Discover How I Lowered the High Blood Pressure of my Husband and Helped him Totally Shed the Threat of Hypertension

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Last Updated on Monday April 22, 2024


Terrified and barely conscious, my husband looked over at our 2kids standing outside, as he showed us the test results.

A normal blood sugar reading was 120, his was 488…

I starred in horror … I felt like I had been punched in the gut.

My husband Andrew shivered uncontrollably, struggling to catch each precious breath.

It had only been 5years since his hypertension symptoms began, but there it was, the cold had truth staring us in the face.

My husband was as hard as a rock; yet, here he was trembling, cold and white as a sheet.

“Please, isn’t there anything you can do?” 

I begged Doctor Larrison, who just stood there emotionless, glancing at the clock as if I was wasting his time…

“We are trying to lower his blood sugar…” he said.

“But it’s likely too late… the medications don’t seem to be working as well as we’d hoped… I’ll be honest. I’ve not seen it this bad before…” Then he gave us the dastardly news straight up.

“The deterioration is so rapid, that I’d be lying if I promised you any improvement.

I am sorry to say this, but you only have about an hour before slipping into a heart condition.”

An hour? ... Just ONE Hour?

That was all he was giving my beloved husband Andrew before he would fall into only God knows what kind of heart condition.

I could see the fear in Andrew’s eyes.

48years of his life, all his precious memories, soon to be lost in an abyss of nothingness…

His mind close to shutting down…

Trapped in his own body…

With the very real chance he may suffer a stroke.

Thoughts raced through his mind…

No longer being able to see beautiful smiles on his children…

Not seeing them grow up, get careers and get married.

Not being there to support me and the children … Or … growing old together as we’d always imagined…

As he lay in the cold steel hospital bed, contemplating the most depressing future he could imagine, I felt ashamed…

Ashamed that I hadn’t done anything sooner when I knew his obstructive-sleep-apnea was getting out of control.

Embarrassed because I believed the doctors when they told us the medication would work…

Fear of never hearing Andrew’s voice again… or feeling his warm embrace… and having to go on with my life WITHOUT HIM if he got killed by a stroke…

I felt a sinful rage at God for inflicting this pain and misery on my reliable and supportive husband.


How would I tell our kids that their father may be dead in an hour?

I prayed to God to save me from this nightmare … But it was real. It was happening.

The thought of Andrew rendered motionless by a stroke broke my heart.

He was my rock. But in an hour I could lose him forever…

So why do I share this story with you?

Well, these were some of the most painful moments of my life.

But it forced me to go on a journey that changed everything in my life, and the lives of tens of thousands of men and women around the world…

Where I would uncover the REAL CAUSE of High Blood Pressure, a truth unknown to the cardiovascular industry whose entire business relies on you taking more and more medications…

You see, despite what you’ve been told, your uncontrolled narrow arteries and increasing belly fat has nothing to do with it:

  • How many sugars or carbohydrates you eat…
  • How much exercise you do…
  • What medications you take…
  • Or even genetics or the aging process…

But, instead, it has to do with a little-known but highly dangerous toxin…

This toxin is found on every corner of the earth and is ruthlessly invading the cells of every pre-high-blood-pressure person … even those who struggle with weight loss.

And according to a hidden, but groundbreaking 2019 study by a team of Texas School of Medicine and published in the Lancet Planetary Health; the real cause of High Blood Pressure….

Including all 3.2million new High Blood Pressure in 2018

But there is an answer. By using a simple 60-second habit, twice a day, known only to the inhabitants of a small, barely populated Aegean island, 48,000miles from home, you can flush out this dangerous toxin from your body…

And reverse and repair any damage it has caused…


But in just a few weeks, reversed every single symptom of his High Blood Pressure…

His blood pressure going from a dangerous 488, to a stable and healthy 125… no matter what he ate or drank…

His High Blood Pressure meds, test strips, and glucose readers tossed in the trash…

The debilitating, stabbing nerve pain in his feet and legs vanished… AND EVEN BETTER…

Suddenly losing 56lbs of deadly belly fat…

Going from this… to a slim and sleek 160lbs.

Saving his life from the fatal effects of heart disease and restoring the youthful energy, sex drive and vigor that was believed to be lost forever.

The stunning results left Dr. Larrison speechless.

It left every High-Blood-Pressure patient in town scrambling to know his secret.

Best of all, he was able to do it without restricting his diet…

  • Without any pricey or dangerous supplements…
  • Without a single strenuous exercise or special equipment…
  • Without popping a single tablet or pill…

Instead, all he did was perform this straightforward and simple 60seconds habit, twice a day.


This near-miraculous High-Blood-Pressure-reversing habit I stumbled on – that literally saved my husband’s life and gave him back his healthy and pain-free body

_ is something too important to hide…

And until now that has been the problem. This simple 60second habit has been right under our noses and been kept from us by the folks we trust to make us better…

But not any more…

Because in the next 4 and a half minutes I’m going to share with you why everything you thought you knew about diabetes and how to treat it, is flat-out WRONG

Big Pharma Whistleblower

You are going to be filled with disgust, when you hear the details of a Big Pharma whistleblower.
Live on CBS news, he revealed the 3 biggest high-blood-pressure lies touted by doctors around the world…

Blausen_High Blood Pressure


“Listen! He began; I will reveal the identity of the deadly toxin, the real cause of High Blood Pressure.”

And the clinically-proven, ancient 60seconds habit that you can do tonight to flush this toxin out…

Which will, while you’re sleeping, start normalizing your blood sugar, reversing your diabetes, slashing your risk of heart attack, amputation and burning away stubborn fat…

Plus, all the peer-reviewed studies that prove how this works…

I’ll even share with you the little-known warning signs which show a stroke is imminent, something I wish I’d known before that night with Andrew.

The truth is, you and your doctor simply do not know about this simple, all-natural and unconventional breakthrough…

This incredible, twice daily 60seconds habit is so effective that in the space of just a few weeks it has reversed the High Blood Pressure in 33,405 people (and this number is steadily increasing)

Meaning, every day my inbox is full of new success stories from people who have had amazing results.

And just as I can promise the sun will rise tomorrow morning, so I can promise this will work for you too…


Whether you are male or female… 18 or 80years old…

Whether you’ve tried every single diet, medication and treatment out there…

If you’ve already suffered from a stroke or just worried about your increasing waist size and uncontrolled blood sugar and want to effortlessly lose weight and take back control over your health…

You may be feeling skeptical but listen carefully, put your phone on silent, and take detailed notes, as I promise you that this can be a reality for you very soon.

But before I reveal anymore, it’s absolutely crucial that, you pay attention until the very end, while you still have the chance because I honestly don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to keep this presentation online.

Heart Attack Onset

In the US alone, Americans spend an average of $327billion _  that’s billion with a ‘B’ _ each year for High Blood Pressure medications.

And Big Pharma is SCARED because what I’m about to reveal could destroy their business model overnight.

The medications, they peddle will NEVER reverse your diabetes, but keep you as a customer for life. They see you as nothing but their personal cash cow.

The last thing they want is for you to see what I’m about to show you.

This information could save your life or the life of someone you love.

So, LISTEN UP because we DON'T HAVE much time…

Today, I am offering you the chance to reverse your hypertension and avoid a probable stroke

To never worry about suffering from a heart condition or High Blood Pressure complications like vision loss and hypertension.

To never worry about being a burden to your family, financially, physically and emotionally…

To never worry about your ever-expanding waistline or what your partner really thinks about it but is too scared to tell you…

To never again worry about sleep apnea or whether you took meds or if you took too much…


To be free of the guilt and shame about having stroke as well as being free from what others think about what you eat…

Instead you eat what you want, when you want…

You naturally control your blood sugar the way nature intended…

You shed pounds of pure fat like clockwork, from your belly, arms, hips, waist and face…

You restore your energy, vitality, elasticity of your skin and joints, and turbo-boost your sex drive…

And you feel younger healthier and more energetic than you have in years _ even decades.

It’s time to liberate yourself from the risk of High-Blood-Pressure once and for all…


Then stay right where you are for just a couple more minutes and read every single word of this presentation because I promise you _ you can reverse your hypertension with nothing more than these delicious dressings.

Yes, it really is that easy.

Ok, in just a few minutes from now,

I’m going to reveal the real,

Hidden cause of your uncontrolled blood sugar,

Weight gain and show you the scientific evidence that proves beyond all doubt,

That your stroke can be reversed

_ simply by adding these two simple dressings to your current diet.

But first, it’s time I introduced myself properly…

I’m an iron worker. My wife Irene and I live in Qwenko, Texas and I’m 53years old. We have a son and daughter and 3 awesome grandkids with another one on the way!

I’ve been a hardworking guy all my life _ scaling skyscrapers and even done some ship fitting in my day.

Believe it or not, I was even part of the cleanup crew sent into ground zero after 9-11

… that time I spent at the remains of the World Trade Center was the hardest thing I’d ever done in my life….

Words are definitely inadequate to express what I saw and felt during those long, awful days…

The experience taught me, what it means to come under attack…

…and do you know something?

That’s happening to our bodies each and every day… 

We’re all under vicious attack from an enemy that cares nothing for us…

That’s forcing High-Blood-Pressure upon each and every person on earth. No matter their age, race or situation.

Fortunately for you, a bizarre chain of events handed me the weapon I needed to defeat this invisible high-blood-pressure-causing toxin for good and save my wife’s life.

And it will do the same for you too.


Well, right now I have a very personal and embarrassing story to tell you.

It all began 5years ago.

It is an established fact that up until then, my ignorance about high-blood-pressure could’ve filled the Yankee stadium!

We were your average happily married forty-somethings, enjoying life and like the majority of people, taking our health for granted pretty much every day.

I’m just a metal jockey, what did I know about high-blood-pressure?

I was hardly ever sick a day in my life. Irene began to complain more often about low energy and dizziness.

Until one cold January morning, when we received the news that would change our lives forever.

My wife was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure.


Irene was shocked. We all were.

I mean, she was barely over 40years old at the time.

She’d been an all-star track champion in her teens. An athlete her whole life…

It was one of the things that made me fall in love with her…

Straight away the doctor put her on medication to regulate her blood glucose levels and although we didn’t realize it at the time, this moment would mark the beginning of a 5year nightmare.

It didn’t take long for the side effects to kick in…

  • Headaches and Muscle pains,
  • Shortness of Breath and Heartburn,
  • Sleep apnea and Diabetes
  • Nosebleeds

You name it, she had it.

But still, we trusted the doctors and continued to let the medication “help” her.

As the years rolled by, Irene’s energy levels, vitality and mood rapidly went downhill. These ominous signs signaled a high risk of stroke.

And although her medication was supposed to help, she piled on more and more weight as she found herself unable to fight the intense cravings for sugary and starchy foods that overpowered her every day.

She went from the energetic motivator to sluggish and overweight.

And the more weight she put on, the more depressed she became – and the further away she drifted from the woman I’d fallen in love with.

But if that was bad, things were about to get a whole lot worse.


Just over a year ago, Irene was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol too and she began to suffer from sharp, stabbing pains in her left leg and foot.

She was told that she had nerve damage and was prescribed more meds to deal with that, which created a whole bunch of side effects that left her feeling sick and even more depressed.

Before long, she found herself in so much pain because of the nerve damage that she could barely walk or even stand for longer than a few minutes.

And because she wasn’t able to get out of the house and do any kind of exercise, the weight just piled on, which put added pressure on her heart and vital organs.

She was stuck on the medication with no escape possibility in sight…

Within the space of just 4years, Irene’s weight had ballooned from a relatively healthy 160pounds to a massive 216.

Irene had good grounds to fear the worst.  We tried everything to help her get back her independence and health.

Exercise… restrictive, boring, tasteless diets… plant-based diets… I even tried to get her to do high intensity exercise but it was just too painful for her…

Unintended Consequences of High Blood Pressure

We even tried the impossible 600calorie a day diet that left her feeling weak and tired.

In fact, after every single “miracle” diet she ended up weighing MORE than when she started…

Weight loss surgery was out of the question as her weight wasn’t high enough.

And even then, it didn’t feel right, when her weight gain wasn’t what caused the high-blood-pressure… the high-blood-pressure has caused her weight gain!


We found ourselves slipping into a long, boring routine of going to work, watching TV and going to bed while feeling constantly tired, depressed, unhappy and dissatisfied.

“Don’t touch me. I’m fat and disgusting and I’m always going to be fat and disgusting. I don’t want you to touch me,”

she yelled when I reached out to hold her… to kiss her… to show her, how much, I loved her no matter what she looked like…

Seeing her laying there in pain, grabbing her belly fat, which she hated so much… I felt powerless and weak in a way I never thought I could…

She was my wife, I promised to take care of her but I couldn’t.


I heard a loud bang on the floor, her head heavily bleeding from the impact of the fall…

Her breathing was erratic and shallow…

I called an ambulance. The ambulance arrived within minutes and rushed her to the hospital.

In the ambulance she came-to but was barely conscious and confused…

Once we reached the hospital, the doctor explained that she had suffered from severe ketoacidosis, that her blood sugar levels were too high, and she was minutes away from coma or death.

She was showing all the warnings signs such as frequent urination, thirst, fatigue and shortness of breath, but I just didn’t know about them at the time.

Her blood sugar was over 480, a potentially fatal level.

As I sat there beside her hospital bed, holding her hand in mine, I made a promise to myself.


If Irene survived, I was going to do everything in my power to defeat her High-Blood-Pressure for good. I vowed to do whatever it took.

There was no way I was going to let my kids grow up without their mom or grandkids without their grandma and I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope without her by my side.

I was going to fix her, and I was going to do it without drugs.

After all, the reason for most of health problems over those 5years had been because of the drugs she’d been taking.

Because that’s when her health really began to worsen.


I knew that if I didn’t act soon, the same thing could happen again, and I wasn’t going to run that risk.

Thankfully Irene survived her severe ketoacidosis and the blood sugar lowering medications they gave took hold just as she was slipping away…

She was feeling very sick and tired but was conscious. She’d been lucky and ALIVE.

She stayed in the hospital that night, so beside her, I powered up my laptop when she’d gone to sleep and began my quest.

First, I started with High Blood Pressure.

It’s well known that High Blood Pressure is caused by a powerful heart exerting too much force against the walls of narrow arteries.

This is when the cells in your muscles and organs start resisting or ignoring the signal that insulin is trying to give them.

Hypertenstion Smoking

Which is to take the blood sugar, also known as glucose, from the blood stream and deposit in the cells.

It is this glucose that cells use as energy. It comes from the food we eat.

In essence, high blood pressure can be divided into two categories: essential high blood pressure and secondary high blood pressure.

There is no specific cause for essential high blood pressure.

Secondary high blood pressure is the result of a different health condition, which alters your heart rate.

You may also develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a growing problem associated with insulin resistance that boosts your risk for liver damage and heart disease.

The Food you eat may be at the ROOT of Your Cardiovascular State

Your pancreas makes insulin to take the glucose out of your blood stream… so the cells can use it as fuel for energy.

However, your cells resist the insulin…  And in turn, you store these sugars as fat… This often results in tiredness and lethargy.

And the cycle starts all over again! This is the exact cycle that Irene had been in for years…

What causes resistance to the flow of blood through the arteries?


Well, I couldn’t find a single precise and definite answer on exactly WHY it happens in the first place.

And why this has started only in the past 60years.

See this graph? High Blood Pressure barely existed in the 1940s!

Doctor Grayson himself stated that the medical industry isn’t exactly sure where resistance to High Blood Pressure comes from, only why it is bad for us and that it is increasing at a rapid rate.

In fact, a recent report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts that nearly one third of all American adults will suffer from High Blood Pressure by 2050, if things don’t change.

You may be saying it’s because we’re getting fatter, right?

But we’ve had overweight men and women for centuries, all the way back to the Mayans…

Gluttonous HBP

And there has always been a surplus of food at times for every civilization.

Remember that cycle of hypertension resistance? The belly fat comes AFTER  hypertension resistance, not before!

And for Irene, her dramatic weight gain started only after she started showing high blood pressure symptoms.

So, if weight gain was simply a symptom of hypertension resistance. What was the cause?


For weeks, I scoured the internet, visited libraries and read through hundreds of dusty old medical journals.

I visited Universities, spoke to doctors, endocrinologists, alternative therapists and even Chinese herb doctors for help.

But I found nothing new.

Just the same old tired advice to exercise more, eat less sugar and fewer carbs and take your meds like a good little high blood pressure…

…Advice that you or any other high-blood-pressure patient listening to my story today has heard a million times before.

I felt like I’d hit a brick wall, and after weeks of research I was nowhere.

I’d left online posts on forums and message boards requesting any information that could help Irene.


I got a reply from a man we will call Luther, who has chosen to remain anonymous to protect his identity.

He has a real dislike for the High-Blood-Pressure industry and has been working at a large pharmaceutical company for 10years before being recently fired for voicing his concerns.

Over a call, he revealed to me the 3 closely guarded and biggest LIES of the high blood pressure industry.

And anyone who dared utter them in public would be fired.

These Big Pharma cats are never satisfied with just firing you. They often come out with big guns blazing, ruining and destroying your life with well-oiled media campaigns.

Herbs that Cure HBP

And it was because, in his own words, the whole industry was “a giant and deliberate fraud”, which makes billions every year not by helping to improve your high blood pressure, but by actively making it worse!

As Luther explained, from the moment you notice a problem with your weight, your blood sugar or energy levels, you’re encouraged to see a doctor _ who then recommends that you start taking medications to “correct” your blood sugar… most likey Metformin.

Sounds familiar, right?

But the big problem here is that from this moment on, your blood sugar and health is destined to only get WORSE, not better…

After all, when was the last time you went to a doctor and your doctor lowered your dosage?

Or suggest you come off your meds… It’s never happened, right?




The truth is high blood sugar does not cause high blood pressure. It’s a SYMPTOM of it.

High Blood Pressure drugs may help to lower your blood sugar, but, eventually, these drugs lose their effectiveness.

As a result, your doctor has to increase the dosage and add an additional drug … until one day, your doctor tells you that you have to go on injectable medication and soon more and more injections.

Why? Because the cause of High Blood Pressure has not been addressed.

The disease is progressing, as if, you were taking no medication at all.

The same way you wouldn’t treat an open wound with painkillers … you should not attempt to reverse high blood pressure with medications that lower blood sugar.

Medications are simply a band-aid for a symptom of high blood pressure. Nothing more.

Worse still, these drugs have been proven to cause kidney failure, liver failure, heart attacks, cancers and strokes!

To really reverse high blood pressure you have to go after the root-cause _ not just treat the symptoms and live as a continual victim of this disease.


That’s why these drugs are such a cash-cow for Big Pharma.

Because you are still trapped in the hypertension resistance cycle! Drug companies make the most profit by having people completely dependent on their medications for life, buying new prescription refills month after month.

According to a recent study published in the journal Pharmaco-economics a person with hypertension will spend an average of just over $315,000 to ‘treat’ the disease over their lifetime.

And that’s just ONE person…

It’s Big Business and a business they will fight to protect.

Because their business model will be destroyed if the world finds out that they can lower their blood pressure and reverse their hypertension naturally, without drugs.

Next, Luther revealed


This one shocked me.


For many years we have been under the impression that exercise is useful for every person with diabetes.

I’ll explain the three blood pressure exercises in details. And how exactly you can use them to heal your blood pressure- starting today.

Good News!!! New research reveals that a Single Organ is responsible for almost all cases of High Blood Pressure.

Contrary to what you may think, it’s NOT:

  • the heart
  • the kidneys
  • the arteries …or any other cardiovascular organ.

By addressing the one organ responsible you can lower your blood pressure without:

Medications, Supplements, Diet changes and Strenuous exercises.

Starting Today!

AND it doesn’t matter if you’re: overweight, out of shape and older than the dawn of time.

In fact, you can lower your blood pressure from home in an extremely pleasurable and relaxing way.

Not only will you lower your blood pressure, you’ll also heal any damage already done to your arteries.

And did I mention you’ll avoid the side effects of medications?

This is No Mumbo Jumbo!

What I’m about to share with you is based on research from some of the most respected health institutes in the world.

But, Here is a fact you MUST understand first…

You see, in 95% of cases doctors have no idea what causes high blood pressure.

Sure, they’ll list some indicators, like:

->Being overweight,
->Lack of physical activity,
->Too much salt,
->Excess alcohol consumption,
->Poor diet …and so on, and so on!

But, almost always, if pushed, they’ll have to admit that they have no idea what causes high blood pressure.

I didn’t make this up; it’s clearly stated on the well-known doctor-run site

Doctors compensate for this medical blind spot by prescribing drugs for High Blood Pressure that can cause serious side effects.
This is pretty basic stuff. You cannot cure any disease without knowing its cause.
This is not just biology 101. It is science 101. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself…
I was going to tell you about the ONE organ that causes almost all cases of high blood pressure.
First, I should probably introduce myself and explain why you need to listen to me.


Hi, my name is Harry Goodmann.

I’m quite well-known in the alternative health field. I’m the author of several books and thousands of research articles.
Most importantly, my blood pressure used to average 185/129.
Like you, I was almost guaranteed to suffer a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or some other sudden death brought on by high blood pressure.
In fact, according to the World Health Organization, high blood pressure is the leading cause of death worldwide.
Like a high-speed, multi-car highway accident, high blood pressure will hit you without a warning—anytime, anywhere.

One minute you’re shoveling snow off your driveway, full of energy, the next you’re in the emergency room or worse.

So You Understand How Terrified I Was…

Not just of dying, but of LEAVING MY WIFE AND SON behind, without support.

As an alternative health expert I thought lowering my blood pressure would be an easy task.

For a few months I focused extensively on: Eating healthy, Working out five times a week, Taking all the blood pressure supplements I could find...

…and guess what?
At My Next Doctors Visit, My Blood Pressure Was EVEN HIGHER!
This was not just devastating for my health, it felt shameful considering my life’s passion with natural health.
I was helping hundreds of people, tackling almost incurable health issues.
In fact, many people lowered their blood pressure following my diet and other lifestyle recommendations.
But, like the architect who couldn’t build his own house, my blood pressure remained sky-high.
Then, a New Study Came Out…

As I was flipping through the pages of the JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION – THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION – I stumbled across a mind-blowing study.

Everyone who participated in the study had been diagnosed with CHRONIC, UNTREATED HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

The Solution Was So Simple I Could Hardly Believe It.

All the researchers asked the volunteers do was sit down and slow their breathing to six breaths per minutes.

Six inhales and six exhales every minute for a few minutes. Nothing else.

You can do this yourself right now. Why don’t you pause for a minute and as you sit still slow down your breathing for about ten breaths.

Breathe in!!!Breathe out!!!

Feels great, doesn’t it? And it doesn’t cost a dime!

The Results Are indeed Breathtaking!

The average blood pressure in the group dropped from 150/83 to 141/78.

All it took was a few minutes of slow breathing.

These were people from all walks of life; many had long histories of genetic high blood pressure and no other treatments had successfully reduced their blood pressure.


Slow breathing definitely helped, but it wasn’t enough to completely cure my high blood pressure.

BUT it got me thinking that there was something to this…

Since doctors have no idea what causes high blood pressure, who says the diet and exercise approach is the only alternative method?

And who are they to say that medication is the best way to lower blood pressure?

So, I began digging, and I tell you …a Can of Worms Opened!

Apparently, hundreds of studies prove that several types of mind/body techniques can significantly lower blood pressure, WITHOUT THE HORRENDOUS SIDE EFFECTS!

Let me give you a couple of examples:

  • Blood pressure lowered 18 points in weeks,
  • In a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine in 1977, 29 veterans were taught specific relaxation techniques,
  • They did these exercises for a few minutes every day.

Shortly after, the average diastolic blood pressure (lower number) of the group dropped 10 points. And the average systolic pressure (the higher number)? A whopping 18 point drop!

One participant lowered his blood pressure from 153/93 to 106/70!

That’s from full blown, life-threatening hypertension to a healthy blood pressure.

All in just a few short weeks. All without any diet changes, strenuous exercise, or medications.

Plus, follow-ups showed that the subjects’ blood pressures continued to drop over time.

This study has been sitting, gathering dust for over forty years…and no one seems to care; especially the big pharmaceutical companies.

Here’s another example:

  • Hardening of arteries reversed
  • High blood pressure damages the arteries, causing them to harden.
  • And hardened arteries restrict blood flow and gather plaque.

This is the main reason high blood pressure is deadly.

In a study conducted in South Africa, 60 people with high blood pressure were taught simple mind/body exercises.

Within months, not only did they lower their blood pressure, they ALSO reversed the hardening of their arteries!

This official study was published in The Journal of the American Heart Association in March of 2000.

It Should Have Been World News … but for some reason, nobody cared.

I could go on and on.

The bottom line is that mind/body exercises lower blood pressure and improve artery health.

You’ll begin feeling the difference after doing the exercises just a few times. You shall feel the difference from the get-go.

Now, just to be clear, my hippie days are over; even if, they weren’t, this can’t go on.

I’m not interested in sitting around, eating rice, chanting “OM” and discussing world peace for hours on end.


With age I’ve become a pretty practical, down to earth guy. And so were the scientists who conducted these studies.

So don’t expect me to recommend some New Age mumbo jumbo techniques.

Let’s stick to science and facts. This brings us to the next question:

Now you’ve seen, in the studies I quoted, how blood pressure can be lowered almost immediately using nothing but simple scientific exercises.

The question you may be asking is: “Why Are These Exercises So Powerful?”

It all comes down to what we talked about in the beginning: the one organ responsible for almost all cases of high blood pressure.


At this point, you’ve probably guessed it, right?

The Brain!

Your brain controls everything in your body. Managing your blood pressure is one of its most challenging tasks.

Nobody’s blood pressure is stable throughout the day. It rocks up and down depending on activity.

When you sit down, your brain tells your heart, arteries, and kidneys to lower your blood pressure.

When you stand up, an immediate signal is sent to raise your blood pressure and pump more blood to your brain and muscles.

Looking at a beautiful landscape or listening to relaxing music, your brain relaxes and sends out a “lower blood pressure” message.

Fight with your spouse and a “blood pressure spike” message is sent, resulting in the release of truckloads of stress hormones.

These Blood Pressure Fluctuations Happen Thousands of Times a Day.

The problem occurs when your brain is under stress for a longer period of time.

This makes your high blood pressure chronic.

Consequences of High Blood Pressure

What’s worse, very often, you may be unaware of your high stress level, even if your body is overloaded with stress hormones.

And it doesn’t have to be emotional stress.

You see… There are four different types of stress:

Physical stress: Common flu causes a spike in stress hormones. So do long working hours, sleeplessness, and even intense workouts at the gym.

Sensory stress: Traffic noise has been proven to raise blood pressure, as has watching too much TV.

Emotional stress: The loss of a loved one, a divorce, an unhappy marriage, and money worries are a few examples of emotional stressors.

Mental stress: Mental stress can put quite a strain on your brain and release stress hormones. Long lasting, challenging work task is an example of mental stress.


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Working with world class cardiologists, we've created a cutting-edge program that has achieved medical acclaim.

Holistic High Blood Pressure Treatment

Goodmann has pulled together a series "kudulini breathing techniques" consisting of dynamic multi-dimensional exercises. These core exercises, do not simply target your heart rate. They also strengthen your arteries and rejuvenate cellular respiration.


Holistic High Blood Pressure Treatment DVD Video

We've recorded these top exercises with explanations from Goodmann on perfect form and exactly how to target the aorta. The program content is split in two:

Holistic High Blood Pressure Treatment

The first is a Coaching Instructions where Goodmann takes you in detail through each exercise, so you can fully understand why you're doing that exercise, the best form to take and how it should feel. The second set of instructions is in a Follow Along format designed so you can perform the flow alongside the training without breaking for explanation.

Holistic High Blood Pressure Treatment Manual

You'll receive a highly targeted manual with greater depth about the mechanics of lowering your blood pressure and the targeted exercises to strengthen your arteries. It also includes detailed descriptions of the exact exercise movements with pictures.

Holistic High Blood Pressure Treatment

You will experience immediate results the very first time you go through the program.

Only through learning how to do this properly will it enable you to start undoing some of the damage done to your arteries and start helping the body to naturally heal itself.

But first a warning…this isn't for everyone.

As you can imagine, this is a hugely technical field. The last thing we wanted was to overload you with too much, so we've done our best to distill the program to the most essential elements so you can experience rapid results.

I guarantee you'll not find an easier program to pick up and start using as part of your everyday routine or workout.

And if that wasn't enough, I have an offer for you if you purchase today…

Holistic High Blood Pressure Treatment

Order today and you'll receive these two powerful bonuses



Aroma Therapy
"The Key To A Healthy Heart and Lung"

First and foremost, your lungs are more susceptible to tearing, if your breathing is irregular. No matter if you're an elite athlete, stay-at-home-mom or average Joe, your breathing is constantly being influenced by the scents around you.

In today's world, most people make a living from a seated position along with sitting in their car and while at home. All of that sitting over time increases tightness in the lungs. The impact this has on your heart rate is overarching.

In a more perfect world, everyone would get regular aroma therapy to help improve the muscle cellular respiration by increasing blood flow but unfortunately for most of us, that isn't always possible.


However, there is something all people can do by themselves which takes only minutes per day to help improve cellular respiration and lower their blood pressure. In a matter of minutes, you can begin to reverse the damage to your arteries and significantly improve your health.


This super effective routine will restore your heartbeat to normal and boost the construction of stronger arterial walls.


Blood Pressure Support Supplement
Advanced Formula designed to Rejuvenate Your Cardiovascular Health

Presenting The Pure-Premium Ultimate High Blood Pressure Supplement For Men & Women!

Now you can promote cardiovascular health thanks to our natural, potent and fast-acting lower blood pressure supplement, which contains powerful anti-hypertensive compounds that will help support heart health and wellbeing.

Our supplement has been rigorously tested in order to ensure its potency, safety and effectiveness. Rest assured that by choosing Pure-Premium, you get the purest and most premium supplements!

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NATURAL INGREDIENTS – including Hawthorn, Hibiscus, Vitamin C, Niacin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Garlic Powder, Juniper Berry Powder and Green Tea Leaf

ANTI-HYPERTENSIVE PROPERTIES – our herbal ingredients and vitamins will help widen your blood vessels, thus promoting lower and healthier blood pressure levels

PERFECT FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN – especially adults and seniors, who want to support circulatory health and add a blend of powerful ingredients to their diet

EASY-TO-SWALLOW CAPSULES – we have combined all the must-have ingredients in our convenient capsules, so you can support your heart effortlessly

FDA-REGISTERED & GMP-CERTIFIED FACILITY – our blood pressure supplement is made in our state-of-the-art facilities under strict health and safety guidelines


You can easily handle all these types of stress for short periods of time.

But, if stress lasts longer, it triggers your brain to constantly order the release of stress hormones, leading to chronic high blood pressure.

Also, the four types of stress cumulate. So if someone is sick, loses their job, and gets divorced in the same week, their level of stress hormones would greatly increase.

So, What’s the Solution?

Using mind/body exercises, you can give your brain something I call a “Focused Break.”

For a few minutes, your brain is not under any kind of stress; it’s like the world stands still for a moment.

In this short period of time, your brain reboots, like a frozen computer. When it starts again, everything flows much more smoothly.

Your brain can let go of stressful events that happened 20 years ago in minutes.

Reduce Blood Pressure

This is the method proven by tons of official studies to lower blood pressure without side effects.
And this is what finally got my high blood pressure under control.
There is Just One Problem …there are literally thousands of different mind/body exercises.
Some are effective; others may actually increase stress.
Many can be extremely difficult to master. People spend decades trying unsuccessfully to control their minds.

I examined hundreds of studies to identify the very best methods to lower blood pressure.

Then worked relentlessly to improve the exercises, to perfect their effectiveness.

After I cured my own high blood pressure, I recruited hundreds of volunteers to beta-test the same exercises. They gave me feedback then I went back to the drawing board.

I realized that some techniques that worked for me did not work for others.

Eventually, after years of experimenting, I came up with what I believe to be the:

3 Easiest, Most Effective Mind/Body Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally.

More importantly, I found that to successfully lower blood pressure people had to be able to follow exercises easily via audio instructions.

This was true in the studies, as well as in my own tests.

Therefore, you’ll get my easy blood pressure exercises as a downloaded audio file.

Just plugin, press play, and follow along.

There’s nothing to learn or master; just watch as your blood pressure free-falls.

This guarantees that almost everyone can benefit from these easy blood pressure exercises.

You May Experience these Results Within Minutes From NOW!


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Remember the studies I quoted, where people had amazing results within weeks, days, or even minutes?

Since you can download the audio files on this site, there is nothing stopping you from benefiting immediately.

So how much does The Blood Pressure Program cost?

You pay nothing unless the exercises cure your high blood pressure.

Not like expensive blood pressure medications, burning $990 every single year; leaving you with nothing but deadly side effects.

Alternatively, you could opt for supplements, digging you into a $700 hole – year after year – without helping at all (those natural supplements don’t come cheap.)

Because it’s not about the money:

Why? Let’s not kid ourselves. If you don’t bring your blood pressure down soon… You are going to die!

We both know that’s the bitter truth. Unlike cancer, dementia and other progressive diseases, high blood pressure shows no warning signs before it kills.

One minute you’re fine, the next PAPOOM! You are dead!

And there is nobody there to say “I told you so”… except for the grim reaper.

You’re dead from a heart attack. Worse yet, you could be left permanently paralyzed or disfigured from a stroke.

By continuing on your present trajectory, you may be facing years of rehabilitation without much hope of restoring to your previous health.
Your high blood pressure is leading you into a full front on collision.
And the only way to avoid it is to slow it down TODAY! Not tomorrow, not next week… it has to happen TODAY!
Because you never know, which second is your last. Your death will leave your spouse without a partner, your kids without a parent and your grandchildren growing up not knowing who you are.
Even medications with all their complications take weeks to kick in (if they ever do).
Then it may be too late. Here is your escape ladder: The only way to instantly lower blood pressure are the easy blood pressure exercises I have been telling you about.

They take as little as nine minutes, and most people experience a major drop in blood pressure the very first day.

Plus there are no side effects. This is the simplest, easiest and most effective method to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – TODAY!

I know how important it is to cure high blood pressure. And still, many people will hesitate, if they have to swap out a great sum of money to do it.

That’s why you don’t have to pay anything unless you feel you got the maximum value out of the exercises.

George Mobley


Thank you, Chris for this electrifying program. I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness.

I now sleep as soundly as a baby. The days of sleep apnea are behind me. It’s a shame doctors don’t prescribe this program.

I suggest you send your program over to the FDA for approval. It should be easy to get doctors to prescribe it; once the FDA approval has been procured.

I think this program can seriously help thousands of people suffering from hypertension. Thank you for making this program available to the public and please get it approved for wider distribution.

Thank you so much

George Mobley Engineer Kevlar Dynamics Corp.

Your program cured my high blood pressure in just 7days. My doctor couldn’t believe his eyes, when he measured my blood pressure.

Ever since he confirmed my treatment, he has began recommending your program to other patients.

Thank you, Chris. I am forever grateful.

Janice O’Neill
Sales Manager ITU
Patrick Montgomery

For the past two months, I have stopped ingesting lisinopril and benazepril pills. I am truly grateful that I can give up these expensive medications.

I wanted to make sure, I was on the right track. So, I consulted with my doctor, who confirmed that my blood pressure had returned to normal levels.

Many thanks. I recommend this program to anyone dealing with hypertension.

Patrick Montgomery
Micro Laboratories Tech.

So here is how to try the blood pressure exercises for free:

After you click the order button below, you’ll be charged a small, fully-refundable, one-time deposit.

Think of it as money in the bank that will only be spent when your high blood pressure is cured.

It’s your commitment to give the exercises your best shot. I’ve found that people who commit like this are much more motivated to do the exercises and more successful in curing their blood pressure.

So please don’t ask for an exception. Immediately after you place your deposit, I’ll give you the exercises right here online.

There is nothing to learn. You just follow along as I guide you on the audio.

The most important exercise only takes nine minutes, which means that you can complete your first training session within 15 minutes from NOW.

At that point, your blood pressure will most likely be healthy for the first time in years.

Regular vs Today Price

Hi Goodman,

I would like to say thank you very much for the monumental improvement to my health. In a single stroke, I have cured my high blood pressure and gotten rid of ruinous cholesterol that was bugging my metabolism.

May God bless you and your family.

- , Burnham Jonathan. Sound Technician, Luther Corporation

Hello Chris,

You are awesome. I am still thrilled by the astounding restoration of my health. My doctor said this was groundbreaking scientific achievement.

For me, I am only glad that I won’t be dying from a heart attack in my forties. For this, I urge you to accept my endless gratitude.

- Christian Crandall , Christian Crandall Botanist, Angelo LLC

For the past three months, I have been using the high-blood-pressure program daily. I results are simply phenomenal. I now have regular sleep and my energy levels are returning to normal.

- , Jerry Steinberg, Physics Professor, Caltech.


60-day Guarantee! If for whatever reason, you’re not 100% thrilled with the results, we’ll refund you on the spot. Just use the Contact link on this page or reply to the email we send you after you order.

The refund is hassle-free. We shall not bother you with any questions. You do not have to provide any reason for requesting a refund.

In reality, it never comes to this.  Why?

Because after you try the exercises, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. The beneficial effects become obvious within a few days.

We stand by our product!

I want you to:

  • Watch your blood pressure free-fall to a healthy level
  • Feel energized like never before
  • Stop worrying about suffering a heart attack or stroke
  • And, with your doctor’s blessing, I want you to avoid the terrible side effects of blood pressure medications.

Enjoy the rest of your long life without worry!


I want you to be free to:

  • Spend quality time with your spouse and family
  • Play with your children and grandchildren
  • Engage in physical activities and be independent

Your first step is to click the Order button below and get your hands on these amazing blood pressure exercises right now.

Remember, You’re Not Alone! We’re with you every step of the way.

My in-house support team has one mission: Do whatever it takes within legal and moral limits to make our clients happy!

So, if you have any questions, concerns or problems regarding our blood pressure exercises, shoot us an email, give us a call, or send us snail-mail and we shall move heaven and earth to get you through. If we can’t help, you’ll get your money back.

The price for the exercises is minimal and simply allows us to manage the website and provide customer support.

Holistic High Blood Pressure Treatment

Because, right now you’re facing three simple choices:


Do nothing. Watch your blood pressure and health risk spike.

You know this will almost unavoidably lead to a stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, or something worse.

You’ll worry about your health every day, knowing that each moment could be your last if your heart or head give in.


Be a slave to medications for eternity.

Yes, of course you should listen to your doctor … but do you want to be a slave to blood pressure medications for life? Or do you want to take action, cure yourself naturally, and get off meds?

The side effects will slowly do you in. Here are just a few examples of side effects taken directly from a government-run website:

  • Cough, nausea or vomiting,
  • Diarrhea or constipation, skin rash
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Nervousness, exhaustion, headache
  • Erectile dysfunction, unintentional weight loss or gain
  • Feeling weak, drowsy, or lacking energy

You can also try to make drastic diet changes and work-out day and night. This will definitely help your high blood pressure, but it won’t cure it.


Use our 3 easy blood pressure exercises.

The effectiveness of our exercises has been proven by numerous studies. Thousands of people have benefited from them.

They’re: Effective, Easy and Quick

Most importantly, they have NO side effects!

The choice is yours and yours alone, but make it now.

High blood pressure is like Russian roulette; every minute you wait, the trigger is being pulled and your risk of harm increases.

The only thing that you can do to unload the chamber right now is to click the Order button below and make this the best day of your life.

Holistic High Blood Pressure Treatment