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Are you ready to make some SERIOUS money?    Introducing the ONLY Bigger Butt Program on Clickbank!



Unleash Your Bigger Butt just went live on ClickBank, a trusted platform for digital products. This phenomenal bigger-butt product offers a unique opportunity to strike it rich. It is comprised of 1 digital product and 1 –click upsell of a physical product. Extensive testing of the product has consistently shown EPCs to be above $2.00 per click!

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We have different linking options depending upon your needs and various methods of promotion.

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  2. Go to the "Marketplace"
  3. Find my product by typing kr2amer27 in the "Find Products" search bar.


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We are giving out The Breitling Blackbird Blacksteel to any affiliate who grosses $5,000 in a month in sales.

Why Promote Us?

We are the BEST! That’s why you should promote this proven offer. We spent 9 months, meticulously testing and improving this offer. SUCCESS was counter-intuitive but we eventually attained it.

With one 1-click up sell, follow up emails using your affiliate ID, down sells and geo-targeting, there has never been a bigger-butt product like this! Our top affiliates make over $2.00 per click!

This is our third leading offer on ClickBank. We take average products and transform them into goldmines. Read for more details!

What Unleash Your Bigger Butt offers:

  • High Conversion Rates

The conversion rates are unbelievably high. Targeted traffic can rack up to 1:10 conversion rates! Our careful split tests reveal great conversions for both organic and inorganic traffic.

  • Media Buy Opportunities

Media buys from America and Europe show tremendous profitability. The trick is to target the broad 23 to 44 age bracket. This principally a female product; so, you should mainly target women. Start banking the big bucks right now by using traffic from media outlets.

  • Follow Up Sales Get Credited To YOU

We believe in a win-win relationship with our affiliates. For this reason, when you send traffic to our product and the visitor does not purchase right away; we will send follow-up emails to the visitor. If the visitor eventually decides to purchase at a later date, the sale will be credited to you because the emails we send contain your affiliate link.

  • Geo-Targeting To Increase Sales

Millions of women across the globe have low self-esteem because of their flat bottoms. We have discovered that sales increase by displaying text and images specific to the visitor’s country. This increase conversion rate can translate to some serious change in your pocket.

  • Low Refund Rate

People, who try the Unleash-Your-Bigger-Butt Product, never let go. Our low refund rate provides irrefutable testimony to this fact. Thanks to the less than 5% refund rate, you will keep more money after you generate sales.

  • Great Affiliate Support

You can reach out to us by contacting us at - Providing assistance to our affiliates is a singular pleasure. We will gladly answer questions, which have not been answered in the FAQ and we will give you time-tested techniques that will drive massive traffic to your website.

  • Loads of Creatives and Email Swipes

We have got phenomenal banners _ scores of them. You will also benefit from our email swipes and highly converting landing pages.

  • Bonuses, Contests and More

We run monthly affiliate contests, in which, our top affiliates get to win luxury prizes and big bonuses. Any affiliate who meets the threshold can bank the bucks.

 photo Lifetime Rebills_zpsx9thn8ex.jpg

Email Swipes

We have distinguished ourselves by creating landmark email swipes that convert faster than hot cake. Just insert your Clickbank hoplink in the swipe and blast the emails to your mailing list; then, lay back and count the dough.

You must provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email as well as an address. Please follow all applicable laws when emailing. Remember, spamming is strictly prohibited and illegal.

Email Swipe #1

Short, high converting, attention grabbing email copy.


Copy To Clipboard

Subject: [fname], Stunned by the $500 check in my mailbox

Sometimes people don't believe me when I tell them about how much you can make providing online solutions to women with flat bottoms…

So I took a video of myself actually getting paid $500 for selling flat-bottom cures to finally set the record straight.

I'm not going to leave this video up for long, so check it out now before I take it down!

Email Swipe #2

Medium length email copy using curiosity. High click through rate!


Copy To Clipboard

Subject: [fname], Don’t Miss the Opportunity!

If you missed my last email, don’t worry. Here is another.

We have allocated a $50 BONUS for you, just for signing up at

A vast array of aesthetic companies is offering signup bonuses for new recruits.

Just remember that we offer shared membership. You can share it with family, friends and acquaintances.

By the way, I am reading a $400 worth offer that just arrived in my mail box. This means, I am just a few PPC campaigns away from earning 400 bucks.

A few hundred of these and I’ll be in the south of France sipping Pina Colada, while wishing the bikini of that blonde bimbo could melt upon contact with water.

Sign up whenever you can and get the cash registers chiming and jingling.

Email Swipe #3

Call to action, uses curiosity / scarcity!


Copy To Clipboard

Subject: Mr. I Know It All

Did you know that you could make $10 in as many minutes?

Did you know that you could implement this system right from your computer?

The skills required to do this could be learnt in an hour! Once these skills are acquired, the process pretty much runs on autopilot.

What sounds too good to true, usually isn’t. NOT THIS TIME. This is the real deal.

You can verify this for yourself by clicking the link below and entering a brave new world of easy money.

Hurry your ass up though, for there are only 60spots available.

Email Swipe #4

Short, and powerful proven copy


Copy To Clipboard

Subject: Great News... we NEED you!

We are looking for motivated people, who are willing to test the limits of our money-making prototype. This prototype is only free for those willing to provide feedback.

If you are interested in ringing the cash register, here is your personal link below;

You are not allowed to share the prototype with anyone else. Only personal usage is authorized.

Download All EmailsDownload all Emails in a single “ZIP” file


Link to, and make money!

A plethora of banners, buttons and animated images have been specially created for your affiliate campaigns. Scroll through the images to select the most suitable for your campaign. Each banner comes with a code. To run a banner, just copy the copy and paste it on your website.



Download All BannersDownload all Banners in a single “ZIP” file

Landing Pages

Custom landing pages, designed for higher conversions!

The first three lines of a landing page must capture and hold the attention of a prospect. It is precisely this hypnotic touch that out custom landing pages offer. We provide a link for you to download and host the files yourself. Alternatively, you could copy and use our custom hop-link.


The style for this custom landing page is advertorial. Just about the same style, you will find for news article reports. This style converts best with Facebook traffic.

Click the “Download Lander 1” button to download and host this file yourself. Alternatively, you could use the link provided to directly display it on your website.

Copy the Custom Link Below:

https://ClickbankID/_ _ _

Download Lander 1


The click through rate of this page is astronomical. It comes in 2versions. The first version permits you to directly collect emails. The second version allows you to link to us. We do the rest.

You can download this file and host it yourself. Just click the "Download Lander 2" button below.

Download Lander 2

Traffic Ideas

We have created an arsenal of awesome tools to help you promote “Unleash Your Bigger Butt”. Click the Download Files button below. In it, you’ll find a list of keywords for you PPC campaigns. You’ll also find great ideas to generate traffic and tips on lucrative advertisement spots.

Download Files

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