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Optimized African Mango

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Product Description

Do you wish to lose weight and stay healthy, using a high quality supplement that helps you avoid fat deposits, something we all experience as we grow older? Then Optimised Irvingia with Phase 3™ Calorie Control Complex is immensely suitable. The product inhibits the digestion and absorption of sucrose.

It improves metabolism (fat burning) in the cells, reduces absorption from the intestine of fat from the diet and also improves, for example, leptin sensitivity to stimulate fat decomposition (lipolysis).

Phase 3™ Sucrase Modulator and green tea
Optimised Irvingia with Phase 3™ Calorie Control Complex combines the irvingia with a Phase 3 Sucrase Modulator. This product can help you effectively target refined sugars (white granulated sugar), very common in western diets, although we now know how bad such sugar is for us.

Sucrase is the collective name for enzymes that catalyse the hydrolysis of sucrose to fructose and glucose in the small intestine, which then reach the blood stream. Phase 3 Sucrase is a patent-protected product that inhibits the absorption of sugar. It can thus help keep a healthy blood sugar level.


Green Tea Phytosome Cellular Energy Enhancer
Additionally, you will find a Green Tea Phytosome Cellular Energy Enhancer in Optimised Irvingia with Phase 3™ Calorie Control Complex. This is a component that successfully inhibits the absorption of fat from the diet because more polyphenols from green tea reach the blood stream.

As has been shown scientifically, it is the polyphenols in green tea which have a positive influence on the metabolism. Research has shown that this phytosome complex acts in a more effective way than conventional tea. You can thus lose weight faster using Optimised Irvingia with Phase 3™ Calorie Control Complex, targeting your digestion and the correct processing of your diet.


The alpha-amylase
When we grow older, we are not able to use the carbohydrates (and fats) in our diet satisfactorily, so that our blood circulation is, so to speak, overloaded with these substances.

When we are older, the alpha-amylase system functions below normal, a problem that can be remedied by the natural extract from Phaseolus vulgaris. It improves the alpha-amylase function, so that you lose extra weight effectively. As shown in a scientific study, Optimised Irvingia with Phase 3™ Calorie Control Complex uses this same extract to provide a significantly better weight management within 30 days. Test subjects lost up to 3 kg, with a daily intake of 2,000-2,200 calories a day.

Losing weight and the use of leptin
Optimised Irvingia with Phase 3™ Calorie Control Complex also restores the sensitivity of leptin, a hormone that is secreted by fat cells to communicate to the brain that we have eaten enough. Furthermore, leptin helps facilitate the decomposition of fats in the fat cells. This benefit derives from Irvingia gabonensis from the African mango.

You can thus lose weight and stay healthy by improving the natural leptin sensitivity. Would you like to order Optimised Irvingia with Phase 3™ Calorie Control Complex online? We ensure smooth delivery to your home address, so that you will be able to control your weight in a healthy way.

Cut down on age-related weight gain and improve your metabolic wellness with Life Extension’s Optimized Irvingia with Phase 3 Calorie Control Complex.

It’s a daily dietary supplement that is specially formulated to target fat accumulation in aging adults. It contains a blend of potent ingredients that can help target weight gain by delaying the digestion and absorption of dietary fat and sucrose, moderating enzyme activity, stimulating loplysis and supporting healthy insulin sensitivity.

It also helps enhance your cellular resting energy expenditure, helping you burn more calories. Optimized Irvingia with Phase 3 Calorie Control Complex is infused with a revolutionary Calorie Control Complex, this natural supplement contains well-known ingredients like African mango, green tea and white kidney bean extract that can you boost your metabolism and control your weight.

Optimized Irvingia with Phase 3 Calorie Control Complex is one of many great supplements for weight management from Life Extension. Order yours today at eVitamins.

How it Works?

Research on African mango shows beneficial effects for diabetes and obesity, as well as analgesic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and GI activity.

Ethnomedicinal treatments utilize the bark, kernels, leaves, or roots for a variety of ailments. Numerous studies exist on the potential industrial application of African mango in food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products.

In alternative medicine, African mango is purported to promote weight loss by suppressing appetite, speeding up metabolism and preventing fat buildup.

In addition, some proponents claim that African mango can help treat certain health problems, such as high cholesterol and diabetes.

To date, few scientific studies have tested the health effects of African mango. However, some research suggests that African mango may help protect against obesity and enhance metabolic health.

For instance, in a 2009 study in Lipids in Health and Disease, researchers found that participants who took African mango every day for 10 weeks experienced significant improvements in body weight, body fat, waist size, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and levels of C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation).

The study involved 102 healthy overweight or obese people; half of the participants received African mango, while the other half were given a placebo.

Additionally, a 2008 study in Lipids in Health and Disease indicated that taking a combination of African mango and cissus (an herb long used in Ayurvedic medicine) may help fight obesity.

Every day for 10 weeks, 72 obese or overweight participants took capsules containing one of three substances: a placebo, the African mango/cissus combination or cissus alone.

By the study’s end, members of the African mango/cissus group showed the greatest reductions in body weight, body fat, waist size, and cholesterol levels.


Contains soybeans. Contains yeast and corn. This product contains no milk, egg, fish, peanuts, crustacean shellfish (lobster, crab, shrimp), tree nuts, wheat, gluten or rice. Contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule), lecithin, gum arabic, stearic acid, silica, vegetable stearate, maltodextrin.


Optimized African Mango is an indispensable fat-burning ingredient. Irvingia gabonensis lowers your cholesterol levels. ‘African Mango’ contains protein molecules with extremely high antioxidant properties.

Optimized African Mango supplement is excellent for people, striving to lose weight and stay fit. It increases the volume of haemoglobin in your bloodstream; thus permitting you to eliminate stubborn belly fat.

This super-fruit will turbo-charge your metabolism and permanently keep your body-fat away. This is a scientifically proven method to burn fat naturally without starving.

The creators of Optimized African Mango have created a unique formula, which delivers more ‘Irvingia gabonensis’ into your bloodstream. Use ‘African Mango’ to increase micronutrients and antioxidants in your body. Make no mistake! Both are indispensable to your physical and mental health.

Optimized African Mango by Life Extension



OPTIMIZED AFRICAN MANGO is grounded at the pinnacle of cutting-edge research and prime manufacturing.


This formula contains ‘African Mango’ extracts, which accelerate the basal metabolic rate. This translates into permanent fat loss and a lean waistline.


Feel your central nervous system firing on all cylinders with more explosive power.

Meriva 500-SF Curcumin Phytosome

OPTIMIZED AFRICAN MANGO extract is manufactured at cutting-edge laboratories under strict quality regulations. There’s nothing worse than buying ‘African Mango’ supplements, which do not deliver any results. Our brand is built on the solid foundation of real life people. We are not interested in getting associated with other experiences of failure. That’s why; we guarantee the results or your money back.

Optimized African Mango by Life Extension



Optimize your energy levels and enhance your muscle co-ordination with OPTIMIZED AFRICAN MANGO!

This fat-burning formula fires all the cylinders in your body to produce health hormones, which synthesizes nutrients and gets you revving with energy.

This formula delivers a transformative effect on your oxygen to energy ratio. You will not only repair cell tissue, but you’ll also boost your immunity and brain function.

Forever Young!

  • Build a stronger Connection between your body and brain.
  • Explosive Fat Burning!
  • Phenomenal Wait Management
  • Turbo-charged Tissue Repair to Whole New Levels
  • Boosts Your Red Blood Cells
  • Lower Your Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels

Optimized African Mango by Life Extension



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