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    Creatine monohydrate has been extensively studied and shown to help support muscle size, strength and power when used consistently over time in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and regular weight training.

    100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate
    2.5 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate per 2-Capsule Serving



    True Strength is a journey. It never rests, it never quits. It’s about overcoming obstacles, accomplishing goals, and recognizing achievements. And then it resets to achieve again. As your trusted sports nutrition partner in goal achievement, ON demonstrates that same passion while crafting our products.

    From the raw materials we source to our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, no compromises are made. You set the bar higher after every workout, we set the bar higher to redefine the industry standards and ensure you realize optimum results.


    An extensively studied sports nutrition ingredient, creatine monohydrate has been shown to support muscle size and strength gains.*

    ON’s creatine powder has been micronized to stay in solution longer and non-micronized powders, and because it’s unflavored you can stack one rounded teaspoon into your post-workout protein shake or mix the powder into the flavored beverage of your choice.



    Optimum Nutrition has been spotting the efforts of goal driven individuals since 1986. As one of the few companies to own and operate state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are GMP compliant and NSF Certified for Sport, ON assures that every shake will mix up effortlessly because the company started instantizing powdered products back in 2000.

    You also expect each shake to taste the same as the last and your next. That’s the kind of consistency ON delivers.



    Optimum Nutrition is legendary for both quality and innovation. In addition to producing the world’s best-selling whey protein, ON’s Gold Standard 100% Casein introduced slow-digesting nighttime protein to the weight training world and Amino Energy created the anytime energy category in sports nutrition.

    When technology makes advancements possible, ON will be the company bringing it to you.

    How it Works?

    This stuff really does work. My first time using creatine I really did not know what to expect. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and googled and everyone was saying different things. If you’re like that, here’s my opinion: get this product.

    I was 6’3 & 175 and my body just looked awkward. In one month I was already getting compliments about how much my arms have grown (which I was ending every workout every day with an arm day so I expected them to grow quickly). In 3 months I went from weighing 175 to 198.

    I know it’s not all from this product but my workout partner who was not taking this but on the same diet did not grow as fast as me. Plain and simple: get this product. If you can’t handle the taste of this, you won’t be able the taste of anything.

    It’s truly unflavored. Before I tried it my thought was, “It’s going to at least taste like something.” I was wrong. If you take with water, it will just taste like water with crunch.

    This is the way I took it to make sure I got 100% of the serving: take a small sip of water and hold that in your mouth, get a full tablespoon of creatine and put in mouth, chase with water behind that.

    Don’t try to do it without water in your mouth first cause it will be like the cinnamon challenge haha. Do not store this somewhere it may get hot because it will all clump together.

    But anyways I say all that to say this: this is one of the most researched supplements out there. It definitely works. Get this product.


    100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate
    2.5 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate per 2-Capsule Serving

    Creatine, which occurs naturally in the body, plays a crucial role in the body’s energy metabolism. If energy is needed, ATP (adenosine triphosphate = energy currency of the cell) is converted to ADP (adenosine diphosphate).

    Eventually, the body turns ADP back into ATP using energy derived from food, but this takes time, and muscle cells can store only enough ATP to allow a few seconds of high-intensity work.

    Therefore, creatine supplementation is substantial to ensure high levels of phosphocreatine.

    Everybody needs creatine every day
    Adults have around 80–130 g of creatine in their bodies. Every day about 1–2 % of this creatine is broken down and excreted, so it has to be replenished.

    The human body naturally produces some creatine. Intake of significant amounts of creatine from food is only possible by eating meat and meat products.

    However, cooking and food preparation can result in creatine loss in food. Given your daily requirement of creatine, consumption of meat and synthesis of creatine by your own body may only provide maintenance levels of creatine.

    The body’s need for creatine to maximize your creatine levels may be significantly greater and that is why a Creapure® creatine supplement may be right for you.


    Micronized Creatine is an indispensable element in building muscle tissue. Creatine accelerates the construction of lean muscle mass. It turbo-charges your training by infusing oxygen and energy boosts into your cells.

    Micronized Creatine supplement is excellent for people, striving to build lean muscle mass. It increases the volume of haemoglobin in your bloodstream; thus permitting you to excel strength and resistance training.

    The one product in the world that delivers strength and muscle gain as promised. This is a proven method to transform your abs into chunks of steel. The key is consistency.

    The creators of Micronized Creatine have created a unique formula, which delivers more strength during workout. Use creatine for strength and protein for muscle repair. Make no mistake! Both are indispensable for effective muscle building.

    Micronized Creatine by Optimum Nutrition



    MICRONIZED CREATINE is grounded at the pinnacle of cutting-edge research and prime manufacturing.

    This formula contains creatine monohydrate, which accelerate the basal metabolic rate. This translates into high performance during speed and power training. 

    Feel your central nervous system firing on all cylinders with more explosive power.

    Micronized Creatine by Optimum Nutrition

    MICRONIZED CREATINE is manufactured at cutting-edge laboratories under strict quality regulations. There’s nothing worse than buying power supplements, which do not deliver any results. Our brand is built on the solid foundation of real life athletes. We are not interested in getting associated with other experiences of failure. That’s why; we guarantee the results or your money back.



    Optimize your energy levels and enhance your muscle co-ordination with Micronized Creatine!

    This Explosive formula fires all the cylinders in your body to produce health hormones, which synthesizes nutrients and gets you revving with energy.

    This formula delivers a transformative effect on your muscle and stamina. You'll not only train harder, but you'll also build lean muscles.

    Fire-Up Your Workout!

    • Build a stronger Connection between your body and brain.
    • Explosive Power. Phenomenal Energy!
    • Increase Your Energy Levels
    • Train harder, longer with turbo-charged energy levels.
    • Boosts Your Confidence
    • Improves Mitochondrial Health in Your Brain and gives you a nootropic benefit that improves brain performance

    Micronized Creatine by Optimum Nutrition



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