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Special Operations Commando Shares Real Combat-proven Secrets That Makes WINNING a Fight as Automatic as a Reflex

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Last Updated on Tuesday, June 25, 2024

This is a no-nonsense guide that has been used by none other than the MMA knockout artist Wanderlei Silva to win more than 2dozen fights.

I have a story for you. It’s a great story. More important, it’s a story about a handful of very simple but special skills that will hand you victory when violence strikes.

And it will strike. In this life, it is never always entirely up to you whether you find yourself in a fight or not.

The story started on a hot, sticky July night back in 1998…

My blue silk T-shirt was drenched in sweat. Trust me; the sweat was not entirely due to the heat.

When it all began, I was trembling with fright.

I knew deep in my bones I was about to get my ass kicked, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Even so; I puffed out my chest and clenched my jaw trying my best to look tough and confident for my 20-year old hotter than sunshine and sweeter than a cupcake girlfriend.

Cathy was a few months younger than me, but we were both twenty. That made me the man. Or, at least, I was supposed to be.

Obviously, I didn’t feel like the man and I had good reason not to.

As panicky as I was, my brain still had the resources to process the goose bumps spreading across my arms and even the back of my neck.

My heart was pounding heavier than the pistons of a jet-propulsion engine.

“Holy Crap! This guy is gonna beat the shit out of me…” I kept thinking.


You see, Cathy’s ex-boyfriend was one of the local “tough guys.” His jacked up pickup truck was pulled up on the lawn. And he was standing in front of it hurling beer bottles, insults and threats…

His speech was slightly slurred; yet, the threats erupting out of his mouth were as clear and poignant as the roar of thunder.

“Come out here boy! I'm gonna beat your ass and screw your girl. Get out here and face me.”

Unless you have been in my situation before, it is impossible to comprehend the mixture of fear and terror that I felt.

I was afraid of the pain, the injuries and humiliation that I was going to endure from his hands.

I was terrified at the impression my crushing defeat will make on Catherine.


Of course, she was going to dump me after I got beat up. No girl sticks with a guy, who can’t defend her in a fair fight.

No man should ever find himself in this position. There is scarcely anything worse in life, except fear.

Fear Is Your Worst Enemy In A Fight!

It goes without saying that these thugs often hone their skills in prison. No one leaves prison in one piece without learning how to fight.

Cathy confirmed my worst fears, when I shielded my eyes from the blinding lights. She squeaked in a terrified voice;

“Shit! He’s gonna kill you, John! I’m calling the cops. Do NOT go out there. Promise me!”

So I cowered there, peeping out through the cheap blinds while we waited for the cops.

All the while, I was wishing I could stand up to the punk. At the same time, I was still well-grounded in reality. If I dared step out, I would have my ass handed to me.

I had not lost one hair on my head nor shed a single drop of blood, hiding behind the safety of brick walls.

Yet, for all intends and purposes, this punk had basically cut off my balls and stripped me of every ounce of manhood…

Now, let’s just say what happened next changed the course of my life…

And I’ll tell you how the story ends in a minute; however, I can tell you this right now.

After that night; I Knew I Could ONLY Do One of Three Things…

  • 1 >

    I could accept the shame of being helpless and pretend it didn’t bother me. I could persuade myself that it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

    I could bow down to bullies and hope they would leave me in peace… I could live with the fear of knowing I was useless in a fight… And I could accept the shame that my loved ones had no protection from violent attackers…

  • 2 >

    I could get mad and bitter. I could deflect and shift all the blame on Catherine. All I had to do was rage and vituperate how her ex was a total dick... a prime time bully.

    I could whine about how unfair life is and how I am just an innocent victim. And just so, we are clear; I hadn’t done a damn thing to this punk.

  • 3 >

    Or I could make the choice I did… I could learn to fight!

The choice to discover the TRUTH about what it takes to dominate a fight… and how to never be scared when faced with a bully. Never again will I be at the mercy of a violent attacker.

A made the choice to be a man. A man is a person, who protects and provides. By learning a profession, men acquire the ability to provide. However, these days, men are neither required to conscript in the army nor acquire any other form of martial skills.

I had to remedy that situation. So, I made the choice to wake up every morning knowing I can face whatever dangers lurk out there on the streets and that I can protect the people I love…

I vowed to never again be that scared kid. I never wanted to feel that terror again — the Jell-O legs that would barely hold me up.

Never again will I find myself shivering with fright to the point that I could barely hold in my bowels. Never again will I have to look down in shame, avoiding eye-contact with Catherine.

From that day forward, learning to fight became the quintessential driving force of my life.
For years I spent every free hour in any dojo, Karate or Kung Fu studio I could find.

I became a total badass on the training floor.

And guess what. I learned the hard way… All My Fancy Martial Arts Techniques Were A Waste Of Time!

Yes… you heard that right…

You see: After years of chasing down every “secret” fight technique I could get my hands on, I decided it was time to REALLY test my skills…

I know it sounds crazy but… I actually forced myself to get into over 300 fights, keeping folks safe in the deadliest and most dangerous bar in my hometown, which I’ll tell you about in a minute…

Furthermore, I joined the rangers, once I graduated from college. I had the privilege of serving with some of the most elite military units in the world. I volunteered for EVERY job that I thought would put me in harm’s way…

And I discovered a sad truth. I had taken the long road to learning how to fight. And most of the stuff that worked in the dojo was a total flop — or downright dangerous — against real violence.

I spent years learning stuff that didn’t work. And in the end discovered that there are really only a handful of simple — almost instinctive — fight techniques you need to know to defeat any opponent…

This is why I’m sharing this story with you.

I don’t want you to waste all that time, money and effort like I did. It could get worse. You could find yourself beaten to a pulp and left half-dead on the streets.

I don’t want you to fail to learn the skills that will keep you and those around you safe when the first punch is thrown… all because you thought it would take you years to learn to defend yourself.

The truth is I can teach you in just weeks to become a fully effective fighter in a real-life violent encounter.

I can show you how to keep your family and your friends safe from would-be attackers…

In fact: developing these techniques the way I show you will feel like you’re actually downloading them directly into your nerves and muscles in an incredibly short time!

Now you're probably thinking… "So if these techniques are so effective and so great, how come I've never heard about them?"

Look: let me be totally clear here…

These methods are deadly and they are designed to serve you when your safety and even your life are in danger…

I CANNOT teach you how to win an MMA fight against a professional, who knows what he is doing. 

Bas Rutten

Do not start dreaming that you can step into the ring with a boxer…

These sports are regulated with strict rules. And you actually DO need to spend years and years mastering the subtle art that will bring you victory there.

What I’m talking about though is violence without rules…

  • I’m talking about the guy who blindsides you while you’re walking away from the ATM…
  • the punk who threatens to beat down you and your girl just for fun as you’re leaving the movie theatre…
  • the asshole who wants to beat the piss out of you because he’s having a bad day and you just bumped his car in a fender bender…
  • Or worse… a fender bender in the most dangerous intersection in the world — the “Holy Fuck Circle” in Kabul, Afghanistan… [I’ll tell you that story in a minute so stick around… It’s worth it…]

Look. There are just no rules for incidents like that. You MUST do what you need to do to win and get away. Because believe me, the bad guy doesn’t think twice about “fighting dirty”…

In the street, there is no honor. It is only incapacitate the assailant or get incapacitated.

I’m going to tell you all about the simple fight system I stumbled on in just a minute. First, let me introduce myself…

Hi, my name is John Black!

Look… that’s not my real name, ok. I can’t give you my real name. You see, I’m still active-duty. I have been deployed in all the theatres; Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

So giving you my real name today would put both me and my brothers-in-arms in very real danger.

So even though I will absolutely share my identity with you one day — for today… I’m John.

And I have a very simple question for you…

Can you afford to put your family's safety and well being in the hands of someone whose only experience is kicking and punching foam targets?


Violence on our streets is at an all time peak.

Even peaceful protests are turning into crazy witch hunts where regular folks become psychopathic attackers!

Home invaders, looters, and common criminals are lurking around every corner. The cops can’t be everywhere at once to save you.

When was the last time, the police showed up on time to deal with any emergency. Police forces are dealing with shrinking resources. And victims are reaching record numbers…

Do not be a victim! You were not born to be a victim. You are not here on this earth to be humiliated and beaten up by punks.

Set aside some time to evaluate these unique fighting techniques. I’ll provide you with the opportunity to see the complete, uncensored fighting techniques.

You see… like I said, since I’m still active military I’m not supposed to be sharing this. However it’s just too important to keep it secret any longer.


It is the height of embarrassment to find yourself in a tight spot; faced with some low-life shoving and pushing you about.

Worse yet, the full-scale embarrassment could enfold right in front of your girlfriend or fiancé. You won’t believe what happened after my ex-girlfriend called the cops…

I grew up in a small town. So the police arrived in minutes. But they sent out a lone cop to check out the call…

I was relieved to see him roll up in his cruiser… I stepped out onto the lawn to watch the cop give this punk what was coming to him…

Then my heart jumped into my throat and I nearly shit myself when the next thing I knew the cop was laid out on the hood of his own cruiser!

MMA Classes

The punk had taken out the cop with a single uppercut. The shock froze me in my tracks. What kind of guy attacks a cop?

My face went ice cold… My hands started shaking and I couldn't do anything to stop them…

My mind went straight to the inevitable… me lying in a hospital bed and this asshole having his way with my girl…

Finally the cop recovered and staggered to his feet.

Yet instead of using his pepper spray, baton, gun, or some secret Police technique to put this guy down, he jumped into his cruiser and locked the doors!

You would think, the punk would profit from this respite and run away. No, he did no such thing. Instead he stepped on the pavement and walked straight towards me.
He walked casually without a care in the world, like he was the master of the universe. What kind of guy is this? The whole incident was surreal.
I forced my brain to weigh the options. I had heard stories about these kinds of callous punks. They spend their lives in-and-out of jails. They really have nothing to lose.
Me, on the other hand, I have my whole life ahead of me. If I get mixed up with this hoodlum, I could end up losing my apartment, my car and definitely Catherine.

My knees trembled. I could barely hold myself upright. “Go back inside and lock the doors!” I barked at Catherine.

Barking that order was the only good reflex that came to me. Every other impulse I had was dead wrong. For the most part, I just stood there — helpless — preparing myself to take a beating…

Knowing I had nothing. No skills. No experience. 


I accepted the fact that there was nothing I could do to prevent this punk from smashing my teeth in.

Adrenaline was pumping through all the vessels of my body. I wanted to run away but shame kept me in place.

Catherine was watching! I was sure of it. I had my back turned to the house, but I had no doubt she was peering out through the window.

As the punk closed the distance between us, the option of running became more appealing. I might very well have bolted, if I hadn’t heard the faint sound of sirens from a distance.

It was the backup response of the police officer, who had just been beaten up. I was already being nauseated by the smell of beer, emanating from the punk, when the police cars screeched to a halt.

I literally collapsed to my knees in relief as the thug stopped dead in his tracks, looked at the Police, looked at me and said in a low voice…

“I'll see you later boy”…then ran straight through the adjacent hedges of the house.

The police ran after the punk, screaming “Freeze! Freeze!” Of course, the punk disregarded their orders. The guy was a seasoned criminal.

I escaped a beating by the skin of my teeth. I was helpless back then.


Yeah! It has been a while since I was 19years old. Things have changed drastically ever since. Right now, I will knock out that punk with a single punch. Guaranteed!

If only I could coach my 19year self for just 5minutes. I could have sent him out that door to beat the shit out off that bully without breaking a sweat

Believe me! You don’t need years of special training to master these almost instinctive fight moves. Once I show them to you, they will become second nature…

And you’ll wonder why you thought the idea of getting in a fight used to be so scary!

MMA Fighter

I’ve taught countless guys around the world to do it. My pupils range from guys with absolutely NO combat experience to Muay Thai black belts.

I have taught some of the world’s most elite Special Forces operators and law enforcement officers that all THOUGHT they knew how to fight…

Yet when they see what my system could do, they all agree every time. This is the absolutely simple fight system that can make ANY man face ANY situation with the steel eyed calm confidence of a seasoned fighter.

It took me LESS than 7weeks to help my friend and colleague Todd Bulwak master my combat system that I now call Combat Fighter during a recent trip out to his place…

This guy is ex-military and had spent 17years in SWAT. So, he’s seen it all…

Yet once he discovered the power of Combat Fighter here’s what he told me:

“I can’t believe how many hours of my life I’ve wasted on combat training. They could have showed me this stuff on my first day of basic and it’s all I would ever have needed. It’s so simple a monkey could learn it.”  --Todd Bulwak

Ever since, I have compiled everything into MMA Classes. The simple system I perfected took me years to figure out…

I sought out and absorbed the fighting secrets taught only by an elite handful of instructors who are called upon to train the highest level special operations units around the world…

These are the techniques used by the SEALs and Delta Force in the USA, British SAS, Canada’s JTF-2, Israeli Special Forces, Australia’s Tactical Assault Group and every other tier 1 spec ops unit around the world.


MMA Fighter

And I’ve spent countless hours testing each technique and forging only the simplest and most effective ones into a single easy-to-master system.

This system has now been battle tested by both civilians with zero experience AND soldiers. My MMA Classes have transformed several soldiers into killing machines.

Take for example these words of thanks I received from the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Royal Ontario Regiment after a workshop I gave up in Canada.

"I am always looking for effective training that will give my troops an edge over the numerous threats that members of the Canadian Armed forces (CAF) are faced with on a daily basis- be it at home or abroad. John has been deployed in very hostile environments and he is without a doubt one of the Fittest, Technically and Tactically sound, Mission Focused members of his profession.

I reached out to get a comprehensive understanding of his MMA Classes and also the various other training packages offered. I brought him in for single day of training at a local facility, to train Members of the Primary Reserve (PRES) Force who had at the time limited to no training in John’s area of expertise.

I can honestly say that the response from my troops was overwhelmingly positive. John’s instructional technique, approach, drills, trade secrets and experience he has developed over his number of years of service coupled, with his special forces training, proved to be a no BS brutally effective hand to hand fighting system that I had not been exposed to in my 25+ years as an Non Commissioned Member (NCM) in the Armed Forces. To this day I have Troops asking me “when is John coming back to kick our ass."

Sgt. Daniels
Aquatic Company

For anyone wishing to learn effective hand to hand combat in a short period of time, John’s Combat Fighter is the only system I would recommend.

Become an Effective Fighter in weeks instead of years.

It took me several years to develop and compile the MMA Classes. This does not at all mean you need years to acquire all the fighting skills. You can go through all the classes in 7weeks flat.

Of course, practice makes perfect. You’ll have to practice, practice and practice some more. I promise I can make you a very capable fighter using these step-by-step techniques over 7weeks, if you apply yourself…


“The centre-line strike” is as instinctive as a ‘knee-jerk’ when the doctor tests your reflexes. This strike is guaranteed to stun or even knock your opponent out instantly so you can quickly retreat…

(Be careful though because if you don’t do this the way I teach you it can actually cause death…)

The unorthodox "Blitz Blast" that’s a devastating flurry designed to overwhelm your opponent in nanoseconds.

You’ll learn the “liver punch” method that floods the opponent’s nervous system with an avalanche of pain.

The Surgical Strike methods like Underhand Ocular Control that immediately overwhelm your attacker through massive neurological disruption no matter how disciplined they are…

These are especially effective against a stronger opponent because they require very little strength.

Even a mild “liver punch” incapacitates an assailant.

You’ll learn the “perseverance technique” that makes winning a fight simple and virtually unavoidable by removing all the complex techniques most combat instructors try to teach their students…

Instead I teach you to instantly recognize your opponent’s one most vulnerable target and react with a SINGLE Devastating punch.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I barely have time to tell you about…

The Tipping Point Principle that allows you to instinctively know when it’s time to shift from defence to attack…

Or the Third Eye situational awareness techniques that turn you into a virtual Jedi who can subconsciously sense subtle cues that improve your ability to recognize and capitalize on openings left by your opponents…

And much, much more… All the stuff that actually WORKS. Because it has been tested in the trenches time after time…
Remember how I told you I forced myself to get into over 300 fights in order to forge a fighting method that actually works in real life?
Well before joining the military I got myself a job as a bouncer in the toughest, seediest bar in my town — a place where I was pretty much guaranteed to put my skills to the test at least once every shift…
I forced myself to keep working that job until my pre-fight nerves just disappeared…

Once my legs stopped shaking every time I anticipated the start of another fight, I knew I could finally move on…

And that was the first proving ground for the skills that are now the foundation for my fighting system…

You see, no matter how many fancy skills I tested out. It always came down to a handful of simple — almost instinctive — techniques that guaranteed victory every time…


MMA Fighter

The fancy karate-school stuff never works out. The guys, who practice karate often, get humiliated in the real world.

It turns out effective fighting is not sophisticated stuff. There is brilliance in simplicity.

Once you become an advanced fighter, you will see that a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.

One of my favourite is the liver-punch - so simple yet it saved my life in Kabul’s “Holy Fuck Circle” which I’ll tell you about in a minute…

First, I have a question for you…

Can you feel that? Your heart beating… The dryness in your mouth…

That incredible desire to know this… To be able to do this stuff…

That is the most natural feeling in the world. Every man has it. Every man feels the urge to mastery.
In men, few things are more natural than the drive to dominance. This does not come easy. It takes time, the acquisition of skills and training.
Let me ask you, how much is it worth to you to never feel “afraid” of violence again for the rest of your life?
How much is it worth to you to have your friends JEALOUS of the amazing fearlessness that comes from the skills you have mastered.
In a year or two, you can become proficient enough to teach these techniques yourself. Everyone will be asking you for lessons.

These Skills will Transform You into a Knockout Artist

How much is it worth to NEVER feel like you have to cower or hide from a bully again?

Think about all the humiliation and unpleasantness that bullies have imposed on you. The bullying could all be history within a few weeks.

What do you think would be a fair price to know with certainty that you can protect yourself and your loved ones — and gain absolute CONTROL over bullies and criminals who intend you harm.

If you’re being completely honest with yourself, I bet you’d say $297 or more. That would be the value of the skills you’ll get from these MMA Classes.

In addition to fighting skills, your confidence will gain an incredible boost. You are going to walk around with your head held high with the full knowledge you have the POWER to make any punk pay for threatening you.

Heck, I bet you’d think that was cheap to never have to feel “scared” or “cowardly” again for the rest of your life.

I mean, $297 is a lot of money, but considering how this will change your life forever and finally give you complete self-assurance so you can spend your time LIVING your life instead of being constantly afraid of the shadows.

Well, when you look at it that way it seems pretty affordable, doesn’t it?

Yet after more than 20 years in the military, doing whatever I can to serve and protect my fellow man, there’s one undeniable fact I’ve learned again and again.

I’ve learnt that people often bypass once in a lifetime opportunity; only to spend the rest of their lives regretting, wishing they had grabbed it, when they had the chance.

Part of the genius of fighting is being present in the moment. It is knowing, when to throw a punch and when to absorb one.

You have to be in the moment and instantly react to opportunity. Strike, when an opening occurs. Apply the same mindset throughout the rest of your life.

Grab this opportunity and grab this program today. My mission is to prevent decent guys from being victimized by punks.

You See! My mission in life is to help guys like YOU put bullies and thugs in their place, even if it means revealing this system to civilian men around the world at great risk to me…

I realize now that is the path I started down on that fateful night so long ago when I made the decision to learn to protect myself and the innocent folks around me…

In order to achieve this end, I am willing to go all the way! That’s the price I am willing to pay.

I have no qualms paying this price for it is well worth it.  So here’s what I’m going to do…

MMA Classes

We’ve already agreed that the MMA-Classes-program is worth at least $297.

Balance is what makes the world go round. You’ve read this far. As a result, I am going to make a gesture to your benefit.

I’m NOT going to ask you to invest $297. I’m not even going to ask you to pay $97. That would definitely be a major steal.

No, for you (and for now) I’m going to do something a little bit “CRAZY”…

For as long as this page is up (and not a moment longer) I’m going to set YOUR PRICE for the “MMA Classes” at just ONE single payment of $39…

And if you act RIGHT NOW I’ll take money out of my own pocket and give you a whopping 60% Off…

Which means, if you simply click the button below right now, you’ll get the complete MMA Classes System for the severely discounted price of… $39

That’s the good news…

The bad news is to “lock in” your discount you have to act right now.

Why? Well, like I said earlier… I’m taking a risk here…

There’s a good chance that if the “brass” finds this page they’ll rip it off the web faster than a surgical strike on a Taliban terror cell…

However, I have made it my mission to transmit these skills to as many guys as possible and I intend to fulfil my mission.


I want you to have these skills. That’s why; I am offering the ‘MMA Classes’ to you at such a killer discount.

I want as many men as possible to get access to this System while it’s still possible.

Because there’s a good change if you come back tomorrow the site will already be suppressed.

Oh, and just to remove every excuse your brain can come up with not to do this for yourself…

Trust me! This has no downside. GUARANTEED!

I’m going to back everything I’ve said up with a frankly-incredible 100% Money-Back guarantee…

You get the RESULTS promised or Your Money Back!

You see I am able to absolutely guarantee this System will work for you.

These methods have been field tested in the most dangerous places in the world. And they work every time.

In fact I’ll give you a lifetime guarantee so you can test everything out to confirm the System works for you.

If for whatever reason you’re not confident in your abilities after going through the system just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

After all, I have full confidence that this stuff works for everyone since these methods saved my life more than once…

Guaranteed To Work for You or You Get Every Penny Back

Remember, the techniques I teach have saved my live a dozen. It has saved me in the opium fields of Afghanistan and in close-quarter combat in Kandahar.

I was running a Close Protection Detail, operating in the city and its outskirts daily…

We were on the move in our up-armored Toyota Land Cruiser…

We were navigating the world’s most insane and dangerous traffic circle, affectionately known by operators as “Holy Fuck Circle”…

Its twelve lanes of traffic are jammed into a six lane space populated with donkeys, carts, motorcycles and all manner of cars jostling for space with no sense of order or rules…

Bas Rutten TV Show

Accidents were inevitable… and that day happened to be our “lucky” day… We collided with a Toyota Corolla and let’s just say our Land Cruiser won the day…

Within seconds we were surrounded by hundreds of angry Afghans…

Following procedure, I got out of the truck without my long gun, alone in hopes of de-escalating the situation…

I gave the driver a “crash card” written in Pashtu stating how to be reimbursed for the damages…

In spite, of my sincerest efforts to be as tactful and diplomatic as possible, tensions and emotions kept mounting.

Before I knew it I was shoved and pushed from opposite sides. I had filthy fingers hooked in my mouth, hands on my face and people yanking on my chest rig and belt…


MMA Classes is an easy-to-follow program with DVDs that demonstrate the execution of killer fighting techniques.

John Black’s coaching will transform you into a deadly fighter.

MMA Classes

MMA Classes will transform you into an effective fighter. You’ll acquire real-life techniques like the “liver-punch.”

In my two years operating all over Afghanistan I had ample opportunity to implement these techniques multiple times.

You will learn how to fight your way out of crowds by knocking out the attackers with effective punches and shock.


MMA dvd

The step-by-step video demonstrations will show you how to perform the techniques smoothly.

Confidence comes from “Practice! Practice! Practice!”. It is my life’s mission to transmit the knowledge and skills; so that, you never get killed in a tight spot.


MMA Classes

Training and a few real-life fights will give you the confidence you need that you can protect your loved ones from punks.

You won’t become a black belt in 7weeks; but you’ll get an appreciation of the skills required to fight effectively.

All you have to do is click the button right below right now…

MMA Classes

Look, if you’re not convinced yet… If there’s a still a little voice in the back of your head that isn’t quite sure…

Let me do one more thing to make this the easiest choice of your life…

And to make sure you don’t let “fear of regret” keep you from taking advantage of this amazing opportunity…

My objective is to remove the slightest iota of doubt that you are getting the greatest deal of your life.

Heck, I want you to feel like you “put one over on me” by doing what I know you want to do so badly and enrolling in the System today…

That’s why I’ve got 2 Very Special Presents for you just for placing your order today.

Order Today and You’ll Receive These Two Powerful Bonuses



Jeet Kune Do Lessons by Ted Wong

Hardly a year goes by, without some martial arts expert, inventing a brand new killer fighting style.

Boom! Wake the fuck up bro!

There is NO super dupa whoopa MEGA Secret. The key to effective fighting is regular practice and good nutrition.

Of course, an effective fighter must not be built as a muscle builder. This does not mean you can fight without the strength and energy.

MMA Classes

However, these tricks aren’t any top-notch secret, known only to JKD fighters. No, there are no super tricks.

When you begin, a kick is not just a kick and a punch is not just a punch. As the training becomes embedded in your subconscious, a kick will once more become a kick and a punch will once more become a punch.


Work is involved, ok! You will not become an effective fighter by reciting some “Harry Potter” magic spells.

You’ll actually have to do high intensity cardio and shadow boxing. That’s why discipline is required to actually follow-through on the work.

You won’t have a coach, mentor or trainer around to discipline you. You’ll have to supply your own dosage of self-discipline. The techniques will not practice themselves. You must practice them.

As you use the “Jeet Kune Do” techniques to hone your knockout skills, you’ll learn one potent ingredient of success.
You must have a clear and singular overarching purpose.
You are NOT allowed to simultaneously pursue two goals at the same time. Your priorities must be clearly sorted-out and disentangled from any conflicts.
Once the destination, towards which--you are striving is crystal clear--allocating the time and resources to ‘walk the walk’ becomes rather easy.

Distractions no longer have power over your life.

Further benefits of clear, unshakable priorities include:

  • Phenomenal increase in focus
  • Decisiveness will become your every day attribute
  • Freedom from confusion and uncertainties
  • Steadfastness in the implementation of decisions
  • Inordinate increase in sex appeal Radical improvement in life perspective

Self-discipline gives you the capacity to command yourself!

Do not underestimate the need for self-control. Without self-control, you’ll find yourself doing what you did not intend to do.

How often have you found yourself, eating potato chips, when you should have been eating salad? How often have you found yourself, watching TV, when you should have been exercising?

Procrastination is your biggest enemy. It must be destroyed. Self-discipline is the right weapon to do just that.

Armed with consistent self-discipline, you’ll be able to train regularly. The benefits that naturally ensue from consistent self-discipline do not simply end with martial arts.

In addition to deadly fighting skills;

  • Your actions will be determined by your goals, not momentary whims and mood swings.
  • You’ll have the ability to develop new and useful habits.
  • You’ll have the ability to replace old, bad habits with useful, keystone habits.
  • You’ll have total unmitigated control of your mind.
  • Thanks to your remarkable mental prowess, you’ll easily get rid of all addictions: cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs.


“Boost Your Muscle Development” -Use Complete Amino Acids to Accelerate the Production of New Cells in Your Muscles

Bruce Lee is credited with the saying, “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” Keep it simple, stupid.

Never complicate the basics. Fighting requires muscles. Muscles are tissues. Tissues are comprised of a multitude of cells.

Amino acids are the basic building material of cells.

A fifth of your body is made up of proteins, and amino acids are the most basic units of proteins.

  • Amino Acids 360Capsules
  • Amino Acids 360Capsules
  • Amino Acids 360Capsules
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  • Amino Acids 360Capsules
  • Amino Acids 360Capsules
  • Amino Acids 360Capsules

Amino acids are indispensable to increase the strength and resilience of your muscles. Cellular protein synthesis is going to increase the size of your muscles in a process known as hyperplasia.

The exercises will provoke rupture and tear in your gluteal muscles. While resting, your body will go to work healing and building new cells through hyperplasia.

Do not fall for the snake-oil pushers of BCAA (Branched-chain Amino Acids).

There are 3BCAA: leucine, isoleucine and valine. The only thing special about BCAA is their chemical structure_NOTHING ELSE.
The BCAAs are part of the 8essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, valine, phenylalanine, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine and histidine.
These 8essential amino acids must be taken into the body through food because the body cannot synthesis them.
The function of these 8essential proteins is not limited to the building of new cells. They are crucial for the proper functioning of the body.
Phenylalanine for example is indispensable for the production of neurotransmitters. Without it, your brain will simply shut down.

Valine and leucine are needed to repair damaged tissue, regulate blood sugar level, provide energy and maintain the nitrogen balance in the body.

Lysine and threonine are required for the production of muscle tissue, the proper functioning of the immune system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system and the liver function.

Believe it or not, in large quantities, lysine acts as a natural vaccine against the herpes virus.

What you want is the growth and development of muscle tissue on to replace dying cells.

Amino acids are necessary in the construction of these muscle tissues on and revitalization of organs.

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Baby Crying

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