoyg3.gif

The effect turns around and impacts the cause, leaving you in a vicious cycle.

And without enough fat burning hormones, it’s almost impossible to get rid of the belly fat. This vicious cycle will continue on and on, unless you get rid of this gut first.

The bottom line is this; as long as you have that belly fat, it’ll cancel out any fat burning hormone increase you may potentially produce from performing the proper training.

Thanks to rigorous research and the expertise of Dr Sylvain, we discovered an effective solution to stop this vicious cycle.

It consists of going through what I call a “fat loss jump-start phase” And that’s where the “after-burn effect” comes in.

Do not worry, if you’re not familiar with the After-burn Effect... it’s a way to keep your body automatically burning fat on its own - even when you're not working out.

It’s done using a unique sequence of customized compound exercises to trigger a post workout, fat-burning effect that can last up to 48 hours.

This means you’re not only burning fat in the short period of time you’re exercising, but also your body will continue to run on the after-burner effect and continue to burn fat post-workout.

This incredible mechanism defies belief. My students only believe it actually works, after trying it. I’ve never been able to persuade anyone of its effectiveness beforehand.

Additionally, the After-burn effect was the key fat-burning factor in the original Six Pack Shortcuts program, and the main reason why the program was so effective in helping guys get rid of their belly fat.

By taking advantage of the After-burn Effect first, you’ll be able to rapidly get rid of your belly fat which is destroying your hormones... and allow you to focus on your fat burning hormone levels without any disturbance or delay.

People often over-estimate the work ethic of Hollywood stars. These guys are not more hard-working than you.

They simple know a powerful secret, which you didn’t know, until now. Permit me to reveal to you in full and glorified detail their tiny little secret.

The After-burner Effect

You’ll never appreciate the length to which coaches go to keep this a closely guarded secret.

Think about it. If everyone knew about it, they simply wouldn’t be able to keep banking the big bucks of this secret, right.

That’s why the After-burner Effect is not as broadly known as it should be, because too many gurus have an inherent vested interest in keeping it secret.

The After-burn Effect is very powerful in getting rid of your belly fat. You can literally repeat this thing in an endless functional loop, until you attain normal weight.

Then, all that would be left is going the extra mile to ensure that you get ripped.

Imagine The After-burn Effect as the 1st gear of your car. Now this gear is so powerful it can move a car from a dead stop. However, if you stay in 1st gear, your car won’t go very fast and will burn out your clutch.

It's Your Time! Take Control & Release Your Inner Athlete

It is practically the same phenomenon with the “After-burn Effect”. It can jump-start your metabolism, even though it's at a fat burning dead stop.

The key is not endless repetition. If you repeat it... the fat burning won’t speed up to your desired velocity.

Ask yourself, “what do you do, in order to make your car go faster?” In order to make the car go faster, after the 1st gear, you must move on to 2nd gear, then to 3rd gear.

You must apply the same principle to fat burning... after your After-Burn Effect 1st gear, you must move on to the next fat burning gears, which will allow you to burn fat as fast as possible.

The 3 Most Effective and Powerful Steps to Boost Your Fat-burning Hormones

Step 1. “Jump-start your fat loss” using a few weeks of workouts designed to maximize the After-burn Effect.

And like I just explained, using After-burn training workouts will allow you to quickly and dramatically reduce your belly fat, and stop any further hormonal damage.

At the same time, it will allow you to focus on boosting the production of these hormones, and get you ripped abs fast.

Step 2. Next, take a few weeks to focus your workouts and diet to maximizing your leptin levels.

 photo inner athlete_zpsqumax79f.jpg

With your belly fat eliminated from the fat loss jumpstart...Your vital fat burning hormones will no longer be destroyed by the dangerous chemicals your belly fat was harnessing.

You’ll now be able to fully optimize and support your master fat burning hormone, leptin. In Step 2, I recommend customizing and choosing specific exercises, which have been scientifically proven to support your leptin levels.

This will take your fat loss to the next level and ensure that you don’t just gain the weight back. Plus, this will also reduce your appetite, making it much easier to make healthier food choices.

Step 3. Finally, take a few weeks and focus your training on boosting your male hormones. This will help you more with your fat burning, and will help you gain muscle once you’re lean.

This will actually block the fat from being stored on your stomach. It’s critically important that you do these steps in this exact order, and that you do the right compound workouts and eat the right foods in each phase.

In a minute, I’ll provide you with comprehensive details, how to carry out these compound exercises.

Let’s delve straight into what you can expect from these steps.

What Do You Think About These Results?

First I want to show you the actual results of Dalton Lee, one of my good friends and first of my test-training subjects who went through my 3 step hormone training.

He's almost 40, and just one of the thousands who has already transformed his body from the soft and pudgy look to the ripped athletic body we all want... It’s the same style of training I use and I’m sure you can see similar results if you try out what we did.

The stunning results left Dalton perplexed. In a few short weeks, the muscular angles began to demarcate themselves from his midsection.

Surprise, surprise, he resembled one of those models, you see in fitness magazines.

Did I not assure that Hollywood stars use the exact same method? In fact, Dalton fancied himself as looking even better than Arnold Schwarzennegger in his hay-day.

Please take note! These results were not produced after months upon months of training. The results were attained in a few short weeks.

Do not under-estimate the power of the 3-steps outlined above to boost your hormonal levels.

Believe it or not, Dalton Lee used to be an average guy, just like you. In a few short weeks, he transformed his belly fat into a set of ripped abs.

buy-now-animated photo buy-now-animated_zpszyvgoyg3.gif

This could be you in as much time, if you diligently follow the 3-steps outlined above. Once you try this, you’ll realize it’s a lot easier than you think.

The role of genetics is often over-estimated in developing 6-pack abs.

Dalton is just your typical average guy. He doesn’t have any particular genetic gifts. The results he attained were exclusively thanks to the 3-simple steps; nothing else.

In fact, even if, you’ve failed many times before and have damaged your hormones with the wrong diets and workouts like he had, these 3 simple hormone supporting steps can reverse that damage, and revamp your system completely.

 photo Lean Abs_zpsfid5nbnu.jpg

Dalton started from scratch. When he first started, he had no clue, which exercises are right for boosting your hormones. If you find yourself in similar circumstances, do not worry.

Let’s suppose that you’ve figured out some of the compound moves that will support your hormones.

Finding or putting them in the right sequences will take you forever to do. It doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to this program, you’ll be able to abide by a very strict sequence.

Your options are pretty straightforward and easy. You basically have two.

Option one: Waste years of your valuable time while you customize your own workouts and structure them into hormone-boosting sequences of your own - hoping they might work…

Or there’s a much easier route; option two: Follow proven steps which have stood the test of time.

Just do what Dalton did and use the program I’ve customized for guys just like you already. I’ve done all the work and it’s proven and designed to bring your hormones to their optimal levels.

It will work for you just like it worked for Dalton Lee.

Option two is really a no-brainer. It is designed for ambitious men with no time to waste on experimentation with no guarantee of results.

This program outlines a detailed roadmap from Day 1 to the day you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and see your Six Pack Abs for the first time.

Every movement and every compound variation and step is all here. All you have to do is take it and do it.

Trust me, I’ve openly shown thousands of guys this new type of hormone training and verified that it works...

And it’s time you’re given the same opportunity and experience. In a few weeks, you’ll look your best. I’ll save you from the continued waste of the prime years of your life.

The program is designed to get rid of your belly fat and finally give you six pack abs in the shortest amount of time by enhancing your body’s hormone production to the peak levels that are safe for men to permanently sustain.

It utilized the most effective belly fat burning technique from my original Six Pack Shortcuts program - The After-burn Effect.

 photo Chick with lean Abs_zpskcsatsut.jpg

In addition, I’ve included my newly discovered hormone-support training which my doctor and I, spent over 2years compiling into this comprehensive work.

The best proof is experience. You’ll get to experience the results for yourself and enhance your body’s natural hormone production.

You’ll naturally boost your fat burning hormone production without dangerous drugs or ever becoming dependant on hormone therapy.

All you need is just a few short hormone training workouts a week, and you’ll be able to get rid of the belly fat you’ve been struggling with.

OVER 50% OFF - Friends And Family Discount - LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Regular Price $197

TODAY’S Price = $39

buy-now-animated photo buy-now-animated_zpszyvgoyg3.gif

Money Back Guarantee

You also get my 60-day no risk trial period, And My Full Coverage 100% money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works: Get instant online access to my Six Pack Shortcuts program today… so you don’t miss out on all the free bonuses and discounts.

Watch the training videos provided for you, and even test all the free bonuses out for the next 60 days.

If for any reason, you are not 100% sure that this system will give you a rock-hard set of six pack abs, just email or phone me and I’ll make sure you get refunded.

By the way, you do not need any reason to request a refund. Within 60days, you can request a refund without providing any reason at all.

Upon request, you will receive a hassle-free refund with no questions asked. Just a brief phone call or email will get you taken care of.

Of course, I stand full behind my product and I know that you will not be needing a refund. The Six Pack Shortcuts program has helped literally thousands of frustrated guys to develop toned abs.

We are talking here about guys, who thought it would be impossible to tone their abs due to their bulging belly fat.

As the #1 most subscribed and viewed trainer on Youtube, you can TRUST that I put my reputation on the line with this promise of getting you in shape.

Without further ado, hit that order button and start sculpting your midsection today.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really answer questions and give personal coaching on your site? How do you find the time?

Yes, I really answer your questions on the Six Pack Shortcut private forums and I spend many hours doing it. I don’t spend much time on social media, so I have more time for our members. However, I can’t guarantee this forever. This program is new and once word spreads, I’ll either have to cap membership or raise the price. So if you’re interested in getting personal advice straight from the program creator, now is the time to get onboard.

Do I have to take any supplements?

No. Taking supplements is not obligatory. The choice is up to you; however, testo-fuel will greatly accelerate the time frame, within which, you achieve the results. We heartily recommend testo-fuel.

Do I have to join a gym or buy any equipment?

Absolutely! You DO need some kind of resistance training because that’s the key to revving up your metabolism, sculpting lean muscle and keeping the muscle you already have. But you don’t need expensive machines and you don’t have to join a gym – you can work out at home if you prefer. The beginner workouts can be done with nothing but free weights such as dumbbells. Furthermore, I recommend a bar for pull-ups.

I'm not a bodybuilder - will this program still work for me?

Of course. The program was not designed for bodybuilders. It was designed for every day guys, just like you.

I designed the program so you can use bodybuilder and fitness model techniques to reach your own personal goals, whether that’s building muscle or just toning up. The end goal is to sculpt your abs.

Does the program work for women?

Yes, in fact our membership is now more female than 53% female.

The program was specifically designed for men not women. I strongly believe women do not need and should not develop six pack abs.

A woman needs a flat, toned stomach. She should not go the extra mile and chisel out chunks of muscle on her stomach.

Besides, testosterone supplements will negatively disrupt a woman’s hormonal balance.

I am currently working on a female-specific program to assist women in developing a flat stomach.

I just turned 54. Am I too old to start this program? Please be honest.

Honestly, you’re too old NOT to get started. The science shows that college-age kids don’t have to worry about hormone levels and muscle loss – getting in shape is easy for them.

From your 30’s to 40’s and beyond, when hormones and metabolism start to change, if you don’t eat the right food and get the right exercise, your muscles disintegrate faster with every passing year, while fat goes on easier.

The 35-55 age range forms our biggest member demographic and more people are joining us after 55 than ever.

I can't eat wheat or any products with gluten. Can I still follow the nutrition part of the Six Pack Shortcuts program?

Yes. Gluten intolerance is common and you can easily work around it. The food choices are flexible and substitutions are easy.

I'm lactose intolerant. Can I still do the Six Pack Shortcuts nutrition program?

Yes. Lactose intolerance is even more common and it’s also easy to work around it. Dairy products are optional on this program.

Will this work for vegetarians?


If you are a vegetarian, please DO NOT use this program!

Will this work in my country? I'm worried about not having the foods required where I live.

Yes. We have thousands of members in over 150 countries and you can adapt the food choices to work wherever you live.

How can I be sure it's safe to order online from your website?

Our checkout page is on a secure server, we are a Verisign-trusted site (confirming our identity, location and virus-free status), we’re A+ rated by the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau.

Just one last question before I order, can you confirm that there are no other charges or “hidden” costs beyond the $39?

Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. There are no other charges. There are no recurring dues. Any other products or special deals you ever see from me are optional. There is only one payment of $37.00 and that includes my personal support for 6 months.

How do I log in to the member's area and how soon will I be able to start after I order?

Just click the “ADD TO CART” button below. You’ll be directed to a secure order page. After you submit your payment details, you’ll be granted instant access. You can literally start enjoying the benefits of this program in a few minutes.

Click the yellow ADD TO CART button below to get started:


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